Just ridiculous

We have goldfinches in our tree but my daughter Annie has parakeets in hers.

ParakeetsIt was rather wet and windy this morning and a fairly measly 5°C when in lieu of thoughts of cycling, Dropscone rang up and offered to bring round a scone or two to go with a cup of coffee, I accepted the offer and we were just sipping and chatting when things outside became absurd.

snow in AprilMrs Tootlepedal and I were cycling in 18°C sunshine last Sunday.  This was unexpected to say the least.  Well, at least we knew that it couldn’t settle with the temperature being 5 degrees above freezing.

Snow in AprilAlthough Dropscone and I got quite excited, the birds were remarkably calm…

goldfinchesgoldfinches…all things considered.

When Dropscone left, I settled down to put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database and found to my annoyance that I had to spend ages correcting mistaken dates for two weeks that I had already put in before I could start on a new week. That will teach me to check my work more thoroughly while I am doing it.

After lunch, I went upstairs to record the view from the bedroom window.

snowy sceneWe thought that the roads would be clear though so we decided to put the day to good use by doing a little shopping in Hawick.  I was secretly hoping for some fine snowscapes on the way but although Whita was still quite snowy as we looked back…

whita with snow…the further up the valley we went, the less snowy it became…

Ewes…until by the time that we got to Hawick, there was not a flake to be seen.

Although we rain into another sleety shower on our way back, the view from the bedroom window had changed dramatically…

bedroom window…and the garden was a snow free zone.

gardenI strolled round it.

Tadpoles basked in the sun.
Pulsatilla and Euphorbia gleamed

In fact, it was such a lovely evening by six o’clock that I went for a little walk round the bottom of the Castleholm.

The hills were bathed in sunshine (with just a hint of snow on the dark side).

Castleholm Pines

Moss and pine needles glowed

I passed a fine display of grape hyacinths in the Clinthead Garden on my way round.

Clinthead GardenIt was really hard to remember what the morning had been like.  I hope that we are not going to get any more of this sort of thing.  It is most unsettling.

I enjoyed another evening of admiring the fine lawn mowing at Augusta (and some excellent golf).

Here’s to a rapid return of springtime.

The just flying bird of the day is one of the irrepressible goldfinches in the snow.

flying goldfinch

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

30 thoughts on “Just ridiculous

  1. I agree with Allen, the snow covered hills were beautiful! Bad weather often makes for good photos, that being said, give me sun and 16 C every day, and I’d be happy.

    By the way, the reason that the birds don’t get excited about the snow is that in their short lives, they have learned there’s nothing to be done about the weather. Something we humans think that we can change by complaining. 😉

  2. What an extraordinary thing to happen so suddenly. If you hadn’t recorded it on camera it would have been hard to believe!

  3. Your title is very apt! It is indeed, ridiculous weather. How strange. I hope it doesn’t affect the tadpoles much. So different to the conditions here. It made for some very lovely photographs though. How beautiful!

  4. I agree with you — totally ridiculous! Nobody wants to see that kind of weather in mid-April! Glad it didn’t last the day, and you wound up with some lovely evening sun. I enjoyed the tadpoles basking. And even though the snow was not the most welcome, it did make for some lovely photography, especially the shot of the three birds in the tree.

  5. Crazy weather! We had a hard frost this morning but haven’t had any snow since the small showers we had early in the new year. Your garden is looking very good. Our pulsatilla isn’t as advanced as yours.

  6. Thank you for the tadpole of the day. 🙂

    Yes, crazy weather here too, but still no snow at our elevation of 600 ft. Snow report this evening is at 2500 feet.

  7. Oddly, our weather seems to mirror yours at the moment. We even had a mini snow flurry yesterday although not as pretty as yours. What gorgeous photos resulted though – my favourite: the birds on the snowy branch. Your garden is looking gorgeous!

    1. There is an old Northern Irish saying, “If you don’t like the weather here, wait for a quarter of an hour and you’ll get different weather.” We are a bit like that at the moment.

  8. Snow in April is always a surprise. I’m glad it left as quickly as it came. Our weather can’t seem to decide either. One day it’s twenty five degrees and like summer the next it’s freezing cold.

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