Rain stopped play

Today’s guest picture, featuring a very fine 20cm diameter parasol mushroom growing in his garden, was sent to me all the way from Germany by Zyriacus.

ParasolHe also told me that the weather there has been very capricious, going from 40° one day to 10° two days later.  With that in mind, I will try not to complain too much about the miserable wet day we had here today.  At least it was quite a bit warmer than 10° and the wind had died down.

I put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database after breakfast and then had coffee with both Dropscone and Sandy.  Sandy has just  retired and we are teaching him how to be an old curmudgeon now that he has time on his hands.

There was plenty going on outside the window as we ate our scones (and a bonus slice of walnut loaf).

busy feeder
The rain had stopped for a moment.

After coffee, I had a look out of the kitchen window and saw a young blackbird in the plum tree.  There are always blackbirds about at the moment…

blackbird..but not often in the plum tree.

There was a moment around lunchtime when it looked as though it might be dry enough for a cycle ride in the afternoon but this was a false alarm and the rain came down so steadily as to put any thoughts of pedalling firmly to one side.

siskinsIn the end  I put a second week of the index into the database so at least the wet weather was useful in that respect. I also got some singing and flute practice done and perhaps I should be glad if it rains a bit more often.

I was amused by a blue tit which came to the feeder and wasn’t impressed by a siskin on the perch above and went up and told it so in no uncertain terms.

blue tit and siskinTo my surprise, the siskin blinked first and flew off.

We had a lot of siskin visitors today.

siskinsAs it was too wet for a walk or useful gardening, I waited for a gap between the showers and nipped out and picked a pound of strawberries and made a couple of pots of strawberry jam.  There hasn’t been enough sun to make the strawberries sweet but if they don’t get picked, they rot so jam is always a solution.  I squashed up a few gooseberries and got some juice from them to help the jam set.  We will see tomorrow if this scheme has worked.

After making the jam, another dry spell let me get out into the garden with a camera in hand.  The long grass on the front lawn made the best of a bad day.

wet grassThe delphiniums looked a little morose.

delphiniumsThere was colour to be found in sheltered spots.

moss rose and lilyclematisAnd surprisingly perhaps, there was colour in the vegetable garden too.

courgette and runner beanWe had turnip, courgette and broad beans from the garden for our tea tonight.

Although the flowers were very soggy, there were quite a few bees buzzing about when the rain stopped.

poppyMy flute pupil Luke was poorly and didn’t come for his lesson.  I hope he recovers promptly as he is playing on a concert on Wednesday.

I got some playing myself though as I went to play trios with Mike and Isabel after tea,  We attempted a couple of new and difficult pieces and struggled a bit but we finished up with some old favourites so we had an enjoyable time overall.

The laptop that I use to write these posts has had so much use that all the letters have been scrubbed off the keys and if it wasn’t for the handy spell checker telling me when I make typos, the wjole pistd mifgh liik loke thes.  Using a laptop also affects my posture badly and contributes to my sore joints.  On the advice of my daughter, I am getting a USB keyboard and I am going to use that with a proper monitor so I don’t have to look down all the time.

Research showed me that I could buy a really top notch, beautifully engineered keyboard for £120 plus VAT.  Further research lead to me actually buying two for £9 from another retailer.  There are times when quality comes at too high a price.

I am hoping that this will speed up my typing and let me get to bed earlier. My posts might be a little less disjointed if that happens.

For the second day running, a flying chaffinch obliged.  It wasn’t really a day for taking flying bird pictures though.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

20 thoughts on “Rain stopped play

  1. It is still very colorful where you are, and quite enjoyable to see the photos. It has been so hot and dry here many flowers have quit early. Our sunflowers have just started, as they seem to love the heat. The daylilies are attempting to hang on for a bit.

  2. That blue tit giving the siskin a talking to was quite amusing! My feeders have been completely taken over by grackles, there is a huge flock of them, and they wake me up much too early every morning with all their clatter if our bedroom window is open. They devour everything! No matter how much knocking I do on the window, they fly off but immediately come right back. They have obviously had a very productive breeding season as there are lots of young ones demanding to be fed.

  3. A soggy day… in Langholm Town…doesn’t seem ….to have got you down.
    I continue of course to be envious of all your siskins. One measly one here back in March, and no doubt not another until next March. If that.

  4. Since you’re an ex-teacher and an old curmudgeon, teaching Sandy how to become one should be a piece of cake! 😉 Sorry, I couldn’t resist that, it was meant in the spirit of fun.

    As always, great photos, I liked the blue tit telling off the siskin also.

  5. The grass photo is wonderful and I am very envious of your garden fresh vege. Here we are down to kale, sprouts and assorted foraged “greens”. I feel Sandy’s future looks rosy under your and Dropscone’s combined tutelage 🙂

  6. I very much enjoyed the interaction of the birds around the feeder as well as the lovely pictures of water drops. I always look forward to the surprises you deliver. I do hope the changes to your typing set up help. I use a lap top and find it quite painful on the neck joints. I don’t have the letters from the keys missing though which is a good thing as I am not a touch typist. I am a two finger typist who needs to search for the letters! 🙂

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