Don’t get around much anymore

Today’s guest picture shows an array of Mr Grumpy’s London cousins lining up on the banks of the Serpentine.  It was taken yesterday by my sister Mary. There is a flourishing herony in the park there.

Hyde park heronsIt didn’t matter what the weather was like here today as I wasn’t going anywhere so I was secretly pleased that it was another chilly and grey day until the late afternoon.  I wouldn’t have been happy to sit with my leg up if it had been a fine cycling day.

I was determined to give my knee a thorough rest and apart from going out to open the greenhouse and water the tomato plant and taking a picture of a new flower….

It is an Alstroemeria

…and some plums….

We have plenty of plums but will they ever ripen?

…I managed some pro resting for most of the day.  I limited my standing up and looking out of the kitchen window to a very brief spell but it did include a visit from a crow.

crowIt hung about until it was sure that I had taken a good picture and then flew off without further ado.  The goldfinches have found a better place to go as there are none in the garden at all just now and our feeders are visited by sparrows, siskins and chaffinches with the occasional greenfinch and blue tit for variety.

sparrowsI was fortunate to have chosen a day of rest which was well supplied with mindless sport to watch on the telly with the Tour de France, the Davis Cup and the Open Golf meaning that the only thing that got any exercise today was my channel changing finger.

The brighter weather in the afternoon did tempt me out into the garden just to stretch my legs a little and I took the opportunity to pick some gooseberries and make myself some stewed gooseberries for my tea.  They were delicious.

Our neighbours Liz and Ken came in for a stroll round the garden while I was outside.  I hope she will come and pick some gooseberries too as the bush is loaded down with far more than I can eat and it would be a pity to waste them.

We were looking at the ornamental clover when a bee interrupted us.

bee in cloverThis picture is therefore a visual demonstration of what “being in clover” might be like.

When they left, I stayed out long enough to catch a moss rose glowing gently…

moss rose…and the jungle lily reflecting back the sun.


The sun shone through a geranium.

Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that they are called Cranesbills because of the seed heads whihc you can see in the picture.

A lot of the hostas are in flower now.

Their flowers look better in a little low sunshine

I think that the garden looks at its best in a summer evening so I ventured out while I was in the middle of cooking my tea to try to show why.  I couldn’t do it justice but here’s a couple of views.

garden in eveninggarden in eveningFor all the flowers that are about, it is the restful greens of the shrubs, hedges and lawns that give it its tone.

The only bad thing about this very restful Sunday is that my knee was no better at the end of the day than it was at the start.  (For joint pain enthusiasts, I can report that it isn’t swollen, it isn’t hot and I can bend and straighten my leg freely without pain.  It is just mysteriously sore, especially when I walk but even when I am resting it.  I may have to seek medical advice if it doesn’t go away soon.)

I did get one flying bird but it was no better than my knee.

flying sparrow

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39 thoughts on “Don’t get around much anymore

  1. I had a lounger day today, but I did get down on the marsh for a couple of hours this afternoon. The cattle were bellowing because they have been refused access to Hoo Brook Pasture. They were standing a the gate dribbling in between bellows. One of the black cows came purposely up to me to complain. If I didn’t know better, I might have thought she was about to give me the horn.

  2. You haven’t specified, is it the new knee that’s bothering you, or the old one? I suppose that it makes no difference, pain is pain, and I hope that the resting today makes an improvement tomorrow.

    Despite not getting out much, you were still able to treat us to a fine selection of flowers.

  3. Rather a good-natured-looking Crow – it seems to be smiling. I agree with you about the garden looking good in the evening sunshine. Hope the knee pain goes away soon.

  4. The garden is beautiful and I agree with the importance of green. It gives the eye a place to rest after viewing the vivid colors of the flowers. White and gray are also used that way.
    Nice shot of the crow. They don’t usually sit still when a camera is pointed at them.

  5. The lineup of herons looks like a row of feathery bollards! The crow is very striking, as well. I hope you get that knee looked at and start the “repair” process soon.

  6. Mr. Grumpy’s London cousins look as if they are lined up for a swim race and about to dive in..

    The plums will ripen. It looks so green and cool over there! Back to 95 degree weather here, a hot dry wind and a return to the Devil’s blast furnace.

  7. Stewed gooseberries – bliss! Love the bee in the clover – who knew this common flower was such a complicated being. I’ll look at it with more respect from now on.
    Sending you knee-healing thoughts 🙂

  8. A visit to a good physiotherapist may be in order if the pain continues. I’m glad there is no swelling and heat though. Perhaps your muscles are tight in other areas higher up which is having repercussions for your knee. I do hope it improves.
    I’ve never seen a “flourishing herony” like that before. Neither have I tried eating gooseberries. In fact, I haven’t even seen them here. I will do some research to see if they are grown nearby.
    The garden does look a picture in the evening light. The greenery is indeed very restful and soothing. What a wonderful spot to have a cuppa. Excellent bee shot!

    1. I am not sure about the muscles. Self administered massage and gentle exercise would be my usual course of action but in this case, I can’t find any tight muscles to massage. I think it is something internal to the joint.

  9. So sorry that your knee is no better, seeking medical advice would be a good idea under the circs. I loved the posing crow and the garden in the evening light, very beautiful.

  10. Much sympathy for tricky knee. Jane’s suggestions about muscles sounds good. Physiotherapy can be useful for exact diagnosis as so many muscles can be the ones giving trouble but there is a wealth of physios and demos of exercises on YouTube (knee pain). Manu Kalia keeps me going but there are many others.

  11. Very sorry the old knee is mysteriously still so painful – perhaps some medical advice is called for.
    Great shot of being in clover!

  12. Sad to say, both my knees are doing what one of yours is. Having real trouble sitting, because they both ache. No problem, while I’m pedalling, but after kneeling down, getting up is a struggle. My doctor thinks it’s arthritis, and has given me an ibrupofen ointment to rub in? Doesn’t have much effect though. I like the thought of “healing thoughts”, coming my way, also, from centralohionature.

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