A trip to Edinburgh

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia and shows the Market or Buttercross at Somerton.

somertonPretty well my whole day was taken up with a visit to Matilda, the WGSP, In Edinburgh.  Because Mrs Tootlepedal needed the car to go to a fellow embroiderer’s birthday party, I had to travel by bus to Carlisle to catch the train there.  Luckily the bus and train timetables meshed very neatly and I wasted no time at all on my trip.  In fact so neat was the mesh on the way back that I had four minutes to spare between the train and the bus.  Fortunately both were perfectly on time.

Matilda was in fine form…

Matilda…though she had to give her father a hard stare from time to time to keep him in line.

After a good lunch and some energetic crawling, she took us for a walk in Holyrood Park.  We contemplated the steep route below Salisbury Crags….

Salisbury Crags…for all of three seconds before settling for a flatter route towards St Margaret’s Loch.

St Margaret's LochWe were not completely bereft of the pioneer spirit though and chose to walk round the rough path below the  hill to get to the other end.

Alistair and MatildaIt was a pity that I hadn’t brought my big camera as there was any amount of action on the Loch.

St Margaret's LochAlistair tells me that the swan that you can see landing in the picture above had to make an additional hop to clear the bird in front.

When we had passed the Loch, the sunny conditions persuaded us to walk along the Queen’s Drive up the slope of Arthur’s Seat.  We were considering making the complete circuit of the hill but once we left the sheltered side, the wind was so strong that making any progress at all was quite hard.

Dunsapie LochThe troubled waters of Dunsapie Loch marked the spot where we gave up the unequal struggle and turned for home.

Matilda was in two minds about the decision…

matilda…but in the end, she was happy to go along with us.

Out of the wind, it was a lovely day although a bit hazy.  An island in the Forth seemed almost to be floating in the sky.


The gorse was out on the slopes and I enjoyed the blossom glowing in the light behind us as we got back to the bottom of the hill.

Holyrood parkWe got home safely, in spite of having to battle the wind again as we left the park.  A cup of tea and several biscuits restored us to full working order and we spent some more time admiring Matilda’s great crawling and supported standing up skills.  It can’t be too long before she is walking under her own steam.

It seemed not time at all before I had to leave to catch the train home.

A good day was rounded off by several duets with Alison who came round with Mike for their customary Friday evening visit. It is surprising how tiring sitting in buses and trains can be and I was not entirely not perfect but we enjoyed ourselves as we always do.

In my absence, the chimney has grown through the upstairs room and disappeared through the roof.

chimneyI didn’t have any time to look at the feeder today so the flying bird of the day was a problem.  It was solved for me by unexpectedly encountering a large murmuration of starlings, swirling in the sky just above my bus stop in Carlisle in the evening.  It is not the world’s greatest picture because the bus was just about to leave but there are certainly a lot of flying birds of the day in it.

starlings in Carlisle

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32 thoughts on “A trip to Edinburgh

  1. I have discovered a murmuration in Norwich that I watch while waiting in traffic queues. I really loved the photo of the gorse with the hills and ruin in the background – beautifully composed picture. Your granddaughter is a picture too!

    1. A cyclist passed us going up the hill into the wind and I urged Al to push the baby a little quicker and we would have overtaken him because the wind was so strong. He told me to behave myself.

  2. Full of interest, Matilda looking more regal every time we see her, lovely pictures round Arthur’s Seat and hundred of flying birds as a plus. Glad the transport worked so efficiently no doubt helped by the fact that you are a speedy walker with your new knee.

  3. What a coincidence – I’ve been ‘doing’ the geology of (among other things) the Salisbury Crags today at a day workshop in South Gloucestershire.
    Matilda no doubt was thinking of your knee in making her wise decision against your all climbing them.

      1. Speaking of the Salisbury Crags – are you by any chance related to James H. (1726-1797) since he bears the same surname?

  4. Matilda is adorable and I am very pleased she knows how to keep her father in line with a good stare! Lovely pictures of the area. I do so wish to visit Scotland. It’s one of my must see places.

  5. Public transport can sometimes pull an ace out of the hat! Hooray for a synchronised bus/train journey. Matilda looks like she’s got everything well under control 🙂

  6. You’ll laugh, but I thought there was only the steep path up Arthur’s Seat which is the one we climb up until my unfit friends give up. Must try the other route.

    St Margaret’s Loch seems busy. Might take a trip up there shortly. Can you cycle along the path or is it too bumpy?

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