Staying in

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent visit to the very colourful Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park 2015 035I have been having a little trouble with my back for the past few days and so I was happy to let Mrs Tootlepedal go off to Edinburgh to commune with the WGSP by herself and to use the strong winds as an excuse for doing nothing much all day.

I spaced out the day by paying two visits for a little shopping at my local shop (150 yards away), doing the crossword, drinking some coffee, putting a week of the newspaper index into the database and mowing the middle lawn  very gently.

I filled some of the gaps in between these by looking out of the window.  There was a lot of action in the garden.  There were several blackbirds of both sexes busy pulling up worms and strutting about.

blackbirdsAnd when they weren’t doing that, they were chasing each other about furiously.

blackbirdsblackbirdsThe wood pigeons got into the act as well.

A face off
An attack

It was hard to tell which bird was going to make its move first.

Who will blink first?
Have at you!

The angriest bird though was a greenfinch…

greenfinch…which was so busy scaring everyone else off the feeder that it left without eating much itself.

I was looking at the posts for this time last year and it is obvious that the garden is far behind where we were then.  Only a few daffodils and tulips remain…

Daffodils and tulips…and very little has come up to take their place.  Last year we had azaleas, Icelandic poppies and potentillas out by this time but this year, we are still waiting.  All we have to show is a potential willow.

willowThe seed feeder has been found lying on the ground when we get up in the morning on a couple of occasions lately.  I wonder if this fellow is the possible wrecker.

jackdawI will have to tape the feeder in place if this goes on.

We got a bit of rain during the early afternoon…

goldfinch…just when I was thinking of going for a walk.  My legs were so twitchy that I gave up the idea of a walk and ran a bath and as I got into it, the sun came out.  Typical.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was beautiful but it was too late for me to go for a walk as I had to cook my tea so that I would be ready to go to Carlisle for our recorder group.  I enjoyed this nonchalant landing by a chaffinch as I cooked.

chaffinchMrs Tootlepedal got safely back from Edinburgh having taken Matilda to the swings while she was there and soon afterwards, Susan arrived to drive me into Carlisle for our recorders.  We spent the evening sorting out some pieces for a couple of ten minute spots we are going to play in a choir concert in Brampton in July,  It is always quite a fraught business to agree on pieces that we enjoy playing, think that the audience might enjoy and that we can play well enough to perform in public without having to practise too much but we managed it by the end of the evening.

My back was better by the end of a relaxing day and the wind has promised to relax a bit tomorrow as well so I am hoping to get out for a pedal.  Fingers crossed.

The flying bird of the day is a traditional chaffinch (with wings).

flying chaffinch

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20 thoughts on “Staying in

  1. The Isabella Plantation is quite a place!
    It seems odd that your plants are all so far behind when it seemed like your spring was going along well. Has it been cooler this year, or maybe unusually warm last year? That’s happening here right now.
    I hope your back has loosened up. Mine has been talking to me lately too.

    1. We had a mild winter and things were looking good but the weather has slammed the brakes on after a couple of promising days in April and things are in suspense at the moment.

  2. It’s spring there, that’s for sure, with the birds fighting over territories and the flowers blooming! Even if they are late, they’re beautiful. I hope that your back is feeling better soon.

  3. I enjoyed the shots of altercations between the birds! The flowers are very beautiful at Richmond Park and the willow shot is lovely – we don’t have those here. I’m glad your slower day helped your back and that you’re able to cycle tomorrow. 🙂

  4. What a bellicose collection of birds! I like the one-legged poses. Our gardens are behind as well, I think, after a deceptively early spring that was replaced by cold(er) weather. Sigh.

  5. We are about three weeks behind what we were this time last year too. I enjoyed the fighting birds and your captions and the close-up of the willow catkin is very good indeed.

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