A welcome arrival

Today’s guest picture is a triumph of technology in one respect at least.  This impressionistic portrait of Matilda was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal on her phone during her visit to Edinburgh today in very poor light.  The technological triumph was in passing it via bluetooth to my phone and then by wire to my computer.  A first for us.

MatildaMrs Tootlepedal took the picture to show Matilda resplendent in her new knitted hat (with pompom).

I stayed at home today as we were expecting a visitor in the early afternoon.  I put my time to good use by going out for another gentle pedal in the morning.  I paused on my way up the road to record the receding sea of trees round the old schoolhouse.  It must be a shock to the residents to have their surroundings changed so completely and so swiftly.Wauchope schoolI was doing two trips to Callister and back to make up my twenty miles as I am avoiding getting too far from home or working too hard for the time being.  On my second trip up, I met Christine, an ex pupil of mine (and fine recorder player) and cycled along with her for the next nine miles.  She was going out for a trial on her brand new road bike and was thoroughly enjoying the additional speed which a lightweight frame and thin tyres add to the cycling experience.  She is braver than me as she told me that she is going to get clipless pedals.   I have been too frightened of falling off to get these and have stuck to old fashioned toe clips.

I did try to take some bird pictures when I got home but in spite of being fairly dry and warm, the day was once again so gloomy that it was not a good use of time.

Perching birds were just possible…

goldfinches….but my timing was out for flying birds and I was either too late….

chaffinch…or got confused by the traffic.

busy feederIn the garden, the nasturtium leaves seem to be able to hang on to water droplets better than most plants.

nasturtiumAfter lunch, I had time for a quick shuffle round Easton’s Walk.

As usual I had a look at the park wall.  The first section has flat lichens…

lichen….which repay a closer look….

lichen…but then these suddenly disappear and moss and pixie cup lichens take their place….

lichens…although there is no obvious difference in the wall over the few yards when things change.

Once again the clouds were sitting on the hills around the town…

Poplars…but for a few magic minutes, we got a hint of sunshine above.

Whita I left the park to walk along the river.

This picture of the path along the river shows why Mrs Tootlepedal is reluctant to walk along it in wet conditions.

riverside  walk
Another landslide has just been cleared away.

Below the path, I spotted an old tree stump with an abundant crop of fungus on it.

fungus on treeOn the other side of the track, I liked this pattern on a living tree.

tree barkI climbed up the bank to join the track to Stubholm just in time to watch our little blink of sunshine disappearing up the valley.

sunshine on Castle hillTwo more fungi, one in a cleft in a tree and one on the ground among a mass of beech nuts completed the photography for the day.

fungiI was visited by Mike Tinker who told me that he too would be at the hospital in Dumfries on Monday, though he will only be passing through for the purpose of some tests.  While we were talking, my expected visitor appeared and we all sat down to a cup of tea.

The visitor was our daughter Annie who has come up for a few days to offer support to her parents.  We take this very kindly indeed.

Mrs Tootlepedal got back from Edinburgh a little earlier than usual and we had a hearty plate of spaghetti Bolognese for our tea.

I should have a normal post tomorrow for this blog but then for a few days it is hoped that the Tootlepedal editorial team will be posting news updates and, perhaps, a few pictures of their own too.

A feeble effort at a flying bird today.


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37 thoughts on “A welcome arrival

  1. Tom, I really hope for you that your stay at the hospital will be a short and moreover sucessful one. My thoughts and all good wishes go with you.

  2. Loved the picture of Matilda in that smashing hat. I liked the water drops photograph very much too. Great to have Annie for support while you are ‘under the knife’, I am sure all will go well and that you will be running about in no time.

  3. Is that a steeple surrounded by scaffolding in the background of your shot of the town?

    I’m glad your daughter will be there to help out – an extra pair of hands and young knees for extra trips up and down stairs are always welcome. Besides – you don’t want to take Mrs. T. out of knitted hat (or touque, as we say) production for too long. Hope you make the cover of “The Lancet” with your speedy recovery!

    1. It is a steeple. It is an unused church which no one knows what to do with and it has remained a blot on the town for a number of years now.

      My recovery motto will hopefully be slow but sure.

  4. That is a scary looking bit of muddy path there.

    Really shocking about the trees. We used to drive by a house surrounded by woods every time we went up to Seattle. Then one time we drove by and all the trees were gone and poor little house was out in the open. Must have been a horrid shock.

    The Peninsula Tootlepedal Club will be anxiously watching for updates.

  5. Hope that upper lip is suitably rigid and very pleased to know that Annie will be about. All good wishes for a good knee experience and obedience to physio at least at first. We have several friends and neighbours free of pain and doing well on new knees.

  6. You nasturtium pic is absolutely superb Tootle. I foresee another competition entry with that one.

  7. Great selection of photos as usual. My garden birds seem to have gone to cover in this dreary damp weather. I hope your stay in hospital is a short one and wish you a speedy recovery.

  8. Good luck on Monday. Delighted to hear Mrs T will be posting updates. Her shot of Matilda is wonderful and the feats of technology it took to reach us are most appreciated.

  9. V. impressed by technological triumph picture of Matilda in her lovely new hat!
    Very best wishes for the knee operation – hope everything goes very smoothly.

  10. Best of luck in your operation – look forward to hearing from you again very soon. Love the sunbeam photos also the nasturtium leaf with droplets and the interesting bark.

  11. Good luck with the hospital. Get plenty of rest. I will selfishly be trying to get caught up with more of your recent posts in the interim. 🙂

  12. I’m slowly catching up on a backlog of post so I’m hoping all went well with the knee op. We have some walls here that puzzle me, some parts are alive with moss and lichen while other sections have nothing at all. Very strange.

  13. Same here wrt toe clips, clipless no fear! Well, if I had no fear, I’d be using them, hope you can work out what I mean. Sorry, but I’ve been a bit of a stranger to your blog, and all others I admire and follow, so I’m concerned about Marie Keates’ comment about the “knee op”!

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