Today’s guest picture shows some friends which my Newcastle correspondent Fiona met in Malta.

malta turtlesAfter a chilly night, there was just enough rise in the temperature to get me out on the bike while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir.  There was a chilly wind and I was back into my multi-layered winter gear again.  I wasn’t in the mood to climb any hills today so I settled for three laps of the seven mile trip to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back.  I met Dropscone, who had evidently got up earlier than me, just finishing his 21 mile morning tum as I was going out for mine.

It took me the first seven miles to get going properly but after that, I managed the second and third laps at a reasonable speed and got home at much the same time as Mrs Tootlepedal returned from church. I beat her by a few minutes though and had time to watch a good number of bees working hard to make plums for me.

bees and plum blossombees and plum blossombees and plum blossomThis is only a small selection of the crowd that were at work.

After a cup of coffee, we set about the chief business of the day which was relaying the carpet in the front room.  This turned out to be easier than I expected (possibly because Mrs Tootlepedal did all the skilled work).

carpet and cupboard
The room is beginning to look like a room and not a building site.

After the carpet came the two most important bits of furniture in the room, the keyboard and the computer desk.

front roomPlans are afoot to try and minimise any further wear on the carpet from my computer chair. The carpet and I are about the same age so some wear and tear is inevitable.

In the garden, the tulips were not impressed by the cold morning….

tulips…but the cold weather did bring more birds back.  There was a lot of standing about….

chaffincheschaffinch and plum tree…although the sparrows were working hard on the lawn.

sparrowsAs the day went on, the sun came out and although it never became warm, it was another bright spring day.

goldfinchI went out into the garden again and met beauty and the beast.

flowering currant
A delicate flowering currant.
And a very suspicious looking rhubarb.

The azaleas are looking promising and if they survive the promised sub zero temperatures tonight, should be out soon.

azaleasWe just had time to finish laying the carpet and moving the furniture before it was time to go off to Carlisle to sing with the Community Choir there.  Our conductor and pianist were delayed by train troubles on their way down from Glasgow but we got going after a while and had another good session.

We enjoyed the fine weather for the drive home and when we got back, I chased after some tulips which had recovered from the cold morning….

tulips…and noticed that one of them had a large patch of yellow on it.

tulipVery odd.

Mrs Tootlepedal picked some rhubarb and flowers and with these suitably bundled up, we set off for an evening meal with Mike, my cello playing friend and his wife Anne.  The company included the third member of our trio, Isabel with her husband and also Scott, the minister and his wife.  The meal was excellent and the company congenial and it rounded off a very good day.

The laying of the carpet signifies a return to normality in our household arrangements after a month of recovering from the knee operation followed by two months of the end wall improvement.   There is still more to be done but Mrs Tootlepedal was mightily pleased by the day’s work.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch with its wings in full use.

flying chaffinch

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24 thoughts on “Carpeted

  1. The bright colours in your garden are wonderfully cheery! We’re still at the point where only the toughest perennials have poked their noses out, with no flowers yet in sight. I’m glad that your renovations are nearing completion – it’s been a long time to have your house at sixes and sevens.

  2. I have never seen rhubarb growing. It does look strange! You and Mrs Tootlepedal really are tremendous at your gardening. You have beautiful flowers as well so many edibles. I feel quite lazy in comparison. Thank you for the guest pic of all the turtles. The bee pictures are excellent and the tulips magnificent! It must be comforting to have the house back in order again. I quite like my house routines.

  3. Delighted to hear and see that the front room is becoming habitable again.
    Glad the choir practice went well and you had an enjoyable meal out with your music friends.

  4. It must be great to have the entire house back in order, with no more leaky wall to worry about!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the year progress through your photos of the flowers from Mrs. T’s garden, everyday is a new treat with more of the flowers beginning to bloom.

  5. Our rhubarb has also grown a flower and another blogging friend said that her rhubarb had a flower too. If you had been living in the 18th century your tulip might have been sold for a fortune with a ‘break’ like that! What joy to have a room you can live in again and your computer table back!

  6. Turtles! There is a welcome sight! The photos are all lovely, but I especially love the bees in the blooms. I have been trying to photograph the bumblebees in the blueberry blooms here, but not much cooperation from the bumbles. I am too slow and they move on too quickly.

  7. Your reticent rhubarb reminds me of the flowers on my palm tree. Glad to see the carpet down and things returning to normal. It must be a relief.

  8. I am sure you are both mightily relieved to get the house back to “normal”. Renovations seem to affect every corner, even when you try to confine it to one area. The room is looking wonderful!

    I really enjoyed your guest photo of the turtles, and the tulips are magnificent.

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