It’s an ill wind.

Today’s guest picture shows Scott ready to ride at St Bees yesterday.  It was taken by Dropscone.  You can tell it was before the ride as he is still smiling.

Scott St BeesIt was a miserable, wet and windy morning and it emphasised how lucky we were to get one of the rare recent sunny days for our cycle ride yesterday.  Dropscone and Scott came round to review the event over coffee and scones and it turned out that I was the one who went wrong route-wise the least with just a few hundred yards to  re-navigate.  Scott had half a mile or so to retrace and Dropscone trumped us both with six miles extra and several hundred feet of bonus climbing to do after he followed another cyclist down the wrong road at a junction.  Fortunately for him, he made another duff route choice later on which cut a good chunk of distance and two more climbs off the route but he still did well over fifty miles.  On the plus side, he won his golf competition on Saturday.   In spite of these adventures, we were all pretty pleased to have got round.

There is not much to say about the rest of the morning and early afternoon except that the bad weather brought plenty of birds into the garden.

A goldfinch landing and settling on the feeder stand.
A goldfinch landing and settling on the feeder stand.
More goldfinches flying in every direction
Two chaffinches going beak to beak
But whatever the one on the right said, it upset the other one.
A soggy greenfinch came to join in the fun.

Later in the afternoon, the rain relented and Sandy came round for a walk.  We were going through the park when Sandy’s sharp eyes spotted a movement on a tree trunk.

tree creeper
It was a tree crepper.  You can just see it of you look hard. I only had Pocketcam with me so I couldn’t get a close up sadly.

We walked along the riverside path and were impressed by a flood of green on the banking.  It was sitting on a boggy pievce of ground between swathes of garlic and patches of bluebells and I have no idea what it was.

green patchThe bluebells were beginning to show a bit further along the bank.


Sandy getting down to business

When we got to the Stubholm, we decided to extend our walk by going round Gaskell’s.  I liked the subdued colours in this old barn wall.

StubholmAnd the light on the town and the hill behind was interesting too.

LangholmThe whole bank along one section of the path is now covered in fresh green saplings.

gaskellsThe moss beside the track was also in good form.

mossWe got round without getting wet which was a relief and as we had been well sheltered from the fierce winds, our walk was very enjoyable and it was good to give my legs a stretch after yesterday’s efforts.

In the evening, Susan drove me to Carlisle where we played trios and quartets (when the fourth member arrived after a short while) and had a most enjoyable session,  It was one of those nights when we seemed to be playing well enough to have space to listen to and appreciate the playing of the other members of the group instead of just playing our own notes with our heads down.

The forecast for the next couple of days is very poor so it looks as though I will have plenty of time to stare out the window at birds.  This was my flying bird for today.

flying goldfinch

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16 thoughts on “It’s an ill wind.

  1. You all did well to get round the challenging bike ride, since it seems it was quite easy to lose the way!
    Lovely picture of the town with the dark clouds looming.

  2. Your bird pictures are always excellent but I particularly liked the framed three goldfinches in action. The bluebell fields are lovely and it’s interesting to see the stone barn as they are completely different to the old barns here that often have corrugated galvanised iron roofs and walls. Ah, yes, post-event discussions are always interesting. It can be tricky to stay on route on some events when the roads are confusing. I’m well known for taking scenic “detours”.

  3. I was afraid that after yesterday’s long, tough ride that you’d be too sore to get out at all. You must be in pretty good shape despite your claims to the contrary. I’m glad that you did get out, the landscapes and bluebells are gorgeous.

  4. When we have cycling events here the routes are manned at all the junctions and places where there may be problems. There is no possibility of making a mistake which perhaps removes a little of the fun. This wind and rain is getting a little tiresome. The blossom had just come out on the trees and is now battered and sad-looking.
    I enjoyed your bird photos today and loved the barn.

    1. We all felt that a marshall at that point would have been helpful but everyone had the opportunity to print oit a map or put the route on their bike computer as well as have turn by turn instructions so we can’t really complain.

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