A wild ride

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone and shows just how idyllic playing golf on the east coast of Scotland can be….if you choose the right day.

CraigielawIt was raining after breakfast so I postponed a planned pedal and this was a blessing in disguise as it enabled me to enjoy some of Dropscone’s excellent treacle scones when he came round for a cup of coffee.  He and his children are providing each other with mutual support but things have not been helped by the news that his late wife’s sister, who had been seriously ill for some time, had died today.  Shakespeare put his finger on it when he wrote, ‘When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions!’

A moment of peace and calm over coffee may not have been the worst thing for him.

As he left, the sun came out and I took a walk round the garden, feeling very fortunate in many ways.

campanula and feverfew
Campanula and feverfew
Two new clematis have come out
insects were buzzing about
Insects were buzzing about the garden enjoying the flowers as much as I was.
An allium has produced a mini onion among its spikes
And the peonies continue to entertain me

I peered round the back of the house to check on the Fuchsia there.

fuchsiaIt was sheltered from the wind today.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went out for a gentle pedal, keeping our eyes out for interesting wild flowers as we went.

It didn’t need much care and attention, as we were surrounded by colour all the way.  There have been no orchids along the Wauchope road so far this year but the signal must have gone out becuase today we had seen twenty before we had gone two miles.

orchid  and yellow flowerHowever, I just took a single picture of one of them and I have paired it with an interesting yellow spike we saw near by.  Suggestions as to what this might be would be welcome as my research has failed to come up with an answer.

As we got out into the country, the road became lined with thistles.

thistlesPocketcam didn’t like the dull light very much.  The effect was more vivid in real life.

As always, we liked the quiet roads and we were able to ignore the occasional spot of rain which threatened throughout the ride without ever coming to anything.

All the way round, we could see vetch in the verges and hedges.

VetchFrom time to time, other plants took centre stage for a moment,

giant leaves
These giant leaves were next to the bridge in Canonbie
A patch of the wall at Byreburnfoot
A patch of the wall at Byreburnfoot was dripping with these white flowers
bustop with hawkweed
This orange hawkweed was beside the bus stop at the Hollows
Knapweed at Hagg on Esk
Rosebay willow herb
Rosebay willow herb near Irvine House
Foxgloves on the old A7
Daisies at the end of the new A7

I could have stopped for many more but if I had stopped for them all, we would never have got round the sixteen miles before bedtime.

I changed the bird feeder today as the existing one had become clogged after heavy rain and this brought some birds back into the garden.

siskinsThere were quite a few siskins which were as argumentative as ever.

siskinsAfter our ride, we finished the day with a little tennis watching (brilliant), some light shopping (necessary) and a look at the highlights of the team time trial of the Tour (exciting).   We don’t watch a lot of sport on the telly but this month is full of good stuff.

I finally managed to catch a flying chaffinch of the day.

flying chaffinch

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28 thoughts on “A wild ride

  1. I am wearing out the adjective ‘wonderful’ on your post. It applies to the garden flowers, the wild flowers you saw on your cycle ride and the flying bird. You are just too clever with your cameras.

  2. A very interesting day. Great to see the return of the flying bird of the day together with so many wild flowers and such sharp close-ups of the flowers with insects.

  3. A splendid array of flowers, you are very observant as you walk and bicycle

    around. Sympathies to Dropscone on the death of his sister-in-law.

  4. Continued condolences to Dropscone.

    How interesting to see the different types of blooms from clematis. We have a clematis in our new landscaping and the blooms are completely different from the two photos posted here.

    The fuchsia is my favorite of today’s shots.

  5. Coffee, calm, peace and companionship – priceless. Our thoughts are with Dropscone and we too are wandering round our patch of earth feeling very fortunate – even if our plants aren’t a patch on the Tootlepedals 🙂

  6. The yellow spike is definitely Agrimony and the white flowers could be Wood Vetch but I’m not positive about that ID. I am glad you managed a flying bird of the day today – a fine one too.

  7. Sorry to hear about Dropscone’s sister-in-law. it is certainly a difficult time for him and family. I’ve been away and must catch on on your activities now. I love all the flower shots both wild and garden. I especially like the Fuchsia as they remind me of delicate decorative windchimes. I do hope your ankle heals completely soon. Wonderful flying bird shot too.

  8. Poor Dropscone, it never rains but it pours. He’s lucky to have good friends to cheer him up and support him. You cycle ride was very productive in the wallflower department. I think the large leaves you saw may have been butterbur.

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