Now we are one

Today’s guest picture comes from my correspondent, Venetia who went to an NGS open day yesterday afternoon.  It was in East Harptree, on the northern slopes of the Mendip Hills.  It was a little too chilly for comfort but her heart was warmed by music while she was there.

brass bandWe had a lovely day today here and I enjoyed more of it than usual as I had to get up early (for me) and go to the Archive Centre to wait for a man to come and read our electricity meter.  I waited for a couple of hours, putting a week of the newspaper index into the database and doing a crossword to pass the time and was finally rescued by Ken, another archivist.  He is one of the data miners and set about combining waiting with mining when I left.

He told me later that the meter reader came not long after I left so I am glad that the meter has been officially read.  Perhaps we can get our electricity bill sorted out now.

When I got home, there was just enough time to wave at a pair of blackbirds…

blackbirdblackbird…and say goodbye to the chaffinches….

chaffinch…before jumping into the car and driving off to Edinburgh to visit Matilda on the occasion of her first birthday.

Our route took us past the new Edinburgh to Galashiels railway and it was exciting to see how near completion it seemed to be.  It will open in September and we look forward to riding the rail later this year.

In the meantime, the trusty Kangoo delivered us to Edinburgh safely and we even found a handy parking spot. There was no time for any Edinburgh pictures today as we were in full party mode.  We were joined by one of Matilda’s aunts, Clare’s sister Catherine and we had a tasty birthday lunch with six different sorts of salad. Then it was time for the highlight of the day, the birthday cake.

Matilda's cakeAfter a few well chosen words and some amusing reminiscences, Matilda invited her parents to assist in blowing out the candle.

Blowing out the candleShe wasn’t totally impressed by their efforts but she liked the cake and literally got well stuck into her slice.  Clare, who made the cake, tells me it is a Boston Cream Pie.  This would be an excellent name if it used cream and was a pie which it doesn’t and isn’t.  But it does originate in Boston, she says.

After lunch, we settled down to watch Matilda open a pile of presents, including one from her Great Grandmother, who is 97 years older than Matilda.

Although she might not have been fully aware of what all the fuss was about, Matilda seemed to enjoy her birthday and her adult helpers certainly had a good time.  We are enormously proud of TWGSP and of her parents who are doing such a good job of bringing her up.

The glorious weather for our drive home made the journey pass by quickly and there was still enough light left for a walk round the garden to admire the flowers catching the rays.  The primulas looked gorgeous.

primulaprimulaprimulaI took one representative tulip…

tulip…and one daffodil.

daffodilTwo new blooms were to be found…..

A purple aubretia has joined the pale blue ones.
flowering currant
And the flowering currant has opened.

The two different shades of blue grape hyacinths are growing well.

hyacinthsFinally, the magnolia rounds the show off.

magnoliaMrs Tootlepedal always says that 20th April is the real start of spring in Langholm, regardless of any official dates so it is a lovely coincidence that this is also Matilda’s birthday and it was another stroke of fortune that we had such a wonderful day of weather to celebrate this.

I didn’t have much time to stare out of the window today but a chaffinch made a timely appearance to become the flying bird of the day.

flying chaffinch

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33 thoughts on “Now we are one

  1. Sounds like Matilda had a splendid birthday, congratulations all round. Lovely photographs of the flowers in your garden on your return. The longer days make life so much more enjoyable.

  2. That’s Matilda, Bella and Luciole (aka Lulu), who have birthdays today. B and L are the felines who share my home; they were born five years ago. I’m afraid I didn’t bake them a cake.

  3. Happy birthday to Matilda! Her Boston cream pie looked delicious.
    Beautiful photos of the flowers in you garden. There is nothing much growing here yet although all the snow has gone. It was very hard to leave Spain where the roses were blooming.

  4. The pie that is really more of a pudding cake looks delicious! I’m tempted to go and get a slice.
    I’m glad that you had such great weather on Matilda’s first birthday. She’s lucky; as the years pass just think of how many flowers she’ll be able to see on her birthday. Since my birthday falls in December, that’s a big thing to me.

  5. I would have enjoyed having grandparents like you and Mrs Tootlepedal when I was a child. Matilda is blessed to have such a loving and doting family! I think perhaps that is another reason I enjoy your blog. I get a smile reading about warm and funny family interactions and traditions. My childhood was quite different. The cake looks scrumptious despite not actually being cream and a pie and your spring flower shots are beautiful. What lovely colours!

  6. A lovely first birthday picture of Matilda and her parents, not to mention the delicious looking cake! Glad you had fine weather for your visit.

  7. Truly amazing Matilda is already a year. The “pie” beats any birthday cake I’ve ever seen. Beautiful color captured in your garden.

  8. Happy First Birthday to TWGSP!! I’ve always been a bit perplexed by Boston cream pie myself. 🙂 Though it is very tasty!

    Those primula photos are wonderful! I’ve always thought your photography to be excellent, but I can see a real difference in the superior quality of your flower photos of late. Again, the evening light brought out the perfection.

    I also find your black birds to be so much more appealing than the ones we have here in the U.S.

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