Over the hill at last

I have had a very good response to my request for guest pictures and I am working through them.  My thanks go to those who replied.  Today’s choice is a lovely view of Buttermere taken in the sun by my sister Mary and sent to me in a text message.

buttermereWe had a thoroughly sunny day here today, which came as a bit of a surprise as I hadn’t bothered to look at the forecast.  I spent some of the morning eating scones and drinking coffee with Dropscone and some of it walking around the garden.  Spring is definitely getting into gear.

The two winter aconites are doing their best.
The crocuses are enjoying the sun.
In various shades.
And numbers

I could only find a rather weedy frog.

frogOnce again the activities of the hard working builders made for a quiet day on the bird front but a robin decided that it didn’t care.

robinrobinThese may or may not be the same robin as there turned out to be two of them about at the same time.

Robins in a stare off

After lunch, the temperature had risen to a very reasonable 6°C so I wrapped up well against the chilly north westerly wind and set out to go not just to the top of Callister but down the other side as well.  There was enough wind to make the outward journey quite hard work but it was a lovely day so I didn’t mind much.

gorse bushes
The gorse bushes beside the road to Gair were almost out.
Gair, my turning point at 11 miles

On the way back, I stopped to take a picture of the farm called Between the Waters.  It is well named as it is between two streams.  You can see one of them in the picture.

Between the watersGetting over Callister on the way out had not been a problem as the gradient is very steady and not very steep.  Coming back up the steeper side was another matter and my knee didn’t enjoy it very much at all.  I got up all right but it meant that I had to take the downhill section home at a very easy pace indeed.

garmin 4 March 14If I pressed at all, even going down hill with the wind behind,  my knee started to complain and creak a bit until I eased off again.

The result of this was that I was very pleased to have added a couple of miles to my longest distance of the year but my average speed was quite a bit below my target when I set out.

The good thing was that the knee seemed quite happy when I had got off the bike and I was able to walk round the garden and see what Mrs Tootlepedal had been up to in my absence without any great inconvenience.

She had been turning over the soil, tidying up and testing our new lawn edger.  You can see the results of all three activities in one picture.

Neat flower bed, tidy edge and some of the trimmed material.

She pointed a very nice contrast between crocuses and snowdrops.

crocuses and snowdropsI refreshed myself with a hot cross bun and a slice of Selkirk Bannock before retiring to soak myself in a hot tub.

After tea, we went off to our local choir practice and worked away as usual.  We are singing a selection of songs from old American musicals with a couple of opera choruses thrown in.  This will no doubt go down well with our audience but doesn’t offer much sustained harmony singing.

The results of the builders hard work is plain to see.

end wall chimneyThe chimney is taking shape downstairs and can be seen in a more naked form in the upstairs room.

chimneyThe fact that people are talking about contacting the electrician shows that the end is indeed in sight.

There were few flying birds in sight today at a time when I had a camera handy and this very fuzzy chaffinch was the best of a bad lot.

flying chaffinch

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31 thoughts on “Over the hill at last

  1. It’s nice to see so many flowers in bloom and that sharp, clean bed edge probably excites me more than it does most, but it’s a pleasure to see as well.

    I’m glad that the knee cooperated. I would think it might take a few rides to work out the kinks. I’m getting anxious to be back on two wheels again myself.

  2. Such lovely spring flowers, frogs and blue skies. I’m glad you’re having some warmer weather. You put in some good cycling work again, despite the discomfort.

  3. Right on schedule, the weather is warming up, and your knee is ready to be put to the test while cycling. I’m sure that you’ll make steady progress, even if it isn’t at the rate that you would like. If the knee is bothering you while cycling, you could always take a break and shoot a few more photos of the beautiful country there. 😉

  4. Lovely spring flowers and neat and tidily edged bed. Congratulations on going over the hill. Loved the beady eyed robin.

  5. Sympathies over the choral repertoire. Pity you couldn’t have been at the Monteverdi and Purcell workshop I organised a couple of weeks ago (directing the former as well).

  6. What a beautiful day for a pedal! Mrs T’s efforts make our hodge podge garden look decidedly haphazard. We are in awe. Sorry about the pedestrian singing repertoire – it’s sometimes hard to balance stretching the singers and packing the houses :/

  7. Good going, Mrs. T. I love a good edge on a garden bed. I have not had much luck with winter aconites. I did have a satisfactory amount a couple of springs ago but then not one of them came back.

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