Brief report

Today’s guest picture was taken by Dropscone when he was at the seaside at Dunbar for the recent Scottish Boys Golf Championship (where he was an official, not a boy).

DunbarIt was back to being pretty chilly and very windy today but at least it was sunny, which both the flowers…

flowers…and the few visiting birds in the garden enjoyed.

blackbird and goldfinchI had a gentle and uneventful morning, lending an occasional hand with decoration preparation and doing the crossword.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to an Embroiderers’ Guild meeting and Sandy took me up to the Moorland Bird Hide where we hid from the wind.

We spent about an hour up there and had plenty to look at. I took about 100 photographs, which is always a mistake as it means I have to spend ages throwing them away later on.  Mostly I take so many because I keep on hoping that the next one will be better than the last but it never is.

These are the ones that I kept.

The glade where the feeders are hanging is just beginning to green up.

Moorland feedersThere were plenty of birds to watch.

The pheasants were glowing in the sunshine. I love their knitted caps.

Usually the pheasants are quite calm but today, they became quite excited.

PheasantPerhaps they were just fed up with the wind.

There was a plentiful supply of blue tits.

Blue tit
The world’s scruffiest blue tit was hanging around.
Blue tit
But there were neater ones too.

There was quite a lot of woodpecker action.  One bird was very keen on getting seed from one feeder and hiding it in a crack in the pole.

woodpeckerAnother stuck to a traditional tree…

woodpecker…and hopped between the tree and a feeder with great zest.

woodpeckerThere were plenty of great tits about but they spent their time chasing each other around (it is spring after all) and only rarely settled down.

Great titFor once, there weren’t many finches about but there were some greenfinches among the regular chaffinches…

greenfinches and chaffinch…not too happy about sharing.

Among the usual suspects, we got just a glimpse of a wren.

wrenWe had a cup of tea when we got back and then Sandy left and pretty well the whole of the rest of the afternoon and evening was spent goggling at sport on the box.

The late afternoon held first the Grand National steeplechase and then the Boat Races between Oxford and Cambridge, the women first and the men afterwards.  These were interspersed with lots of sevens rugby from Melrose.  Finally the evening was filled with the golf from Augusta.  Mrs Tootlepedal watches the golf for the flowers.  I like the grass.

I don’t watch a lot of telly in general but this was a veritable feast and all on free to air channels too.

It accounts for the very brief post today.

One of the woodpeckers is the flying bird of the day.  It was too quick for me but it was the best that I got.

flying woodpecker

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34 thoughts on “Brief report

  1. The pheasants are so colourful and humorous to look at. Great captures. Your glade picture looks very appealing. I’m going to really enjoy watching your spring and summer unfold via your pictures. I also take 100s of pictures. My reasoning though is that I need to in the hope that a few will be acceptable. For every nice picture I take there are many that are terrible! I am sure many of the ones that you reject I would be excited to have taken.

  2. The pheasants are quite the spectacular mix of colour and texture! I also quite enjoyed the poor scruffy blue tit – hanging on for dear life, from the looks of it. No television here either – and no loss at all.

  3. Despite the wind, it looked like a great day of bird watching! I loved the pheasant, of course! 🙂 And the woodpecker shots.

    I really smiled when you said you take 100 photos hoping the next will be better than the last, but it never is. I do that, too! And then have a lot of bad photos to sort through. I did that yesterday! Came home with 165 photos, dozens of a horned grebe and only one is blog-acceptable.

  4. Isn’t it marvellous seeing that green sheen appearing down hedgerows and treetops at this time of year? You certainly kept a wonderful selection of birds.

  5. I find the woodpecker absolutely fascinating – and rather dapper in a top hat and spats kind of way. I only caught the men’s boat race which gave us kiwi’s plenty to cheer about 🙂

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