Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s visit to Rye.  It speaks for itself.  Simple.

Rye April 2015 005I had to speak to myself today because Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Edinburgh to commune with TWGSP.  My conversation with myself touched on cycling but when Dropscone rang up to say that the morning run had taken him ten minutes longer than usual because of the fierce winds, that conversation came to a halt.

I did a crossword, hung out some washing, emptied a bin, put a week of the newspaper database into the computer and thought about stuff in an arbitrary way and in this fashion, managed to pass the morning quite pleasantly.

A persistent pigeon spent a lot of time outside the window….

pigeon…and even made a bold attempt to get the coveted flying bird of the day title.

But it was more of a jump than a flight.

At one time, I was watching the bees on the plum tree through the kitchen window and I wondered if the other fruit was being attend to as well.  I went to investigate.

blackcurrant and gooseberry
The blackcurrant and gooseberry are being looked after.
The apples are not quite ready yet.

I made myself a pot of carrot soup for my lunch and then put a second week of the newspaper into the Langholm Archive database.  The clouds were scurrying over the sky, leaving some sunny spells and in one of these, I went for a walk.

I had hoped that I would find a woodland path surrounded  by fresh green leaves.  I found some wild flowers….

bluebell, nettle and oxalis
Bluebell, nettle and oxalis

…and I found the path…

Round House path…but sadly the birch trees have not some into leaf yet.  The view backwards was a consolation….

Langholm…and the path itself is delightful….

round house path…but I had to make do with promises rather than the real thing.

promises of springpromises of springpromises of springIt was a good walk but not the green delight that I had hoped for.

I stopped near Skippers Bridge but a brief rain shower ruined the light and I enjoyed the river worn stones instead of looking at the bigger picture.

EskThe shower soon passed and I walked along the Murtholm to get home.  There are lambs in every field round the town at the moment.

lambLuckily the grey clouds went skimming past me and the rest of the way home was nicely sunlit.

MurtholmThe wild garlic will soon be making itself obvious.

garlicThe three mile walk gave me an appetite for tea and toast and I was just boiling the kettle when I saw a welcome blue tit on the feeder.

blue titMrs Tootlepedal arrived back safely from communing with Matilda and as she had combined her grandmotherly activities with a stroll round John Lewis with an eye on some useful remnants, she felt that the day had been well spent.

The remnants will become cushion covers in the course of time.

After tea, I went off to the Archive Centre where I met Sandy and he helped me put two more weeks of the index into the database so it had been a very productive day of archive work even if I hadn’t done much else.

By the time that I got home, one of the remnants had already been transmogrified.

remnantMrs Tootlepedal wields a nifty needle.

I am hoping for a less windy day tomorrow as I need to get out on the bike and try to see how fit I am.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch for once.  I have had complaints of too many flying birds with their wings tucked up lately so I have gone for the fully unfurled look today.


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40 thoughts on “Wandering

    1. Looks to me like horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) – Tom has a fine collection of budding trees here. His spring seems to be a week behind ours here in Rhineland where it is in full swing.

      1. They can grow into trees here but I am not at all sure about the leaf in the picture. I just don’t think that it was a horse chestnut.

  1. I meant to tell you that apparently you can’t buy the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-SZ7 camera that I have anymore. The new version is the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-SZ10. It has many more features but is still only about $20.00 more than mine cost 3 years or so ago. You should be able to find it there from what I’ve seen online.

      1. I wondered about the lens since it wasn’t mentioned in the product details. I will be interested in what you finally choose.

  2. Your nettle is a very nice Yellow Archangel (Lamium galeobdolon). If it has variegated leaves it is a garden escapee but if the leaves are plain green it is a wild native. Apparently it is scarce in Scotland.

  3. That is still an impressive hopping pigeon photo. The rocks in the Murtholm – is that ice or are the rocks some kind of composite with a lighter colored mineral? They are unusual and beautiful.

  4. The leaves will be green soon enough, I quite enjoyed them in their multi-colored state as they first unfurl.

    I hope that you get weather suitable for cycling tomorrow, it’s been a while, I’m sure that you’re missing it.

  5. I particularly enjoyed your picture of the river worn stones, running water always catches my eye as birds and lichens do for others. Hope you get to cycle today.

  6. Thank you for the wide variety of visual treats again! It’s always a delight to check in each day. I appreciate you sharing these moments with us. Wild and woolly weather here for a change and my roof is leaking. I’m glad you no longer have that problem. 🙂

  7. I admire the cushion Mrs T. did while you were at the Archive center. She is an allround wizard – wielding the paintbrush, the needle, the garden tools and more with alike skilfulness.

  8. That was a very nifty needle wielded by Mrs. T, beautifully toning cushion to armchair.
    Glad the sun came out. Enjoyed your woodland walk, even if the trees are not quite green yet.

  9. Lovely fabric – not so lovely pigeon! You’re much more sanguine than I am about pigeons. I’ve had to put up wire gates and spikes to prevent them from nesting under the eaves of my house, blocking the stack, messing on the cedar shingles . . . not beloved at all on 15th Street.

  10. The promise of green looks awfully good to me. A lovely post, and your pigeon is a Wood Pigeon, which is much fancier than the ubiquitous Rock Pigeon.

  11. Beautiful photos all around today and in another example of one man’s trash being another’s treasure, I spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to eradicate oxalis from our garden…an unachievable goal, unfortunately; it loves it here.

  12. I’m pretty sure the mystery tree is a horse chestnut. I have a bonsai one in a pot in my garden and the leaves looked just like that a few weeks ago. Your spring is certainly a little way behind ours as there has been wild garlic everywhere here recently and my apple tree flowers are open and buzzing with bees.

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