A varied day

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to Haarlem.  It shows a clock dated 1520 still telling the correct time.

Haarlem clock  After a weekend of rest, the men were back hard at work on the end wall.  The end of the roof has been re-tiled, a start made on the fireplace and a beam suitably reinforced so all is going well.  None of this made for a good photo opportunity unfortunately.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to a church choir practice and I was joined by Dropscone (bearing scones) for an early coffee.  I had a busy day in store so our coffee was early to give me time to go for a walk and get some business done before lunch.  The early start threw the minister’s scone detecting mechanism off kilter and he appeared after the scones had been eaten and the coffee had got rather lukewarm.  He took it well.

The coming and going of coffee drinkers, choir singers and wall workers made for a quiet day at the feeder but a few siskins turned up…

siskin…but didn’t look very happy about things at all.

There was a little snow on the ground when we woke up and there was a tremendous flurry of snow while we were drinking our coffee but it stopped after a short while and so I was able to go out for my intended walk.

A sprinkling of snow on Whita was all that there was to show for the snow shower.

whita snowI walked down to the Esk to see if there were any oyster catchers about.

oyster catcherThere were but they didn’t stay for long after they spotted me.

oyster catchersI followed the pair upstream until I got to the Kilngreen where I stopped to admire a very plump mallard and friend.

mallardAs you can see, not only had the snow stopped but the sun had come out so I got a fine view up the river.

EskNevertheless, there were some threatening clouds in the background so I didn’t dawdle on my walk but I was able to find enough time to watch one of the oyster catchers heading back down stream….

oyster catcher… a mallard splashing down…

mallard…and a couple of gulls hanging about.

gullgullNot only was the light good but I was shooting in RAW which let me get a lot more of the white detail in the gulls than I would have if I was using JPEG.  I should use RAW more.

I noticed that I was being observed as I snapped away by a couple in the crows’ nest.

crow's nestAs I was looking at the Sawmill Bridge…

sawmill bridge…the sun went in and I scurried back home, taking a short cut across the Castleholm.  A colourful wall at the Lodge gates was the only other picture that I took on my way.

wallIn the event, I didn’t need to have hurried as the clouds passed over harmlessly and I was able to walk up to the town to do some business.  One of the bits of business was paying in a cheque which the government has sent me.  It was a repayment for the road tax on the old Kangoo which I have just sold and what made it even better was that I hadn’t had to fill in a form or phone anyone up.  The DVLA just sent it to me automatically.  That’s what I call good government and excellent IT systems.

After lunch, I went off to play trios with Isabel and Mike and yet again we had a most enjoyable time.  Mike, who is a cellist, played a couple of pieces on a violin which Dropspcone had lent him.  It had been made for one of Dropscone’s children by a local instrument maker in the town some years ago.

The musical part of the day continued with the arrival of my flute pupil Luke for his weekly lesson.  I am trying to get him to improve his breathing, having found a lot of benefit for my own flute playing from recent singing lessons .  I hope he will work at it but I realise that standing in front of a mirror practising breathing and posture is not as much fun as playing tunes.  I know which I would have been doing when I was his age.

In the evening, I went off to a meeting of our local camera club.  Owing to work commitments and ill health, we had a small (but select) turnout and we finished a bit early in the absence of a good number of member’s photographs to look at.  It was an interesting meeting all the same and it was agreed that we will meet for a couple more months.

The flying bird of the day is one of the few siskins about.

siskinI have run out of guest pictures so would welcome any contributions.

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31 thoughts on “A varied day

    1. It was kind of the sun to come out just at the right moment. Thank you for your flood of comments. I won’t reply to them all as that just fills up your time.

  1. All your photos today were excellent! I have become a convert to shooting in RAW 100% of the time now. The results after editing are so much better that I’ll never go back to shooting jpegs. Although, I convert selected images to jpeg for blogging, so that I don’t use up as much space in WordPress.

    1. You are well placed with your new equipment to keep RAW shots. I have some space limitations. Also, I can’t scroll through them on my computer unless I take a jpeg at the same time and that takes up even more space.

      1. How soon that I forget! I was in the same boat a month ago, mostly because I knew that I’d be switching to a Mac when I upgraded my computer. External hard drives are reasonably priced these days, but I’ll bet that having the wall redone has cost a pretty penny.

  2. I am a bit of a moss fan so I really liked the picture of the colourful wall. The view up the river is beautiful and of course all the bird shots are excellent. You manage to fit so many activities in your day! i suspect you have more energy than me despite the age difference.I think I may have been a little disappointed had I missed the scones and tea if I were the minister. 🙂

  3. Lovely selection of flying birds today. And it’s good to read praise for anonymous civil servants for once.

  4. Great shots today! I’m curious, doesn’t shooting in RAW make the file size absolutely huge? It seems I did that when I first got my camera, and realized I’d soon run out of space on my computer’s little external hard drive. I didn’t realize the image comes out differently. Hmmm, must ponder this.

    1. They do take up a lot of space. The thing to do if you don’t have spare gigabites about is to process the picture to a tiff or jpeg and then delete the RAW file both from your camera card and computer. The RAW mode leaves all the information that the camera saw on the file for you to play with whereas in jpeg mode the camera does the basic editing and removes a lot of the information before you get the file.

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