The best laid plans..

Today’s guest picture comes from my Manitoba correspondent Mary Jo.  She recently paid a visit to Vancouver where she enjoyed this view of the Burrard Inlet

Burrard InletA dominant high pressure system gave us another day of chilly easterly winds and grey clouds here.  It is not feeling very springlike at all at the moment although the temperature stays above freezing.

In the whirl of getting up a bit late and joining in discussions with builders, I managed to miss an appointment at 9 o’clock but as it was with our local building society, they were kind enough to reschedule it for later in the morning.  While I was waiting, Dropscone arrived bearing hot cross buns and anxious to tell me that he had chipped in at two consecutive holes while playing golf on Sunday.  That is not a thing that he will do very often so he was pleased.  I was pleased for him.

When we had drunk our coffee, I managed to get organised enough to get to my rescheduled appointment.  After fifty years, I am going to change my bank, something that I have been meaning to do for a number of years.  The tipping point with my old bank has been their often expressed anxiety that I should save with them when they are paying particularly poor rates.  My view is that they should look after old customers better than they do instead of offering tempting starter rates to new customers.  They rely on inertia but they will be sorry now that I have gone.  I expect a letter from the managing director expressing his grief at my departure.

Once home, I was able to enjoy of lot of chaffinch action at the feeder.

There was coming and going…
…while some played a waiting game…
chaffinch and goldfinch
..and others got a rousing welcome.

The light wasn’t very good  but it emphasised how still chaffinches keep their bodies and heads while flapping their wings furiously.

chaffinchchaffinchIt was my plan to go for a cycle ride or a walk after lunch but there was just enough rain to make me think that it might be better to wait a while to see if it cleared up.   I passed the time with a crossword and some gentle singing.  In the event, the drizzle continued off and on and the waiting stretched out until it took up the whole afternoon and at one stage, subtly metamorphosed into a snooze in an armchair.

I woke up in time to give Luke his flute lesson.  His grade exam is in a couple of weeks and he has been practising hard and making good progress.  If all goes well on the day, he should pass.  It is a treat to see how much he enjoys his playing.

At one point in the afternoon, I was able to watch a robin going from ground to bush to chimney to feeder in cautious steps.

robin's progressI wasn’t able to go to play trios with Isabel and Mike today owing to an unfortunate accident to Mike’s wife so in the end, I spent a thoroughly peaceful day.  This might not be a bad thing as I have been a bit tired lately.  I hope to greet the new day tomorrow with new pep and get up and go.

I had enough time to waste during the day to put a new frame on the flying bird of the day.

flying chaffinch

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28 thoughts on “The best laid plans..

  1. I wish you well with your new bank, if more customers were willing to switch, they wouldn’t get away with the way that they treat people.

    Congratulations to Dropscone, I don’t recall ever chipping in, but then I wasn’t too serious about golfing in the first place.

    Maybe some more pleasant weather will have you feeling more chipper, I hope it comes soon.

    1. At least the wind has dropped which is a relief.

      I used to chip in from the edge of the green from time to time which was lucky because my putting was terrible.

  2. Congratulations on changing your bank. My current account remains with the one I selected (family loyalty) on leaving school, but my meagre savings drifted elsewhere a couple of years ago.

  3. Good luck with the bank. Each time I get fed up with mine and start checking out the competition I find that each in its own way is heinous (or at the very least, fiendishly annoying). I don’t know what it’s like there, but service fees here are taking over the industry.

    But on a brighter note the wee robins are, as usual, absolutely lovely!

  4. I hope the bank manager is penning his tear-stained note as I type. I find the same thing with our electricity supplier but as soon as we make noises about changing company, we get all kinds of lovely bonuses thrown at us which we accept with grace and tell each other it’s better the devil you know…until next time. The new FBotD frame is very smart as is the actual FBotD!

    1. I did think about changing my car insurance a year or two ago on general grounds but when I looked around, it turned out to be very reasonably priced so I stuck with it.

  5. I liked the robin series of photos very much. I don’t think you should hold your breath waiting for the letter from the bank. As a whole, banks aren’t interested in customer care but only raking in the profits.

  6. Nice photo of Coal Harbour (Vancouver) there. I used to work on the water there, so feeling a little nostalgic at the moment.

  7. A great post as always, really worth the effort of reading your weekly digest delivered to my computer via email. Thank you for making the effort to keep us all up to date with life in the Borders. Cheers.

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