A light snooze

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who took this picture of the Thames on her way to the National Film Theatre.

Earth hath not anything to show more fair??After the excitements of going to Edinburgh one day and touring the country the next for me, and visiting the south for a week and then touring the country for Mrs Tootlepedal, we found ourselves with an empty diary today and took advantage of this to do very little.

The weather helped by being even cooler than later and sprinkling us with a liberal helping of rain showers.

My knee is feeling a lot better after taking things very easily for several days so I did manage to give a much needed mow to the middle lawn without making it any worse.  This was the only noticeable exercise that I took all day but if the weather tomorrow is as benign as the forecast says that it will be, I shall give gentle cycling a go just to see what happens.

When Venetia was at the house yesterday, she was delighted to some siskins as she has had very few in her garden this year.  They were back in force today…

siskin…and as quarrelsome as ever.

siskinA chaffinch, seeing a vacancy at the feeder, sidled up cautiously.

chaffinchIn a brighter spell between showers, I walked round the garden.  One rose had survived with its head up.

Queen of Denmark rose
The Queen of Denmark rose above adversity.

I admired a yellow flower but was told off as it is loosestrife, a plant that Mrs Tootlepedal is trying to get rid off as it is a nuisance.

loosestrifeI added to my collection of honeysuckle pictures to record this one, growing against the house wall near the front gate.

honeysuckleThe weather is stopping the poppies looking their best and they are not opening out well at all.  This one shows the perils of displaying petals.

poppyMy favourite flower picture of the day were these potential tropaeolum or perennial nasturtium flowers flying in formation like the Red Arrows of the plant world.

tropaeolumOtherwise I did a little business, read some blogs, answered my correspondence, watched an exciting stage of the Tour de France and sat around a lot.

I did manage to put a week of the newspaper index into the database so I suppose it may be true that every cloud has a silver lining, at least up to a point.

When it came to tea time, I went out and dug up a potato from Mrs Tootlepedal’s potato patch and was pleased to find a good crop lurking under the earth.  They were of a reasonable size and  completely free of any slug damage.   I quickly converted several of them into a particularly tasty but basic corn beef hash.

The day ended with more sitting about as Sandy and I went to the Archive Centre and the computer was so mulish that I spent the best part of two hours staring at it in a sullen rage while it refused to respond to any of my perfectly reasonable requests to bring up a usable browser.  We required refreshment afterwards to return us to our usual equable state of mind.

I did find a co-operative flying bird today.

flying chaffinch

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

26 thoughts on “A light snooze

  1. Wonderful flying bird picture! I’m so glad to read that your knee continues to improve. I also had no idea that the nasturtium buds looked like that. How interesting.

  2. Some very fine flower close-ups, especially the honeysuckle. Sorry about the technical problems at the Archive Centre!

  3. It’s good to hear that your knee is doing better.

    Like you, I enjoy the loosestrife, but if it is as invasive as the purple loosestrife is here, then I can see why Mrs. T would want to eradicate it.

  4. I’d never seen loosestrife before and it looks very cheerful and pretty, but guess it falls into the “too much of a good thing” weed category, which is where we file oxalis.

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