Getting the last mile or two out of the knee

Today’s guest picture features Bob.  He was captured by Liz, the clarinet playing daughter of veteran pennyfarthing cyclist Mike.  She has dug a camera out and is finding out about the settings.  She is doing pretty well so far in my view.

bobWe woke to another grey day but it was brightened by Mrs Tootlepedal’s return to health and although she had to take things easily today, she was back in working order.  She has finished off a new knitted helmet for Matilda and made a pompom to go on top of it.  Sandy and Dropscone had arrived for coffee as she was cutting out the cardboard ring for it and it was fun to listen to these two grizzled veterans enthusiastically recalling their pompom making days in their youth.

Although it was too dark to cycle straight after breakfast, I waited a while and did a gentle twenty miles without straying too far from the house, arriving back in perfect time to make the coffee.

It was rather warm today so I took a walk round the garden to check on what is left.  Amazingly a sunflower is trying valiantly to come into bloom…

sunbflower…but the lady roses are beginning to show their age.

rosesThe marigolds still soldier on.

marigoldsIt was too gloomy to make flying bird catching any fun so I shot a perching bird in the rain instead….

chaffinch….but succumbed to temptation and did have a try….

Looming in the gloom

….but it wasn’t very encouraging so I started off a sourdough loaf instead.  As I was kneading the dough, a sparrowhawk swooped past the feeder and perched for a moment on the plum tree but it flew off again before I could pick up my camera.

After lunch,  Sandy reappeared and we went off for a little walk just to get out of the house.  We drove a mile out of town and parked beside the river before walking up Jenny Noble’s Gill.

We passed a fallen toadstool….

toadstool…and impressive trees….

Sandy…before climbing out of the woods and onto the lower slopes of Whita.

As was the case yesterday, when I was at the other end of the hill, the clouds were sitting very low.

View from WhitaThe charm of our local hills is how quickly you climb and how soon you can look back downwards at a river……

Langholm…or across a valley.

WarblaThe mounds in the next picture indicate one of the little quarries that dot the side of the hill and which have provided building stone for the town over the years.

Quarry on WhitaWe were following a mixed use path with signs of riders and bikers who had been before us….

Path tracks…but we didn’t see another soul.  It was just a short excursion onto the hill and we were soon back on track among the trees.

Track from Round HouseThis looks like the sort of place that should be full of fungi but apart from the lone fly agaric we saw none at all until we were almost back to the car.

fungiWhether this is down to the ground conditions or a failure of eyesight is a moot point.

Once again, it was pretty well dark by three o’clock and although it is still only November and quite warm, it is feeling  very like winter because of the poor light making for very short days.

In the evening, Sandy and I went to the Archive Centre but the failure of the local BT WiFi hotspot to provide an internet connection meant that we were unable to do any work so we gave up in disgust and retired to the Eskdale Hotel for a consolatory drink.

The flying bird of the day spot is back in the hands of the chaffinches again.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

20 thoughts on “Getting the last mile or two out of the knee

  1. I remember that you were close to your quota for cycling, did you make it?

    I can’t believe that you still have flowers blooming, when we’re measuring the season snowfall in feet already, it’s good to see some cheerful color, even if the flowers are past their prime.

  2. Bob is adorable. We have a dear old Maltese terrier X poodle called Rosey. I’m glad to hear your wife is on the mend now. Very pretty red toadstool. I don’t see species like that in my area.

  3. Still some colour to be found in your garden. Those bright red toadstools look rather alarming but something seems to like taking a bite out of them.

  4. I feel the same as ‘quietsolo’ – while we don’t have feet of snow yet, it’s wonderful to see that you still have some flowers blooming in your yard (garden, you’d say!).

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