Mixed day

Today’s guest picture was taken by Venetia on her way home to Somerset.  It shows Paddington at Paddington.

paddingtonIt was a day of mixed weather, emotions and variable activity.  The sun was shining when Sandy rang me up after breakfast and suggested a visit to the Moorland Feeder hide.  It is needless to say that the sun had gone in by the time that we got there.

Even in the shelter of the hide, it was miserably cold and the bird action was greatly limited by the appearance of a sparrowhawk so I took a couple of pictures…

climbing pheasant
The climbing pheasant was back again.
After some thought she found a position that let her get at the seeds.
After some thought she found a position that let her get at the seeds.
blue tit
The light was very dull and a sitting blue tit was the height of my small bird ambition.,

…and I didn’t stay long, leaving Sandy peering out of the window and hoping for better pickings. (You can see how he got on if you click here or visit his blog.)

Apart from the cold, I had to be home in time to get ready to go to the funeral of one of our neighbours.  The church was well filled for a rather sombre service for a chap who had been the life and soul of the party for all his life.  He was a wonderful singer, actor, reciter, compère and raconteur and will be much missed.

A blackbird welcomed us home after the service.

blackbirdAfter lunch, as the sun was shining, I went for a walk round the garden.  The chilly morning had discouraged the frogs and there was only one to be seen and it ducked under the surface as I approached.  The crocuses were easier to see…

crocuses…but I could only find one which was out.

crocusThe sun stayed out and after a quick shot of a handful of siskins on the feeder…

siskins…I set out for a cycle ride on my slow bike.  Once again, it is needless to say that by the time I had gone three miles into a brisk and very chilly wind, the sun had disappeared and I was peppered by enough stinging rain to make me turn round and go home as quickly as I could.  By the time that I had got home, the sun had come out again.  It was that sort of day.

In spite of the rain stopping, the light wasn’t good enough to take good flying bird pictures…

The birds seemed as cross about this as I was.

There was just enough light for a sitting target.

goldfinchStill, the sun stayed out long enough to tempt Mrs Tootlepedal out on her bike and we went up to Wauchope Schoolhouse.  In a surprise meteorological move, it didn’t rain and the wind dropped a bit so we had a pleasant pedal.

I stopped on the way home to take a picture across the Wauchope with my phone.

WauchopeIn the evening, We were visited by Mike and Alison and Alison and I played not one but two new sonatas as well as a couple of more familiar pieces.  Among the torrent of notes that ensued there were moments when definite music could be heard.  This happened often enough for us to be happy with our evening’s work.

The wall has made excellent progress and a window is taking shape among an ever growing number of courses of blockwork.  Sadly, because the men were working so hard and so continuously, I wasn’t able to get a good shot that reflected this.  I will try tomorrow.

After yesterday’s sharp flying bird, I have got a rather dull one for today.  Swings and roundabouts.

flying chaffinch

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32 thoughts on “Mixed day

  1. Thank-you for the link to Sandy’s blog. Some fine shots today including th female blackbird, those beautiful crocuses and snowdrops and finally the view across the Wauchope.

  2. Enjoyed looking at all those birds through your camera not to mention the crocus that was out. Sorry the weather was so on and off spoiling your day somewhat.

  3. Well, I’ve never seen a climbing pheasant before. I’m learning new species all the time now. How lovely the crocuses look coming up like that. Since your winters are much harsher than mine, these signs of spring approaching must be heartening.

  4. We regularly see a Longtown birdwatcher who visits the Langholm Monument area very frequently ( 3 – 4 times every a week in the afternoons) and he commented today that the feeding stations are not being refilled often enough!
    His sense of humour is dry like yours Mr.Tootlepedal, and he said the birds were being starved and showed signs of malnutrition!!! They look fine to me.

  5. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to see a crocus in bloom, even if it is halfway around the world from me. I’m so ready for spring, and to see your photos in Mrs. T’s garden again.

  6. I do love the light on those trees across the Wauchope.
    Sorry to hear about your neighbour…He sounds like the sort of fellow who leaves a gap in his friends’ lives when he goes.

  7. I’m sorry about your neighbour. Funerals are never happy occasions. On a lighter note, it seems to me the sun always shines on Mrs T so it might be a plan to take her with you whenever you go out.

  8. The pattern on the feathers of the female pheasant is truly an amazing work of art! It’s heavenly to see your photos of crocuses. We still have so much snow pack, (with more snow coming Sunday) it will be a long while before they poke up here.

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