Hard work (but not by me)

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia, my Somerset correspondent.  She noticed, while reading a county guide, that there was a 13th century Tootle Bridge not far from her home.  In a spirit of fun, she visited it and waited for some time until she could take a picture of a cyclist crossing the bridge to get a Tootle pedal picture.  In spite of her patient wait, I preferred her picture of a vertical canoeist shooting the bridge in what can only be described as a Tootle paddle picture.

Tootle paddleWe had an unexpected visit today from our older son Tony and his partner Marianne, who finding that they both had a day off together, thought it would be a good idea to come and visit us.  It was a good idea and it was a pleasure to see them…and Sally, one of their three dogs who came with them.

sallyTony is a painter and decorator to trade and he very kindly brought along a bag quick drying filler and a smoothing tool and during the day did some very useful work in the front room, leaving what had been a rather battered wall in his own words, “As smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

Smooth wallIt may not look much in this shot but I can assure that it is indeed very, very smooth.

I didn’t have much luck in co-ordinating the few moments that I had to look out of the window with any significant bird action so a perching robin will have to stand in  for all our avian visitors today.

robinI spent quite a bit of time hoping that Sally would sit still long enough to get her picture taken but it was a lost cause.  I did enjoy this close up which shows the little LED lights in our kitchen ceiling reflected in her eye.

SallyWe took her for a walk round Gaskell’s before lunch.  It wasn’t very warm or sunny at this point of the day…

Going for a walk…but everyone seemed very cheerful.

We had a look, more in hope than expectation, to see if there were any slow worms under the felt tiles at Pool Corner.

We were surprised.

slow wormsDaffodils are beginning to emerge all round the town.

daffodilsI offered to point out to the other three many interesting lichens as we went round but on every occasion something more interesting appeared to catch their eye.

The party stopped to admire the new bridge on the walk…

Gaskell's bridge…and Tony, who is a busy man, dealt with a work enquiry on his phone.

When we got to the Stubholm, little lambs were to be seen gambolling on the turf.

lambIn the park, cherry blossom is also beginning to appear.

cherry blossomThere were daffodils at the end of our walk as well as at the start.

Wauchope daffodilsI had made a vegetable soup and we had that for lunch with rolls and some tasty cheeses.

In the afternoon, a carpet fitter came and rolled back the carpet in the upper room.  There are some skirting boards for Mrs Tootlepedal to finish but otherwise this room in now ready for occupation again.

upper roomAfter lunch, we had another opportunity to add Sally to the photographic hall of fame.  Having failed to catch her in a quiet moment, we went for an action shot.

SallysallyShe is pretty handy with a soft football.

While we were out in the garden, I noticed that the dandelion has been joined by some primroses on the edge of the drive…

primrosesAnd the light, which was much better by this time, was just right to bring out the orange trumpets on the Jetfire daffodils.

Jetfire daffsTony and Marianne introduced me to the delights of WhatsApp and Tony used it to send me this picture of Marianne and Sally which he took and which Marianne had edited on her phone.

Marianne and sallyAfter Tony and Marianne left for home, Mrs Tootlepedal settled down to painting the skirting boards upstairs and I settled down.

I should have gone to Carlisle to play with the recorder group in the evening but it had been cancelled so I did some more settling down.  The weather looks promising for a good cycle ride tomorrow so I don’t feel too bad about having had a relatively idle day today.

I did manage a rather gloomy flying bird of the day.


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40 thoughts on “Hard work (but not by me)

  1. A day spent with family is always great, especially when you’re able to put them to work on a task that needs to be done. 😉 Loved all the flowers, they make me look forward to them appearing here soon all the more!

  2. That looks like a very enjoyable day with a very useful helping hand from Tony.
    Lovely picture of Marianne and Sally via What’sApp.

  3. Well done Venetia! Mrs T must have been delighted with the expert smoothing from Tony. What a fine job she’s done of the upstairs room. Looks to have been a lovely day all round.

  4. The perching robin – and Sally’s energy! – makes up for bird quantity. You must have been exhausted, and very much in need of all that settling down.

  5. So are slow-worms a kind of legless lizard or actually a weird worm? We have something similar here that are legless lizards. They have different markings to ours if they are though. Can a robin possibly be any flufflier/fatter looking than that one. I feel like they are getting rounder each time! Lovely to see so many signs of spring and also to see the room almost finished. Thanks for sharing a delightful family walk. It seems you are all very active.

  6. Thank you, thank you for the adorable lamb! 🙂

    How wonderful to see so many flowers and the cherry blossoms, too. And Sally looks to be a very sweet granddog.

  7. A most enjoyable post. The walk with bridges, river, slow-worms and daffodils and the robin in the garden – all very fine. You have a very talented and hard-working son; that wall looks very smooth indeed.

  8. Spring really is arriving in your neck of the woods which I would be treading in a little more warily after discovering the existence of slow worms…erk. Still sniggering over the tootle paddle and agree with you totally re dog owners bias when it comes to the unwanted attention of their pups. Worth it all for a baby bottom smooth wall though, I reckon 🙂

  9. It’s always good to spend time with family, especially when they’re handy. My eldest son is a mechanic and the middle one a chef, so far the youngest seems to be of most use for reaching things on high shelves but I have hopes he’ll take up something more useful in time.

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