Day lite

Today’s guest picture is a deeply weepy  shot from Regents Park.  It was one a recent set taken there by my sister Mary.

Regents parkAfter a couple of reasonable days, the Met Office foreboding came true today and we started with a cold, grey and windy day and ended with a slightly warmer, much greyer and very wet and windy day.

I am still acting as substitute feeder filler for Gavin who is disporting himself in the Californian sunshine so my only outing of the day was to the Moorland feeders.  I was joined by Sandy after I had filled the feeders and we spent some while sitting in the hide watching the birds.  The light was poor but there were plenty of birds to watch.


Two pheasants pretending to be chaffinches
great tit
A great tit showing just how windy it was
blue tit
And a blue tit sensibly keeping its head into the breeze

Sandy came back for coffee and we discovered that all three of our сafetières were in the washing up machine on a long programme so we had to make the coffee in a jug in the old style,  It tasted very good all the same.

The influx of siskins into the garden has discouraged the chaffinches and for most of the day, the feeders were covered in the little yellowy green birds.

siskinsI did venture out into the garden to see if the daffodil had made it into flower in February.  It had tried hard but it hadn’t quite arrived.

daffodilThe frogs are back in the pond after a few cold mornings but the water has become so clear that they can see me coming and crash dive before I can draw a bead.  There was only one today with its back to me.

frogThe siskins were as quarrelsome among themselves as ever…

siskins…even though there was almost always a spare perch to be had.

They arrive on the feeders with no hovering so it is quite difficult to get a flying siskin shot when the light is poor and I just missed the chance to get a flying hawk shot for the second time running…

sparrowhawk…much to my annoyance.

It was such an unforgiving day that I gave up any thought of cycling or even walking and after some sporadic and unfocussed flute practice,  I spent the afternoon sunk in a stupor in front of the telly, wasting my time watching rugby matches.

As I write this, the wind and rain are howling round the house and we are grateful that our new wall is well wrapped up behind its scaffolding covers.

It is supposed to be the official first day of spring tomorrow but the forecast makes it seem unlikely that I will be out at dawn dancing on the lawn to welcome it.

In the absence of hovering chaffinches or obliging sparrowhawks, a very fuzzy siskin appears as flying bird of the day.


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31 thoughts on “Day lite

  1. Our weather has mirrored yours today except I expect our wind isn’t quite as strong. Hope your house wrapping stands up to the wind. Sorry the daffodil didn’t want to open in February.

    1. I was hopeful too but it would be very early for one to come out. Even last year, when the winter was very mild, the first daff didn’t appear until March.

  2. You have flowers, frogs, and it looks like things are greening up over there, I may have to pay you a visit. It was -4 F (-20 C) here this morning, a warm spell after an even colder week.

  3. That daffodil will be out today.
    Sorry about all the wind and rain, but good news that your wall is well wrapped up.

  4. I’ve just received the bumph following my joining the BTO’s garden-watch scheme, including a beautiful book on garden birds and wildlife. According to the bumph, your siskins, coal tits and bramblings count as ‘less frequent’, in gardens that is, (also goldfinches for some reason!) along with my reed buntings, and your redpoll as ‘scarcer’. (They also have categories for unidentified ducks and geese!)
    Keep on keeping warm and dry.

  5. Even though spring solstice is March 20 or 21 and we are supposed to think that’s the first day of spring, it feels very much to me like spring is mid-Feb through April here. I hear the frogs but can’t find them to take a picture of them.

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