A song and a smile

Today’s guest picture comes from Bruce who has just visited the new Devil’s Porridge visitor centre at Eastriggs.  It tells the story of the greatest factory on earth and the munitions workers who came to Gretna from throughout the Empire to support the war effort in the First World War.  The devil’s porridge was cordite.

devil's porridgeA very brief post today as we have visitors in and I am neglecting them while I write this.

The visitors:

Mrs Tootlepedal with her sister in law Frankie
Mrs Tootlepedal with her sister in law Frankie
Mike and Granny
Her brother Mike and their mother, Mauri

Mike and Frankie are going off to the north tomorrow and Granny is staying with us while they are gone.

The rest of the day can be briefly described.   The morning was spent tidying up for the visitors and staring out of the window between times.  I had no desire to go cycling because the wind was even stronger than usual.

The plum tree made a fine perch in the sunshine.

goldfinchchaffinchchaffinchSome birds left the tree to come to the feeder.

goldfinchAfter an early lunch, I got a lift from fellow member Jeremy to go to a singing day with our Carlisle choir.  A singing day is a four and half hour session in which detailed practice of some of our concert songs is mixed with sectional and small group sessions with a singing teacher.  Our excellent teacher gave the tenors and basses some very good posture, breathing and warm up work and then, when I was in with a small group of three, some individual pointers.

The whole things was both enjoyable and educational and a mark of how seriously our conductor takes his work with the choir.

Mrs Tootlepedal had prepared a feast for our visitors who had arrived while I was away singing, and this rounded off one of the days which are definitely on the credit side of the great ledger of life.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch.

flying goldfinch

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18 thoughts on “A song and a smile

  1. Loved all those perching birds in that handy plum tree. Sorry about the awful wind but glad about that splendid singing day. Your conductor sounds the absolute best. Hope you have some better weather while Mauri is staying.

  2. Lovely to see pictures of the smiling visitors. I know for sure they won’t be disappointed with the menu! Your “normal” main meals sound delicious enough! Nice to read that you had such a lovely singing session. That makes up somewhat for the windy weather I expect.

    1. Everybody is fed up to the back teeth with the continuing chilly windy weather. I will just have to bite the bullet and start cycling in bad conditions.

  3. Hooe weather will brighten up a bit for Mauri’s visit. Your choir rehearsal sounds very useful.

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