Peely wally knees see the light

Today’s guest picture comes from my son Tony, who is having a well earned rest on Cyprus with Marianne.  There they need umbrellas to shelter them from the sun, a novel idea to us.

umbrellas in cyprusWe had a genuinely warm and pleasant day today which was a great treat.  I didn’t make the fullest outdoor use of it because much of the morning was spent being social indoors.  First Dropscone came round with some scones for coffee.  He has been beaten by the gravel on the back roads and has had to alter his usually immutable morning cycle route to avoid the worst patches.  He had already been out for 20 miles by the time he came to see me, putting me to shame.

To be fair, I had walked round the garden.  There is more to see every day just now.

The first peony is nearly out
The first iris is really out.
pink strawberries
Mrs Tootlepedal’s pink strawberries are looking very pink indeed
A very small rose
A very small rose has made an effort
bee on allium
What looks like a honey bee visits an allium
How can Mrs Tootlepedal think that these are dull?
azalea and pansy
A couple of show offs

Mrs Tootlepedal and I have been discussing whether things are blue or violet.  There is nor much doubt about a cornflower and a viola..

cornflower and viola
Blue and violet

…but a polemonium is not so clear.

Is that blue or violet?

After Dropscone left (with a little rhubarb to help us reduce our rhubarb mountain), I had time to watch the birds for a moment….


baby starling
A baby starling arrived and looked round hopefully. No parent came to feed it so it flew off again.

…before the minister arrived.  Scott’s  scone and coffee radar had misfired and Drospcone and I had finished everything off before he came but he took it very well.  He too had been out on his bike so I felt very badly about my lack of exercise. He has been pedalling a lot recently and is going to do a 100km sportive this weekend.  He should be ready for it.

When he left, I went to assist Mrs Tootlepedal who was clearing out some sickly privet in the back bed.  This involved a good deal of shredding and kept me busy until lunchtime.

Usually I find it hard to get out on the bike if I don’t get going in the morning but today I surprised myself a lot by finding myself in cycling gear soon after lunch and then actually getting the fairly speedy bike out and going off on a ride.  Scott, the minister, had told me that he had been round Bailliehill and Paddockhole on his morning ride so I resolved to do the same in the afternoon.

It was a lovely day for cycling and for the first time this year, I went out with only a single jersey on.  I even ventured to expose my new knee to the fresh air and put on a pair of shorts even more stylish than those worn by Stan Warwinka in Paris last week.

I soon passed one sign of the better weather.

silage cutting
A field being cut for silage

I stopped again for a drink and a banana when I reached the top of the climb after eleven miles.  I love this unfenced road snaking across the col between the Esk and the Water of Milk.  It is not very high up but there is a great feeling of being out in the hills as you cycle along it.

BailliehillKeen cycling fans may wonder why I need to stop to eat a banana and have a drink when cyclists eat and drink on the move all the time.  All I can say is that they have much better bike handling skills than me and if I tried to eat a banana while pedalling, I would probably end up in hospital.  I have never been able to ride a bike with ‘no hands’.

I didn’t stop for any more photographs as my legs began to get rather competitive and I pedalled round the 26 miles circular route in a time that made me feel quite cheerful.  My knee was a bit sore when I got home but it soon recovered.

I had enough energy left for another walk round the garden when I got back.

This hairy monster will soon turn into a glorious oriental poppy.
shuttlecock fern
The shuttlecock fern unfurls from inside.

The chimney under the feeder has been brightened up a lot recently.

chimneyThen I went in for some bird watching….

Baby sparrow
A baby sparrow’s prayer is answered.

…before joining Mrs Tootlepedal to watch part of a very entertaining Australian production of the Pirates of Penzance on DVD.

Then I had a shower, made some tasty cauliflower cheese for tea and went off to drive Susan to Carlisle for our weekly recorder group meeting.  Our plan to put in some serious work for a forthcoming concert was somewhat dented by the absence of one of our players on account of a family crisis but we had an enjoyable play  and some useful practice all the same.

We are promised an even warmer day tomorrow with even more sun and even less wind.  If that happens, I predict an early return of the stylish shorts.  Sunblock may be involved.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch diving for a perch.


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29 thoughts on “Peely wally knees see the light

  1. I’ve never seen pink flowered strawberries and didn’t know there was such a thing.
    My color blind helping software sees slate blue, medium steel blue, plum, medium purple, and thistle, so maybe the polemonium are blue with a hint of purple.
    I love the shot of the freshly cut field.

  2. Your flower photographs are always impressive but the colours today are even more vibrant than usual. I should have put my sunglasses on to view the post! Glorious colours. I can’t choose a favourite. I spent the day outside but kept trying to find shade as even though it’s winter here, the bright sun was hot and burning me. Certainly a contrast to the behaviour you would be doing – even in your summer!

    1. In spite of a good deal of moaning about the chilly weather, I am not at all a hot weather person myself and wouldn’t want to live any further south.

  3. Your flower pictures are so clear that I see the plants much better than I would with the naked eye, most enjoyable. Glad the cycling went so well.

  4. Seems the headless waiters don’t need shading from the sun.
    If the strawberry flowers are pink, what colour are the strawberry fruits?

  5. Very impressive pictures of the lovely colours in your garden.
    The bicycle ride along the unfenced road looked very inviting.

  6. I’m glad that you didn’t include a selfie showing your stylish cycling shorts. No offense intended, but ….

    I’d say that the polemonium is blue, but what difference does the exact shade make, it’s beautiful!

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