The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la!

Today’s guest picture shows a picturesque bridge in Beddgelert in Snowdonia which my sister Mary photographed on a recent visit to Wales.

BeddgelertI probably should have been taking advantage of some sunny weather by going for a cycle ride today but I was a bit tired so I spent a quiet morning lazing about and making some soup and bread instead. I did walk about the garden from time to time.  We are in the tulip season now.

tuliptuliptuliptulipOur neighbour Liz came across to show us the best technique for using her log splitter which we were borrowing and there was a moment of excitement when her dog unearthed a hibernating hedgehog near our log pile. Luckily Liz called off the dog in the nick of time and Mrs Tootlepedal speedily returned the hedgehog to its nest in some straw.  As far as it is possible to tell, no harm was done.  It all happened so quickly that I failed to think about my camera at all.

Having tested out the soup and bread for lunch, I was in  a more sprightly mood in the afternoon and did some work in the garden.

The small birds had generally taken the opportunity of the fine weather to find their food elsewhere but the garden was full of blackbirds chasing each other about furiously.  I caught one as it paused for breath on our fence.

blackbirdI got the mower out and mowed the middle lawn but after a long damp spring, once again the activity can best be characterised as squashing the moss rather than mowing the grass.

Then I sieved some of our garden compost and Mrs Tootlepedal combined this with some bone meal and spread it on a couple of the flower beds.   This counts as the official start of the gardening year.  In between times, I used Liz’s log splitter to split a few of the logs from cherry tree from next door and Mrs Tootlepedal used it to split a lot of them.

Mrs Tootlepedal splitting logs
I had to use my fastest shutter speed to catch the human whirlwind at work.

Logs flew off in all directions but she soon had them corralled.

Log pileThere are still quite a few to go but we will take our time.

I did some very tentative spiking on the front lawn and then had to come inside for a quick snooze.

When I surfaced again, the garden was still full of blackbirds.

blackbirdblackbirdI was looking over our back fence in search of ducks on the dam (none to be seen) when I spotted a dunnock on a neighbouring hedge.

dunnockAs it is a hedge sparrow, this was just the spot to see it.

There is quite a lot of growing going on now that we have had a few sunny days.

magnolia and primula
Magnolia and primula
Two shades of pulsatilla
And two shades of euphorbia

I felt a bit sorry to have wasted a good cycling day but it had been very good to spend an afternoon in the garden with Mrs Tootlepedal and I had done enough bending, sawing and chopping to discourage me from a late pedal before tea.

I contented myself with an indulgent look at the pressed moss in the evening sun.

middle lawnThe daffodils were at their best in the mellow light.

I am going to sing in a scratch performance of Mozart’s Requiem tomorrow, wasting another good day for cycling.  I had a run through the tenor part this evening with the help of my computer and having listened to myself, I can only imagine that  the conductor may well feel that I should have gone cycling when I turn up tomorrow.

The supply of flying birds was so poor that I almost had to use this one of a back end of a departing blackbird…

blackbirds…but fortunately a chaffinch came to my rescue.

flying chaffinch

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30 thoughts on “The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la!

  1. Good luck tomorrow, look forward to hearing all about it. Lots of colour in your garden now and congratulations to Mrs T for splitting all those logs. Glad you rescued the hedgehog.

  2. The tulips in your garden are gorgeous. Our tulips in the barrel planter are up already and blooming. I put in some new bulbs in late winter which are coming up now and budding. We’ll see how long the gophers leave them alone. They seem to leave the daffodils alone but really love to snack on tulips, eating 98 out of 100 Apple Blossom tulips I planted in previous years.

  3. I hope that you do well tomorrow! It’s probably for the best that you didn’t get out on the bike, as you’ll probably sing better if you’re well rested.

    Seeing the beautiful flowers from the garden makes me wish that our spring was further along here.

  4. Lovely garden. Mrs. Tootlepedal looks like a force to be reckoned with, she can do some log-splitting!!

  5. Once again I must say you have a beautiful garden. Mrs.Tootlepedal is doing better than me at log-splitting! She is indeed a human whirlwind. And you’re doing very well yourself, considering the knee operation you had not all that long ago. Beautiful pictures, as always.

  6. Hope the singing goes well tomorrow. Mrs T has done a fine job splitting logs.
    Beautiful colours in your garden and the pressed moss looks like a neat and well kept lawn to me.

  7. We have rather a lot of moss in our grass too. It is impossible to do anything about most of it but I try to rake out the thatch and moss from around the beds and borders. Such hard work! I am full of admiration for Mrs T! Where does she get her energy from? Beautiful bird and flower photos as always.

  8. The tulips were a delight to see! And I really loved both black bird photos – I enjoyed the black & white contrast, even though they were color photos. They were both quite striking. How fun to live in a place where you have wild hedgehogs! A true fairyland. Here, the only hedgehogs I know of are the ones I read about in children’s storybooks.

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