Bad timing

Today’s guest picture shows the fine town hall of Wigtown.  Gavin was visiting the town and the fact that he is a keen green bowler might explain why he was so impressed by this view.

Wigtown town hallI had a very quiet day today, partly on purpose and partly by accident.  I was on relief Moorland Project bird feeder filling duties today and was pleased to see the sun shining when I got up.  I was less pleased to find that there was an extremely cutting wind blowing straight into the open window of the bird hide when I sat down there after filling the feeders.

Even the arrival of Sandy didn’t improve matters much as there were very few birds for us to watch.  A lone great tit…

great tit…and a shifty pheasant stealing seed….

pheasant…were the only birds to come near the hide.  Leaving Sandy to wait and hope, I left for home and Ironically, there was a meadow pipit sitting on a gate outside the hide laughing at us.

meadow pipitI visited the producers’ market in the Buccleuch Centre and topped up on cheese and honey before entertaining Sandy to a cup of coffee when he came down from the hill.

My plan was to have an easy morning and then take some exercise after lunch so Mrs Tootlepedal and I spent some happy time going through piles of files which needed to be weeded and returned to the front room.  We ended up throwing away large chunks of our past.

Although deciding what to keep and what to discard is a tedious business, the end result of an uncluttered front room is well worth the trouble.

I did have time for a walk round the garden and was pleased to see bees still visiting the plum tree, even though the flowers look past their best.  I liked the colour scheme of lichen on a plum tree branch as well.

plum treeIt was very cold and windy out so I didn’t linger longer than was necessary to do a bit of dead heading before coming in and looking out of the window.

There are more sparrows coming by the day.

sparrowschaffinchesThe sunshine wasn’t making the chaffinches poilte to each other.

I was surprised to see a dunnock perching high in the plum tree as usually they scurry about just above ground level.

dunnockI was getting mentally ready for some vigorous exercise after lunch but when I went out to sniff the air, my nose got wet because it had started to rain.  I should have looked at the weather forecast.

I spent the afternoon frittering time away doing some archiving business and getting my excellent music reading program to produce an accompaniment for a Telemann trio sonata for Luke and me to play.  It is almost like magic to take a printed score and have it played back to you after ten minutes work on the computer.

There was a bit of looking out of the window too of course.

Birds came and went.

goldfinch and chaffinchThe pigeon was back…

pigeon…and had another go at the flying bird of the day slot…

pigeon…bit It has a bit to learn about presentation.  It even tried perching on the plum tree for a pose but got its head hidden behind a branch.  Its toes looked neat though.

pigeonA chaffinch had a go too but only showed one wing so was disqualified.

chaffinchA blackbird arrived, looking as fed up with the weather as I was….

blackbird…but a blue tit looked unconcerned.

blue titWe are promised an even more miserably wet and windy day for tomorrow so I will have to try to find something a bit more constructive to do about the house.

Mrs Tootlepedal is always constructive and during the afternoon and evening she converted another of her remnants into a cushion cover.  I can’t imagine what there was about this design that appealed to her.

remnant cushion coverA chaffinch, just showing both wings, is the flying bird of the day.

flying chaffinch

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31 thoughts on “Bad timing

  1. For some reason, I really liked the photo of the pigeon’s feet. I hope that the weather forecast is incorrect, and that you’ll have nice weather to get back to cycling, along with your fine photos.

  2. That cushion cover is very stylish! I am quickly becoming the pigeon’s number one fan as it has the same bumbling approach to life as myself – never quite in the right place at the right time 🙂
    I’m interested in what music programme you use – Sibelius? they’re like magic, aren’t they?!

    1. Sibelius is too expensive for me (I have spent all my money of photo editing) so I use a score reader called Sharpeye and a score write called Scorewriter.

      1. Sibelius beyond us too but utilised it when someone else (bless the education system) had picked up the bill. The one we have on our computer is a tad basic so we’re always keen to hear of others out there.

  3. Ah Wigtown, the nearest village to me as I was growing up. Thankfully they decided to renovate the town hall just before it might have fallen down. The pigeon is trying hard for stardom.

  4. Very smart cushion! Sorry about the freezing cold weather. Lovely pictures of the dunnock and meadow pipit.

  5. Nice cushion design! The weather does sound nasty and not at all suited to cycling. I hope tomorrow is better. Your comments about the pigeon made me smile and I was quite amused by the feet shot. I also liked the colour scheme of the lichen. I only wish I could share some of my birds with you but my photographic skills are not up to scratch and sadly, I am not seeing many about lately. The local cats are looking very fat though. I’m learning so much about birds from your country due to your excellent blog.

    1. Your photographs are of a very high standard and I have enjoyed looking at them a lot. I sympathise with your fears about cats as we are surrounded by fat cats here.

  6. I like your comment about throwing away large chunks of your past – that’s exactly how I feel whenever I muster the will to purge paperwork. For some reason I have the idea that tomorrow is your long and steep cycle ride/competition? If so, I hope you don’t have too many arguments with your knee! (If not, please forward the well wishes to the appropriate date.)

  7. Mrs. T never ceases to amaze with her multitude of talents. That cushion looks wonderful and the fabric couldn’t be more perfect!

    Once again, I loved the glimpse of your pheasant. And the pigeon toe photo is very appealing, too.

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