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Today’s guest picture, shot by my Newcastle correspondent’s husband Mario, shows a small fortune in guano being sat on by guillemots on the Farne Islands.

Farne islandsIt was a very middling sort of day today after a chilly night.  It was neither too hot nor too cold, there was neither sun nor rain, it didn’t tempt you out much but it didn’t make you want to stay in.

In the end, I stayed in to entertain Dropscone to coffee in the  morning, put on a jumper and did some gardening after that and then went for a short cycle ride in the afternoon.  All in all, I put a middling day to middling use.

Dropscone’s pleasure in his golf has been slightly dimmed  by an occasional outbreak of shanking, a condition where instead of going down the middle like it should, your ball shoots sharply off to the right and dives into the nearest bush, burn or bunker.  I was much afflicted by this myself and it is one of the reasons that I don’t much miss playing golf now that I have stopped.  He is soldiering bravely on.

I mixed my gardening with photography.

Poppies looking like over iced cakes.
Scotch Burnet roses in two colours
cornflower and poached egg
Two clumps that sound as though they should be edible: cornflower and poached egg

We have loud show offs….

pansy…and discreet delights.

astrantiaSome flowers are in a state of development.

Lupins never quite seem to get to the top before the bottom fades away but these are trying hard.
Almost prettier now than when it comes out.

Mrs Tootlepedal is in full planting out mode so I sieved a little compost as my contribution and it went to help 50 leeks on their way.  I also did some light mowing and helped straighten a wooden plank at the side of a raised bed which, like me, had collapsed a little with old age.

Then it was time for lunch.

It was rather a gloomy day as far as the light went and I didn’t spend much time looking out of the kitchen window.  The only bird picture from the morning was a blackbird who was watching me in the garden.

blackbirdIt is not that there is any lack of birds on the feeder…

busy feeder…because families of sparrows and starlings are eating me out of house and home.

In the afternoon, I had a cautious look at the weather forecast and ventured out for a familiar 22 mile ride to Gair and back.  In the event, conditions were very good for cycling with enough wind to make things interesting without being annoying and a perfect cycling temperature.

I took a few pictures with my phone as I went.

wauchope tree eating
The tree eaters have got more than a mile along the road now. 
The silverweed likes to grow as close to the road surface as it possible can
This abstract composition is a thistle. The verges are full of them just about to come out.
birds foot trefoil
There were a few patches of this very vivid birds foot trefoil on my route

On my way back, I passed Mrs Tootlepedal who was on a short pedalling excursion of her own.  I had time for a walk round the garden when I got home.  There was nothing outstanding but I liked the gentle colour of this comfrey..

comfrey…and a poppy which appeared to be being eaten by a savage hairy slug.

tulip emergingThe Rosa Moyesii has provided a blossom that can be seen from inside the garden now…

Rosa Moyesii
They just can’t help looking pretty

…and I couldn’t resist a second look at this morning’s pink rose.

Scotch Burnet roseThe evening was devoted to music.  First my flute pupil Luke came and we played some enjoyable duets and then after tea, I went off to play trios with Mike and Isabel. As usual, we had a most enjoyable time and if we started off playing a little more accurately than we finished, who can blame us.  Playing good music is hard work.

The flying bird of the day is one of those expensive sparrows.

flying sparrow

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29 thoughts on “A bit of everything

  1. Sorry to have lost touch a bit – off to Perth for a couple of days now to take a friend to eye appointments. She is flying down from Port Hedland so we are going to stay at a resort and drink wine. I will catch up when I get back as I always find your posts so invigorating!

  2. Wow, I’m so impressed by these flower shots. I particularly like the first picture with the close-ups of the centres. They are so beautiful!

  3. Oh my, all the flower photos are a real treat! The macros of the poppies – just WOW! But they all brightened my morning considerably and I’m so happy to see Mrs. T’s roses coming on.

  4. Some really lovely flower pictures. Glad you had an enjoyable ride and plenty of music as well.

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