Into every life a drop of rain must fall

Today’s guest picture shows Matilda enjoying a train ride while returning from seeing her other grandparents in Cambridge.  It is planned that we shall see her visiting her great granny here at the weekend.

Matilda on a trainIt was a day of unpredictable and very heavy showers which made planning any cycle rides or walks very unattractive.  Instead, I waved goodbye to Frankie and Mike on their journey north while Mrs Tootlepedal, after providing us all with a good breakfast, went off to a church choir practice.

After she came back, I put in some time practising my flute and singing and some time staring out of the window.

A siskin in one of the sunny moments.
A goldfinch dogfight.

I made some soup for lunch and after the meal, took a walk round the very soggy garden in a dry moment.

The first rhododendron flower of the year.

The sound of bees made me look up to see that the berberis is flowering well.

berberisThis plant is a great favourite of the bees but none were to be seen where I could catch them today.

Since a walk looked to be doomed to end in a soaking, I peered at some of the mosses to be found in our own garden.

garden mossgarden mossgarden mossThere were plenty to be seen.

Then I crumbled a little bird feed and put it on the ground outside the window.  It drew in a blackbird first…

blackbird…but it was soon chased off by jackdaws…..

jackdaws…who in turn started to fight among themselves….

jackdaws…and in the end they were warned off by an even bigger bird.

The rook was too late though, as all the food had gone.

The feathers on the rook gleamed like metal armour in the sunshine.

rookIn order to entertain Granny and get some garden necessities, we went off in the car to visit a garden centre.  We drove down in sunshine but there were immense black clouds on the way back and we had to drive through a couple of really deep puddles, big enough almost to count as floods,  By good fortune though, we missed the worst of the actual rain and got home in good order.  Granny was very entertained by our beautiful scenery, the lack of traffic and the good Scottish weather.

In the early evening, my flute pupil Luke arrived and we practised some little duets that we are going to play in public in a fortnight.  Luke was sent off with a stern injunction to practise a little harder this week.  I am sure that he will and we can always squeeze in an extra practice session if we have to.

After tea, I went off to play trios with Mike and Isabel and although we had an enjoyable play, I came home with a stern injunction to myself to practice a bit harder.  I will try.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch in some light rain.


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25 thoughts on “Into every life a drop of rain must fall

  1. Oh, those stern injunctions to practice a little harder…the intention is always so heartfelt. I hope you can squeeze in enough practice so as to feel well prepared while still enjoying entertaining your guest. Matilda is absolutely gorgeous, as is the “black armour plating” rook close-up 🙂

    1. I have never been able to practise as much as I should even when I have had the time. I am not temperamentally suited to working hard without an immediate pay back.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if it only rained at night, and days were almost always sunny? Unfortunately, neither of us live in Camelot, and therefore we have to deal with the weather as it happens. You did very well once again!

    The WGSP is growing up fast!

    1. In recent years, the wind seems to have got a bit more persistent or perhaps I have got a bit older but either way, I am finding it quite hard to get on the bike at the moment if the gusts are above 20 mph.

  3. I like to see Matilda travelling in style. Sorry about your awful weather but glad you were able to get out for a bit and show us the mosses in your garden. The rook ‘armour’ made a very impressive photograph.

  4. How fast Matilda is growing. We look forward to seeing her at the weekend and we also have our two Newcastle Grandchildren arrive on Sunday for all of next week.

  5. Oh dear, the weather is not so good. I hope it improves again soon. I am glad Granny enjoyed the scenery anyway. Matilda is the most adorable poppet and seems like quite a character from what you’ve written in past posts. I loved the moss pictures and the altercations between the various black-coloured birds was entertaining too. Great daily post as always.

  6. Luckily, my garden is too small for the rooks that live in nearby trees and I rarely see a jackdaw. Great picture of the siskin, another bird I do not see here.

  7. I like the berberis photo and your selection of mosses is very attractive. If this damp cold weather continues for much longer all our gardens will be full of moss and nothing else.

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