Boxing clever

Today’s guest pictures come from my elder sisters’ Christmas visit to my younger brother.  As you can see, like all old people today, they are obsessed with technology and traditional games like charades have flown out of the window.

Christmas with AndrewAfter yesterday’s glut of eating and walking, Mrs Tootlepedal and I took things more easily today and settled for light meals and a single walk.  I didn’t do much looking out of the window either because it was really a day for perching birds only.

chaffinchAs it was so gloomy in the town, we drove up onto the moor after our cup of coffee.  Looking back, you could see why it had been so glum.

Langholm in the mistLooking north, each little valley had it own portion of mist.

Ewes in mistWe continued on over the ridge and down into the Tarras Valley where we parked and embarked on a short walk.  There was no wind at all in the shelter of the hills and it was very pleasant to walk along the Tarras, listening to the music it makes as it tumbles over countless little rapids.

TarrasTarrasThe road leaves the river bank for a while….

Tarras road…and we could look back down at the river….

Tarras…and ahead at one of my favourite places.

House at TarrasIt’s a bit bleak in the winter but a little paradise on a sunny day in summer.

On the hillside behind the house there is a network of walls which must have been for collecting and sorting sheep.

wallsWhen we reached the top of the hill, we turned and walked back to the car.  I admired the abundant lichen on the wall at the car park…

lichen…and was bowled over by this lone tree beside the road in the middle of nowhere on our way home.

TreeWho says that grouse don’t have a sense of humour?

Our walk was brilliantly timed because it started to drizzle as we passed the Christmas tree and it was raining hard by the time we got home.

Some cold cuts and a very superior version of bubble and squeak made for an excellent lunch and once again we reflected that one of the joys of a good Christmas dinner is the number of tasty meals it provides (with a little imagination) over the subsequent few days.

Then we settled down for some serious relaxation for the rest of the day.   Mrs Tootlepedal has got stuck into some new stumpwork embroidery techniques so that kept her happy and I need no excuse for idling so I was happy too.

We are promised several days of sub or near zero temperatures so walking may not be the simple proposition that it should be for me.  If it does get really cold, I am hoping that my knee will bend enough to allow me to get on the exercise bike, at least for a few minutes at a time.  Fingers crossed.

I managed to catch a single flying chaffinch in the morning mistiness.

flying chaffinch.

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38 thoughts on “Boxing clever

  1. You should be pleased that your elderly relations are up to speed with the latest technology, not make snide remarks! Loved the water pictures though.

  2. I’m pleased that the knee is progressing. Orthopaedic surgery might be carpentry by another name, but the skills of surgeons should be acknowledged. Tarras Water: more than 50 years ago in my boyhood, my late maternal grandfather John (Jack) Mitchell took me fishing with him in the river on Cronksbank land. My grandmother Lizzie Mitchell cooked the trout we caught by frying them in butter. Delicious. Sadly, while the farmhouse is in good repair, the adjacent buildings are characterised by neglect and dilapidation.

  3. You live in such a beautiful place. I may just have to visit someday. Love the posed Chaffinch and all the landscapes. I hope your weather improves, but such is the time of year, even with climate abnormalities.

  4. The weather is lousy here too, dark, cold and uninviting to go outdoors. I haven’t shot one picture in over a week!. Get well soon! 🙂

  5. Good to ‘see’ Andrew again after many years; wonderful pictures of the Tarras falls; and have the grouse been photoshopping?

  6. Those stone walls are so intriguing, but that trimmed tree in the middle of the field was fabulous. Your meal sounded tasty and delightful! (I had to look up bubble and squeak!)

  7. Loved the grouse’s Christmas tree! The Tarras is serenity in a photo. Sending you “keep warm” wishes for the next couple of days; at least you won’t go hungry! 🙂

  8. Sounds like the perfect day to me apart from that swirling mist. Cold meat and bubble and squeak is our traditional Boxing Day meal too. Better than Christmas dinner in my opinion and far less work for the cook.

  9. Great pictures of the mist rising and the Tarras Valley. Hope the knee will be up to a little bit of time on the exercise bike soon.

  10. The Tarras River and the valley it flows through are beautiful, they remind me a great deal of the northern Michigan rivers that I love, but seldom visit these days. I’m sure that it would have been more pleasant walking on a sunny, warm day, but the mist in the valleys makes for great photos!

  11. Lovely photographs of gorgeous country scenery! I like the misty atmosphere. It’s not common to have mist here. I guess I don’t have to live without sunny blue skies on a regular basis so I find the mist very beautiful. I guess it’s a bit gloomy though if you have it all the time perhaps?

  12. Lovely water photos. What a great tree, wonder who decorated it? When I was little, my grandma had an English neighbour who often made bubble and squeak. I will ask Allan to make some next time we have leftovers 😉 . This made me chortle: “like all old people today, they are obsessed with technology and traditional games like charades have flown out of the window”.

  13. When I went to the park near me recently, I too saw a decorated tree. Not sure why, but as a cyclist perhaps you will appreciate that it was decorated with about 10-15 inner tubes. 🙂

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