A familiar pattern

I was sent two guest pictures by my daughter, Annie and I liked them so much that I have put them both in.  She spotted a squirrel cavorting on her lawn in London.  Nice shooting.

Annie's squirrelsAs I was finishing off yesterday’s post rather late at night because of the visit to Carlisle to play recorders, I could hear a helicopter circling overhead.  The noise went on so long that I went out and had a look.

helicopterThis was the best I could do to record the scene.  It was a police helicopter obviously using its searchlight to look for someone or something.  Susan and I had been passed by two siren-screaming police vehicles as we came back from Carlisle so it looked odds on that something bad had happened in the town.  A brief news report today said that a man from a neighbouring town had been arrested after a search so we await developments.  All this is most unusual for Langholm.

We had another wet and windy morning today but like yesterday, the day got a bit better as it went along.  I entertained Sandy and Dropscone to coffee and Dropscone and I were able to show Sandy a couple of the pictures which a skilful professional photographer had taken of us during the bike event on Monday.

Here’s one of the ones he took of me.

St Bees Sportive
It gives a good idea of the hilly terrain.

Most of the rest of the morning was spent staring out of the window hoping that the rain would stop.

The bad weather once again brought in plenty of birds…

goldfinches…particularly goldfinches which were flying all over the place.

goldfinchesThe rain stopped from time to time and in one of the gaps, I popped out into the garden.  Things were soggy.

euphorbiaBut the morning was brightened by a cheery greeting over the garden hedge from my neighbour Gavin.

gavinI put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database after lunch and then, since the sun had come out, I went for a walk with a friend.

We stopped at the Kilngreen to admire Mr Grumpy looking very neat for once as he stood on the far bank of the river.

HeronOur walk took us up the Lodge Walks…

Lodge walks in spring…round the Lodge and across the Castleholm to look at the trees….

trees…both deciduous and coniferous.   Then down to the Jubilee Bridge to see if we could spot a nuthatch.  We could….nuthatch…but it didn’t hang around for long.NuthatchInterestingly, when the nuthatch had gone off, a blue tit flew out of the hole in the tree trunk where the nuthatch usually nests.  We will have to see which bird finally ends up nesting there.We walked back along the river, which was quite full after all the rain…Esk..and looked across to see that the shows had arrived on the Kilngreen for their annual visit to coincide with the voting to see who will be our cornet for this year.shows on KilngreenThere are other elections taking place this week but for some people in Langholm, the vote for the cornet on Friday will be the most important.  It is a great honour to hold the position and four young men have put themselves forward for consideration this year.  The victor in the ballot will carry the town’s standard round our marches during the Common Riding in July.All the way round our walk, we were very conscious of the scurrying of rabbits about the fields and paths….rabbits…but occasionally one got into camera shot.As we walked, the play of light and clouds was always a treat….Timpen…but the back clouds behind the hills and the towering clouds above the Castleholm….clouds…meant that we didn’t linger too long. Mr Grumpy had crossed the Ewes by the time we got back to the Kilngreen and was posing for close ups.heronWhen the camera club members were in the garden on Monday evening, one of the old hands with a good camera eye took a striking black and white picture of Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden tools.  I tried to copy it when I got home.toolsMrs Tootlepedal got home safely from Edinburgh and after some stewed rhubarb and custard, we went off to sing with our local community choir.  We have a couple of concerts looming so we worked hard and from time to time sounded quite good.We have two more weeks of rehearsal to try and sound better.The flying bird of the day is a female mallard who was fleeing from unwanted male attention when I saw her.female mallard

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30 thoughts on “A familiar pattern

    1. I love clouds when they bank up like that and have thrown away hundreds of attempts to reproduce the effect they have on me photographically so I was quite pleased with that picture.

  1. The Lodge Walks are very inviting. I like the look of Mrs. T’s garden tools – do I spy a couple of spiffy stainless steel models?? A nice combo of form and function.

    1. I have looked at those tools for many years without ever seeing them as a photo op so it just shows what watching clever people at work can teach you.

  2. You look very fit in the cycling pic and yes, those hills look tiring. I think Mr Grumpy is very appealing. His grumpy looking character is quite endearing really. Crime and helicopter searches in Langholm? It doesn’t fit with my image of your area at all after enjoying your blog pictures! I like the B and W image tool image and the nuthatch taking off is excellent.

  3. The close up of Mr. Grumpy is one of the very best images of a heron that I’ve ever seen! The photos of the clouds come very close to it.

    It occurs to me that we should start calling you the Bionic Man since you had your knee replaced.

  4. Enjoyed the squirrels and rabbits, and the fine head and shoulders of Mr Grumpy.
    You look very professional, bicycling.

  5. Is it just me, or is Mr Grumpy mellowing slightly?! The cycling photo is very impressive (as is the terrain you are navigating), the nuthatch taking flight was wonderful and Mrs T’s arty garden tools look very cherished nd well cared for (blushing slightly when I think of the state of ours). Nothing warms the soul like a cheery hello over the fence and/or rhubarb and custard :).

    1. To tell you the truth, I have never found out whether it is a Mr Grumpy or a Mrs Grumpy as my heron lore is sadly lacking but we both thought he/she was looking sprucer than usual.

    1. I was trying hard not to smile. It is a natural reaction when you see a camera pointed at you but you look a perfect idiot if you do it on a bike while trying hard.

    1. He’s a good poser. I was looking on the BBC news website and this is only the second time Langholm has appeared as a news item in recent years.

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