Over the limit

I apologise for today’s guest picture but it is another from the St Bees Sportive and I have put it in because I paid good money for it so I am going to use it.

St BeesI also apologise for breaking my own rule about how many pictures I should put in a post.  I was surprised by the weather today and took far more photographs than I thought that I would and then had some difficulty in choosing which ones to throw away so if you are pushed for time, look away now.   I will keep the words to a minimum.

I started the day by scarifiying the front lawn.  I did the proposed paths yesterday and the proposed meadow parts today, using a more ferocious blade.

front lawn
There is still any amount of moss left sadly.

After the scarifying, Mrs Tootlepedal and I did a lot of reorganisation in our upstairs rooms following the end wall work.  Mrs Tootlepedal managed to get a saw and resize a desk in no time.  She says she is never going to do a major reorganisation again…ever.

After this the sun came out and I went out too.


hyacinths  and bees
Some smaller than usual bees were enjoying the grape hyacinths
lawn bird
In spite of my scarifying efforts, there was still enough left on the middle lawn to keep various birds interested.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to an Embroiders’ Guild meeting and I lounged around.

After she came back, she went into the greenhouse to plant seeds and I went for a walk.  It immediately started to rain.

I kept going regardless and as I walked up the Kirk Wynd past the golf course, I could see distant sunshine.

Distant sunshineI paused in the rain to capture two prickly subjects…

gorse and bramble….had another look at the prospects…..

distant sunshine…took my courage in both hands, ignored the rain and walked up onto the open hill.  As I got there, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

WhitaThe rest of my walk was in perfect sunshine and I will put the pictures in from it without comment for the most part.

Quarry track

Esk valley south of langholm
The view down the Esk valley

WhitaWhitasheepsheeplambIt is a grand walk for views of the town.

LangholmLangholmEven the sheep were looking from the viewpoint.

sheepAs I walked along the track I spotted what I think is a raven circling above my head and giving out discordant calls.

No doubt some kind person will tell me if I am wrong

My immediate target was the wall at the quarry.

wall on whitaI clambered over the wall using a stile and then followed the track down to the path to the Round House.

spring trees
The trees are now coming into leaf

woodI came to the round house.

round house
This was built by a local landowner to be a place to sit and admire the view but it was vandalised many years ago and is now shut up. A bench has been provided for view lovers instead.

Even the walk along the road when I got to it was very pleasant, as it was rich in roadside flowers.nettle and forget me not feverfew and dandelionI walked back along the river hoping to see a goosander.  I did…but it flew past me as such speed that I couldn’t catch it.  I had to make do with more static targets.

Esk at LangholmLangholm Parish ChurchAs you can see, it was a perfect evening by the time that I got home and warm enough to walk without a jacket on.

If you have lasted this long, I hope that you have enjoyed coming along with me on the walk.  You can probably see why I took so many pictures today.

I didn’t have a very good time trying to get a flying bird of the day today but I nearly got a very good one.

It had just landed before I got organised.

A regular chaffinch in one of the gloomier moments of the day will have to do.

flying chaffinch

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32 thoughts on “Over the limit

  1. I can feel the effort of riding up that hill! What glorious views of the countryside. Your area is much more open than where I live. It can be difficult to see so much surrounding land unless you are at a lookout or the top of a hill or mountain. Quite often my walks involve enclosed forest. It is likely that when my eldest son finishes his PhD at the end of 2016, that he will be researching/working at a university in Scotland so I am quite excited about that as of course being a good mother, I will have to visit him. 🙂

    1. It is probably Mrs Tootlepedal’s favourite variety. I think that Langholm folk do really appreciate their countryside. They are great walkers and cyclists.

  2. I loved all your photos, I’m glad when you post a whole bunch of them. The sheep and lambs are very pleasing, and I don’t see them here; if I went to the farms I might, but few people raise sheep nearby, and in fact there are very few farms in my area.

  3. Your photos of the Scottish landscape bring back lovely memories from a trip some years ago when celebrating my birthday by hiking the green Scottish hills. Remember all those cute lambs all over, like tiny snow patches in the grass and the yellow bushes (broom?) growing along the hill sides. Thanks for sharing!/ Meggie

  4. You are giving me a hard time to choose one of your country side pictures as a wallpaper of the week on my computer. As for the raven: I’m fairly certain it’s a common or northern raven (Corvus Corax). It’s my choice for a FBoD.

  5. You can go over the limit any time that you want when they’re photos like these! The lambs are cute, the flowers and landscapes beautiful, as well as the birds, a great day.

  6. A splendid picture atop the blog,
    Great selection of views, I can see why you did not want to leave any of these out. Loved the lamb of course,

  7. As others have already noted, it’s no wonder you had trouble editing photos from this selection. I especially liked the paths up the hill and the lines/shadows in the photo of the soon-to-be-green trees. I’m looking forward to watching the transition of the lawn to a meadow.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your walk. The scenery is beautiful in your neck of the woods, and I’m always in awe of the distance you cover, both on bicycle and by foot. Really beautiful pictures!! Thank you for walking in spite of the rain… it paid off!

  9. Great picture of you cycling furiously up a steep hill. Loved going with you on your walk and have every sympathy with Mrs T and her feelings about reorganisation.

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