A family day

Today’s guest picture shows a fine butterfly taken just outside Charlottesville, VA.  It was sent to me by Dropscone’s niece Hilary, who remarked that judging by its diet, its ancestors probably came over from Scotland during the clearances.

Va butterflyIt was another cool, grey and occasionally showery day but it was made much brighter by a visit to Edinburgh to see Matilda, TWGT.

I had an early breakfast and filled the feeder…

busy feeder…which was immediately in demand and then set off.

My knee is no better for walking but stood up to the task of driving to Lockerbie very well.  My son Alistair kindly picked me up at the station in his car and so I arrived chez Matilda with no trouble at all.

We were soon joined by Matilda’s other grandparents as well as two of her aunts and a cousin so we sat down nine strong for lunch round Al and Clare’s commodious kitchen table.  As the conversation ebbed and flowed amid merry laughter, for all the world we looked liked one of those cheery commercials which show idealised Italian families having lunch in the sun while trying to sell us indifferent tomato sauces made in Wigan.  We had an excellent meal with no tomato sauce at all.

Matilda had to give me a considered stare from time to time if I got out of line….

Matilda…but otherwise lunch went well.

Now that Matilda can walk, she is only too eager to help around the house so after lunch she turned her hand to some reverse filing.

Matilda filingWhat fun it is to have a toddler.

After her grandparents, aunts and cousin had left, we down to Al and Clare’s garden.  It is the size of a pocket handkerchief but has space for some very pretty plants.

Clare's roseClare's plantClare's antirrhinumThere is also quite enough space for Matilda to feel thoughtful…

Matilda in the garden…or to be joyful.

Matilda in the gardenSadly, it was soon time for me to go home and Al very kindly drove me back to the station.  The train journeys both up and down were very painless as I bought a second newspaper on the way back and thus I had a crossword to do in each direction.  They were just hard eno9ugh to last most of the way but easy enough to  be done before I arrived.  Perfect entertainment as the view from the train window was not enticing.

It was still light enough for a quick stagger round the garden when I got home.

There is a surprising amount of plumbing in a lily.
Sweet William
Plenty of variety from a single Sweet William

It was not long before it was time to drive to Carlisle to pick up Mrs Tootlepedal at the station on her return from visiting her mother.  Once again, my knee didn’t mind the driving at all.  It was still grey and drizzly when her train arrived but she was surprisingly happy about this, as it had been far too hot for her liking in London where she had had lunch with our daughter.

It is very good to have her home again.

I managed to catch a flying siskin of a sort before I left in the morning.


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35 thoughts on “A family day

  1. Oh my – how much older Matilda looks now that she’s vertical! That’s a pretty hard stare she’s giving the camera in the first shot!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! Matilda is adorable, just like my granddaughter who is 14 months now. They are good at reversing anything!

  3. Sounds as if you had an enjoyable day that was also easy on the knee. Every time that you post photos of Matilda, I feel two years older than the last time since she is growing so fast, but she’s adorable!

  4. Great Scott … (origin of expression unknown) is that really Meadowsweet in the second photo of Matilda’s garden! It’s blossoming in my back yard right now … as a wildflower. Derry, NH was settled by Scotch Presbyterians in 1719; doubt there’s any connection, but it’s nice to think about.
    Matilda is a sweetie. What beautiful eyes!

  5. Judging by the stare Matilda is levelling at you, you were seriously stepping out of line 🙂 Sounds like a lovely day all round with Mrs T’s return being the icing on the cake.

  6. I loved seeing the pics of the adorable Matilda. What a character she is. I am glad she is able to keep the menfolk in line with that look. 😉 I remember well the fun of having a toddler about! It seems your daughter has inherited her parents green thumb. She has made good use of her tiny garden. The flowers are lovely.

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