What a shower

Today’s guest picture is another from Mary Jo in Manitoba.  She was so sympathetic towards Mrs Tootlepedal’s gingerbread problem that she sent me this picture of an absolute disaster in her breadmaker department.  She adds that she couldn’t throw it out out for the birds as it might have killed one if she had hit it.

breadmaker disasterIt was another grey, wet and if anything, even windier day today.  To break the monotony, we had a really heavy hailstorm in the morning…

hail on lawn….and a serious flurry of snow in the afternoon.

Mrs Tootlepedal was not amused to find that the hailstorm co-incided with her shopping trip on her bicycle.  The experience was painful as well as soggy.

The birds were not discouraged though…

busy feeder…and more and more came during the day…

busy feeder…from all sides.

I used the absence of cycling or walking opportunities to put another week of the newspaper index into the database before lunch and then made a rather watery soup.

After the afternoon snow flurry, the sun came out and I guessed that there might be half and hour or so before the next shower so I wrapped up well and scurried round Gaskell’s Walk.  There could not have been a greater contrast to the weather of a few minutes earlier.

WauchopeIt was some degrees above freezing and the snow hadn’t settled at all on the streets though there was just a glimpse of a little lying on the higher hills beyond the town.

snow capped peaksThere was plenty of water running down the Wauchope after the rain and it gurgled away below my path through the wood.

wauchopeBecause of the possibility of another hail or snow shower, I didn’t linger on my way but when it looked as though the sun would see me home, I did stop once or twice to add to my many bridge pictures…

Becks Burn bridge…and my moss collection.

mossI saw some good looking clumps of daffodils poking their heads up beside a mossy wall…

Daffs and moss…and in the sunshine, it felt as though spring was getting really close.

When I got back, I noticed that after a day to check them out, there was at last a demand for stale gingerbread scraps from the jackdaws.

jackdaws.I did find some daffodils which were well and truly out but they were in jug of water on the kitchen counter as Mrs Tootlepedal had purchased a bunch of stems which the warmth of the house had brought into flower.

daffsI put a second week of the newspaper index into the database later in the day and judging by the forecast, will have plenty of time to out another one in tomorrow.

The end wall has now reached the roof level and all that remains is for the roof to be re-tiled to meet the end wall and we will be sealed up again.

end wall
The new window on the ground floor and the roof gap upstairs.

There is a lot of work still to do both for the builders and the joiners with a window frame to put in, floors and the roof to be finished, a fireplace and chimney to be built and all the internal lathe and plaster work to come but we are able now to imagine the work being completed and living in a leak free house.  It is a good feeling.

In the evening, Susan kindly drove me to Carlisle and we enjoyed a good play with our recorder quintet.  We even found some pieces to play which we had never played before. This was an extra treat.

Because of the frequent showers, a flying bird was hard to come by and I only managed to catch one when it was very close to the feeder.

flying chaffinch

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21 thoughts on “What a shower

  1. I wonder if your birds have returned because they’ve become accustomed to the work being done on the wall? It must be good to see that the work is nearing an end and that your home will soon be returned to normal, minus the leaks.

  2. I particularly liked the close-up of the moss – beautiful detail. I’m glad the building work has progressed so much. How lovely it will be for you when it will all be finished. It’s also nice to see the birds are back.

  3. I loved the Wauchope gurgling, glad the weather let up for long enough for you to get out for a quick walk. Sympathy to Mrs T getting caught in the hailstorm. That wall looks very sturdy, glad the work is going so well.

  4. Good that you had some p.m. sunshine.
    It must be a relief that the building work is proceeding so well and you will be watertight at last.

  5. That jackdaw didn’t look too happy with the gingerbread. The builders have done a sterling job on the wall, I should think your house will be much warmer when the roof is finished.

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