Fairwell, my lovely

As the Open Golf Tournament starts tomorrow at St Andrew’s, I thought that it would be appropriate to have another of Dropscone’s east coast golf course pictures as the guest offering today.

craigielawThe title of today’s post, which I stole from Raymond Chandler, explains why I had to get up at four o’clock this morning, a severe shock to my system.  Mrs Tootlepedal was going to Duxford near Cambridge to see her brother fly in a Spitfire.  In order to get there in time, she had to catch a very early train to London and as no buses run at that time in the morning, I drove her into Carlisle.

Her brother is a retired airline pilot and his family have given him a present of this flight in a two seater Spitfire and Mrs Tootlepedal wasn’t going to miss the event.  She is going on to stay with her mother for a few days while she is in the south.

If you have to drive to Carlisle at five o’clock in the morning, this was the day to do it.  It was a chilly 6°C when we set off but the sun was coming up as we went and the mist was rising from the river, giving our journey a most romantic feeling.

A Virgin Pendolino at Carlisle Station might not be quite as romantic as the Orient Express but it arrived on time and I waved Mrs Tootlepedal  on her way and drove back home.

I stopped twice on the way, once at the border to take a picture…..

Misty morning…and once at Broomholmshiels to fill the Moorland feeders, as the regular feeder filler was on holiday.  By this time, the mist had nearly gone.

Mist at the feedersI didn’t stop as there was not enough light to photograph birds.

When I got home, I put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive database and did the crossword.  When I looked at the clock, it was showing my normal breakfast time.  This getting up early certainly allows you to pack a lot into your day but unfortunately, I was so tired that I couldn’t make full use of it.

I did pick myself up though and went outside and mowed  the drying green and the grass round the greenhouse.

The poppies were looking very bright in the morning sun…

poppypoppy…and the Turk’s Cap lilies had their dancing shoes on.

Turks Cap lilySandy arrived for coffee with tales of an interesting fungus outbreak on a pile of wood chippings on the Castleholm which he had seen on an earlier walk.

We went to investigate.

It was an impressive outbreak.

I was taken on by a contrastingly delicate blackberry flower which I saw as we walked back to the car.

brambleI didn’t have much time to admire the fungus, as I had an appointment at the Health Centre for a routine jab.  That passed painlessly and I got home fully intending to go for a cycle ride in the afternoon.  I spent some time first looking at roses.

Some were rather crumpled after the wet weather
But others looked pretty good

I liked the small creamy yellow bud on a Goldfinch….

rose goldfinch…and  I am still trying to work out why they start yellow and end up white.

goldfinch roseIt’s hard to believe that they are the same rose.

As I had the mower out, I was tempted into mowing the front lawn after lunch and then I took the other mower out and mowed the middle lawn too.  It seemed a pity not to take advantage of a dry day to get things done.  Then I started to turn the compost from Bin B into Bin A.  Then I went in and instead of going for a bike ride myself, sat and let the professionals in the Tour de France do the pedalling for me.  It was very relaxing.

When the stage had finished, I went out again and finished turning the compost.  It is rotting down well and turning really helps the process to speed up.   Mrs Tootlepedal’s tidying up has produced a lot of garden material and I needed to get the bin turned before she comes back and starts filling the next one up.

She rang me up from Duxford to let me hear the roar of the Spitfire’s engine over her phone as her brother came down the runway to take off.  The sound took me instantly back to my childhood.  For one reason or another, the flight had been quite delayed and perhaps we didn’t need to have got up quite so early in the morning.

My new keyboard has arrived and I am using it to type this post.  It lets me sit in a better position than using the laptop does and it has the letters clearly marked on the keys which is very helpful but, sadly, I still seem to produce a lot of typos.   It will take time to get used to it.

I have also connected my laptop to a better screen so that I can look up rather than down when I am processing the pictures.

The screen is very good but saturates the colours on my photos a lot more than the laptop does so I have no idea what they will look like to the readers.  I would be very interested if you can see a difference from previous posts and, if you can see a difference, whether you think is an improvement or not.

The flying bird of the day is a sparrow.

flying sparrow

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35 thoughts on “Fairwell, my lovely

  1. Poor you getting up so very early. The Border picture with the mist rising was wonderful, I loved it. Hope you aren’t too sad with Mrs T so far away.

  2. Woo, hoo! Flight in a Spitfire, eh? My late father (radio engineer in WW2) would have been fascinated, and my still living 92-year-old neighbour over the road would be nostalgic. He was a jet pilot in the later years of the war. I can well understand that Mrs T didn’t want to miss her brother’s flight.

  3. I thought there was something different about the whole look of your blog, it’s much brighter. But I’m sure I missed the beginning of the transformation and have to go back. I like the misty pictures and the fungus.

  4. I think that all your photos look a touch better than usual. The same thing happened to me, I got a new computer and everything looked oversaturated, for a while, now I’m used to it.

    I would have gone with Mrs. T to see a spitfire in flight!

  5. I like the shots of the mist and wish it would happen here more often.
    The roses are beautiful too. The garden must smell heavenly right now.
    I don’t think the look of the blog has really changed but colorblindness might be the reason for that.

  6. I decided this morning that it was about time I caught up with your wonderful posts and now I have and am feeling that lovely vicarious sensation of contentment that your blog gives me. Thank you Tom.

  7. Carefully looking at the photographs a second time, I have to say there’s no difference today. They are sharp and clear and beautiful, just as they have been. My vision is very good, I’m so glad to say, and I get great pleasure from the lovely forms and colors. Couldn’t get any better!

  8. Personally, I think your misty photo at the border was worth the early start,,,but that’s easy for me to say 🙂 It sounds like a nice little adventure for Mrs Tootlepedal which give you a little time for compost catch-up. I am no where near astute enough to comment on photo quality, but noticed the FBotD looked almost 3D and as for the poppies…amazing.

  9. Very glad to hear you’ve improved your ergonomic set-up! Your photos look lovely and I don’t think I see a difference, colours and sharpness seem spot on.

  10. I am glad you have a better set-up for your computer work now as I know how uncomfortable it can be to use a lap top for extended periods. The misty shot is very atmospheric. I’m always impressed with your shots but now that you’ve brought my attention to it, I think there is some slight increase in vibrancy of the colours and perhaps they look a little sharper? Glad to hear the important compost work continues! 🙂

    1. It was fortunate in that respect at least that Mrs Tootlepedal went off for a trip. Otherwise I would have ended up with two bins both full and nowhere to turn them.

  11. Very fine colours, Glad the new set-up is helpful.
    Exciting news about Mrs T’s brother flying a spitfire and that she was able to be there for the occasion.
    Loved the rising mist pictures.

  12. That first poppy photo is a stunner, and I also love the shot of the Goldfinch in bud, How interesting how they change from yellow to white. I always enjoy your rose photos very much.

    I hope Mrs. T has a wonderful time on her little holiday and that you don’t feel too lonesome.

    Your mention of the big golf tournament reminded me that there is currently a big LPGA tournament going on near here – it used to be called the Jamie Farr classic – after the actor who is famous for his role in the M*A*S*H television series (and is from Toledo, Ohio). I had forgotten the tournament was going on and had to drive through that area past the golf course – needless to say it’s a good thing my car isn’t bugged because words came out of my mouth that should not have. Who knew so many people turned out to watch women’s golf?

  13. I’m not sure I notice a difference in the photos but I’ve experienced the same phenomenon of things looking different on different screens. Thankfully they look much the same on my iPad and my Mac although larger on the Mac of course. Loved the misty morning shots. As one who gets up at five fifteen almost every day I find early mornings bring some of the best photos. As for the spitfire flight, I’d love to have seen that, coming, as I do, from the home of the Spitfire. They were designed and built just a couple of miles from my house.

  14. I think Allan’s big monitor in his computer shows photos as lighter than on my Macbook, because when he sends me photos for the blog I often lighten them up. Then I check how they look on the WordPress app on my iPhone and I relieved to see they look ok. Yours looks just fine on today’s post, clear as crisp as always.

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