Today’s guest picture comes from our visitor, Marianne and shows the river Cramond in Edinburgh on a rare sunny day recently.

River CramondWhen I woke up this morning, the wind had dropped, the sun was out, the sky was blue.  It was a day for cycling and I managed to make good use of as much of it as I had available.  I had an early breakfast, packed a banana into my new saddle bag and set off

garmin 23 May 15I left myself a bit of latitude as to the distance but set myself a minimum of thirty miles to take advantage of the good weather.  As time went by, it became obvious that my legs and I were singing off the same hymn sheet so I increased the target to 40 miles and managed to hit the distance exactly with only the smallest extra tour of the new town on my return to Langholm.

The route was largely flat and undemanding and in a helpful way, the light wind increased slightly when it was behind me in the closing stages and helped me whistle up the final two gentle hills in good order.  I didn’t take any pictures as I was concentrating on avoiding potholes in the scenic part of the trip rather than looking at the view or searching for interesting flowers in the verges.

I had just recovered when we were visited by Sandy and his friend Christine who were on their way to enjoy some of the artists’ studios in the town.  The studios are open to visitors over the bank holiday weekend as part of the ‘Spring Fling’, a region wide arts adventure.  With luck, I may be able to visit a studio or two on Monday.

The rest of the day was reserved for the visit of my older son Tony, his partner Marianne and her children Natasha and Dylan who were on a mission to see Granny.  They arrived at lunchtime and we spent the meal and the afternoon deep in conversation.  We did take time out for a walk round the block with Granny.

Tony, marianne, Dylan and Tash with MauriMauri was in good walking form and we went further this year than we did last year.  As you can see, the day stayed very sunny and warm throughout.  As we passed our neighbour Liz’s garden, she suggested that our younger visitors might like a go on the large trampoline she has for her grandson Ben, a competition grade trampolinist, to practice on.  Rather to my surprise, they took her at her word and enjoyed a vigorous but unskilled bounce about.

After more conversation, food and garden wandering, the visiting party left in the early evening.  There were the inevitable photographs of our visitors…

Dylan and Tash
Dylan and Tash, who have turned into two remarkably self assured and grown up young people.

…and photographs of photographers too.

Marianne and Mrs Tootlepedal
Marianne and Mrs Tootlepedal check to see that the results are good.

It had been a real pleasure to see them all.

During the day, I walked round the garden several times to see if the sun had done any good.  I was surprised to see that a few tulips are still going strong.

tulipstulipsMrs Tootlepedal is pleased with the way some bedding pansies that she purchased earlier in the year have come on. They are certainly colourful.

pansiespansiesI like the Welsh and Icelandic poppies because they give us colour in the garden right through the summer.

The Welsh poppies are growing through the slats of a bench.  The Icelandic poppy is the first of the year.
The Welsh poppies are growing through the slats of a bench. The Icelandic poppy is the first of the year.

Mrs Tootlepedal likes ferns and especially the shuttlecock ferns on the right in the picture below.

fernsThings were sticking their tongues out at me.

allium and rhododendronI continue to enjoy the seemingly infinite variety of the euphorbias in the garden.  This is the latest manifestation.

euphorbiaThe sun has brought out the Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) and it certainly stood out today.

Ornithogalum umbellatumThere seem to be quite a few frogs in the pond at the moment.  I don’t know whether these are new season frogs or old frogs that are too lazy to move on.

frogI spotted a hedge sparrow on a hedge.

hedge sparrowOwing to visitors’ cars in the drive and constant to-ing and fro-ing in and out of the garden, there wasn’t much opportunity to catch a flying bird.  This was the nearest I got.

sparrowSo instead of a flying bird of the day, I am offering two flying young people.


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22 thoughts on “Invasion

  1. I simply do not know how you fit so much into your day. You cycle, you entertain, you take wonderful pictures of the colourful flowers in your garden, you go walking with family and still manage to catch a gorgeous frog in its pond – wow!

  2. I’m glad to see that your new knee is playing a full and very active role in life, Tom. I hope you both live long and prosper. To make the most of life you need the will and mobility make the most of it. It also helps if you can manage to keep your marbles bag in good condition; it’s bad form to lose them through lack of maintenance. 😉

    1. The knee has turned out very well and if we get some decent weather, I hope to take it walking in the hills before too long. As to the marbles, I do my best to keep the mind on the go as much as the legs but it is very much in the lap of the gods.

  3. Lovely pictures of the family outing, and action on the trampoline. Enjoyed the beautiful photograph of the river Cramond.

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