All lit up

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia.  She saw this old wireless transmitting station and was amazed to find that it is on sale as a dwelling.

wt stationWe had a day of variable weather, with a selection of wind, rain, hail, thunder and occasional sunshine.  It was very cold too too and the combination of the wind, rain and chill kept me off my bicycle.  To tell the truth, I am not feeling very perky at the moment and it will take quite an effort of will to get me back onto the bicycle unless the weather is a bit more friendly.

Meantime I was regaled with scones by Dropscone who came round for coffee and kept busy during the rest of the day by moving things back into the newly refurbished front room.  As it has got to be kept tidy now it doesn’t leak any more, this has involved throwing away a lot of things which tended to lie about in heaps in the old room.

Because I have collected a large number of variously shaped leads over the years, it is sometimes very difficult to remember which leads go with which devices and I am sure that I have kept leads for ages which belong to devices which have long since gone to the scrapheap.   Today I have probably thrown away leads which will turn out to belong to things that I still use.  Time will tell.

I did have time to look out of the kitchen window too.  After yesterday’s feast of bird life at Sue’s, it was rather quiet in out garden with mainly familiar faces.

chaffinch.Two freezing mornings have set back the plants in the garden, finishing some off completely but the plum tree seems to be soldiering on…

plum tree…and I was pleased to see some bees hard at work when the day warmed up a bit.

bee in plum treeAs you can see, the frost has turned some of the petals brown but there was enough left to attract a good number of bees.

There was a moment of joy after lunch when the electrician appeared and put the lights up on the walls in the front room.  This is the final visit of the men responsible for the whole undertaking and the room is now in working order…though the lighting is a bit stark as Mrs Tootlepedal has yet to acquire new lampshades.

new roomThere is still work to be done such as rehanging pictures and buying a rug to cover the bare patch in the carpet which my computer chair has worn but out joy at the completion of the undertaking after pretty well exactly three months is unconfined.

I am sitting at the computer table as I write this and getting used to the eerie silence of a room without water dripping into a bucket.

While the electrician was working during the afternoon, there was a heavy shower with thunder but when it passed, a sunny interval appeared and I nipped out for an amble round Gaskell’s Walk before the next shower. It was hard to take in the bright blue sky after such gloomy day but it was very welcome all the same.

I had a quick check on one of the slow worm hides at Pool Corner to see if there were any signs of life after the cold mornings.

slow wormThere was just this one.

There were colourful sights  nearby.

Pool cornerI didn’t linger on the way for fear of another thunder storm but I did stop to show the scrubby saplings that are growing beside the path

Gaskell's WalkThe path used to run through a gloomy coniferous plantation before it was felled but it will soon be back in the shade again at the rate these things are growing.

The saplings were not the only green things beside the path.  After the rain, the moss was very vivid too.

mossWhen I got to the Stubholm, a large number of rabbits scurried across the path from the field into the woods as I came along.  I will have to bring my zoom lens next time I come and try to capture a few.  They were too quick for Pocketcam which had to settle for some stationary lichen on the park wall instead.

lichenIt was not hard to find things to look at on the wall.

Park wallAlthough the magnolia has been battered to death by the weather, most of the tulips in the garden are made of stronger stuff.

tulipsThe feeder became quite busy as the afternoon wore on and I was pleased to see two birds here which I hadn’t seen at Sue’s, a siskin and a greenfinch.

siskin and greenfinchThe chaffinches were jostling for attention as they vied to become flying bird of the day.

chaffinchesAfter tea, Susan appeared and drove me to Carlisle where we played recorders.  There were only three of of us this week which gave us the chance to enjoy some of our less frequently played pieces and we got out a very varied selection of music from folk dances from Playford to a oogie woogie arrangement.

The forecast for the next few days is so miserable that I might have to put the slow bike back on the trainer in the garage but at least it should give us time to put the finishing touches to the front room so it is an ill wind etc etc.

The flying bird of the day is one of those keen chaffinches.

flying chaffinch

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31 thoughts on “All lit up

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling unwell – you will be forced to stay home and enjoy the newly completed front room. I know what you mean about the leads: wouldn’t it would be convenient if the manufacturers agreed on a design and stuck to it? Lovely bee!

  2. Sad that the magnolia has lost all ts flowers when it had been so beautiful. I hope you soon feel better. You have had a lot on recently and the very changeable weather cannot help matters either. Good bird photos as always.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the frost. I hope you didn’t lose too many flowers.
    I’ve been expecting to see a violet and haven’t seen a single one, so it’s good to see yours.
    With macros like that I wonder if you need that Panasonic Lumix!

    1. I am always in interested in lightweight cameras as my hands get more and more wobbly. I followed your link but the model was unavailable and i can’t find it for sale in the UK.

  4. Very sorry to hear about the lack of perkiness and hope it fades as more suitable weather comes in.

  5. The front room looks truly reborn! Loved the perching bird in the plum blossom and the bee working hard for you. Sorry about the depressing weather and hope it turns out better than you expect.

  6. Sorry you are not feeling very perky. I do hope you feel much better soon! Your front room looks very tidy and organised. The bee photo is fantastic and I always appreciate the lichen you share. The weather does sound quite nasty. I have a cupboard full of leads, rechargers and various attachments. I am not really sure what they belong to but like you I think that the ones I throw out may end up being the ones that someone ends up needing! Sometimes technology makes life more complicated… Thank you for including another slow worm. I find them interesting creatures. I know it’s repetitive of me, but your bird pics are always excellent.

  7. Wonderful to see the front room looking so good, and all ready for occupation sans dripping noise.
    Hope you have more energy soon, the cold and wet weather is not helping I ams sure, but at least it is not coming through the wall!

  8. I share your frustration with leads. Every time a new appliance with it’s accompanying lead (or leads in some cases) enters the Homestead I promise myself I will label it but have yet to do so. Hope you’re back to your happy self soon…hanging out in that wonderful new room has got to help. How cosy!

    1. Label a lead? That’s a sound idea. I might even try it. The trouble is that you often get two or three leads for every possibility with a device and they soon mount up.

  9. This cold spell is making it hard to think about getting outside after such beautifully warm weather. Hopefully it will soon pass. At least you have the room back to working order though so you have somewhere nice to sit waiting for the weather to change.

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