Heavy breathing

Today’s guest pictures, sent to me by Bruce, shows some of the inhabitants of Gilnockie who haven’t decided how they are going to vote in the forthcoming general election.

GilnockieIt was hard to know who or what to blame.  Was it the dry spell making for dusty conditions, was it the flowers in the garden or pollen from neighbouring trees, was it dust from the end wall work which still lies in many nooks and corners of the house or was it just life?  Whatever it was, my breathing was a little below par today and I was happy to wander around doing as little as possible.

I was assisted in this by Dropscone, who brought round some of his traditional Friday treacle scones.  He had already cycled 20 miles and I was happy to have let him do the work for today.  The scones were very good.

Mrs Tootlepedal was varnishing away in the front room and in between letting coats dry, she moved some of the furniture back in during the day.  I lent a small hand from time to time.  In a startling move, some of the furniture has gone to a different corner of the room than it occupied before.  It will take me a year or two to get used to this.

The change in the weather predicted by the forecasters had begun but it was still a pretty pleasant if windy morning and i walked round the garden…

daffodils and tulips…doing a little dead heading of daffodils.  There are still plenty left though and they go well with the tulips.

daffodils and tulipsThe blossom on the plum tree is nearly at its peak….

plum blossom…just in time to catch the drop in overnight temperatures to near zero at the weekend.   We hope for the best.

In the mornings recently, teams of sparrows have been ranging the lawns pecking away and today they were adding a few dance steps to their routine.

sparrowsI went out to see if the little fishes were still swimming in the dam (they were) but got distracted by this fine clump of marsh marigolds instead.

marsh marigoldsThe sun faded away with the morning but the weather stayed dry so after lunch, I went off for a very slow walk round the Castleholm.

I paused in the Clinthead garden to enjoy the good work the gardeners have done.

ClintheadIn the absence of any interesting birds on the Kilngreen, I bought an ice cream cornet from the van there, and licked and walked as I went on.

There were flowers growing wild by the side of the road as I walked up to the Lodge….

bluebell and anemone….though some may be garden escapes.

primrose and red flower…and there were plenty of shades of green to be seen as well, both on the ground…..

golden saxifrage
A pool of golden saxifrage under the trees

…and on the branch.

leavesI looked at trees from a distance…

trees…and close to.

treeMy knowledge of tree species, unless I am walking beside Mrs Tootlepedal, is minimal but I can still enjoy their leaves.

I do know a lime tree though.

lime treeSome fallen branches among the limes gave me a chance to admire some lichen which would otherwise have been above my head.

lichenI stopped at the Jubilee Bridge in the hope of seeing a tree creeper or a nuthatch but instead I was entertained by a wren on a branch shouting energetically at the bushes below.

wrenAfter a while two other wrens, scrapping furiously, emerged from the undergrowth like rockets and disappeared.  I would like to have known what was going on.  (Wrens are very small and hard to photograph!)

When I got home, Mrs Tootlepedal and I set to work reducing the pile of cherry tree logs to firewood with the aid of our neighbour Liz’s log splitter.  While we were at work, Liz herself appeared and seizing the splitter from us, spilt twice the number of logs that we had and in half the time.  She loves splitting logs.  We stood to one side saying things like, “You won’t be able to split this large misshapen and knotty log,” in innocent tones.  That was like a red rag to a bull to her and firewood soon flew off in all directions.

I had time to be impressed by the flourishing dog’s tooth violets….

dog's tooth violets…before it started to drizzle and I went in.

I rounded off a quiet day with an even quieter evening.

The flying bid of the day is a very determined chaffinch.

flying chaffinch

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30 thoughts on “Heavy breathing

  1. I’m glad that you got one more day of relatively good weather, another day of outstanding photos! There’ no way that I could pick a favorite from among them.

    Although, if your breathing problems are from something outdoors, maybe a little rain will wash whatever it is out of the air to help you breathe easier?

  2. Brilliant to catch the wren at all.
    Is Mrs T available to say if she knows why dog’s tooth violets are so called? They aren’t even violet…

  3. For a quiet day, you have produced your usual fine crop of photos with some wonderful colour. Your daffodil and tulip selection have caught the light with lustre along with the distant trees.

    I hope your breathing returns to normal very soon.

  4. I don’t have asthma but I do have allergies and use an inhaler. This is a bad time of year for tree pollen.
    I thought your dog tooth violets were the same as out trout lilies but I see by that photo that they are very different.
    That shot of the trees in the distance is another excellent landscape photo. The lighting must have had to have been absolutely perfect to get a shot like that.

  5. I do hope your breathing problems get better. Mind you, you still managed to get outside and do things including reducing the log pile. I’ve said it before, you are a tough bunch! Thanks for another lovely tour. Your pictures are always excellent but I’m quite a fan of lichen so particularly liked that one. Your flying bird is magnificent.

  6. Superlatives only are the reply to your photographs above, I agree with Allen, impossible to choose a favourite. I loved the dog tooth violets though, a new flower to me, and the wrens having an argument.

  7. A very fine collection of colourful flowers – good to see the daffodils still out at the same time as the tulips. Hope your breathing gets better very soon.

  8. A lovely shot of the trees in the distance. I like the contrast of the new leaves against the bare branches behind them.

  9. The tulip and daffodil photo would make a fine print — I could stare at that all day! It’s like balm to my freezing soul. (We are far below average in our temps lately!)

    So sorry about the breathing problems. I hope some rain helps wash away the allergens/pollens. Pollen counts have been extremely high here lately, despite the absence of spring temperatures.

  10. I count myself lucky not to have pollen or dust allergies, although there are a couple of flowers at this time of year that tend to make me sneeze if there are too many of them. Always handy to have a helpful neighbour.

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