A remarkably consistent day


Today’s guest picture is another from Bruce’s visit to Llangollen.  Since some readers enjoyed his picture of the train arriving yesterday, I thought that I would add this one of the train departing today.

llangollenIt was raining gently but persistently when we got up and it will be raining gently but persistently when we go to bed.  In between, it rained gently but persistently, the only variations being between sometimes very gently and occasionally quite hard.

The temperature was autumnal and the outlook is equally gloomy and wet.

It was not, in itself, a very cheerful day.

I put a week of the newspaper index into the archive database.  I have almost reached the end of 1890 but a cheerful data miner told me that the mining team are up to March 1891 already.  I know how that chap Sisyphus felt.

After coffee, the rain entered one of its gentle moments and  I spent some time staring at birds getting in the way of the raindrops.  Once again a positive blizzard of sparrows, with some siskins and a few chaffinches kept me busy refilling the feeder.

The rush led to some regrettable behaviour.

sparrow kicking
Sparrow showing no mercy
And a siskin in the same mode

You might think the next picture charming….

sparrows sharing perch…if you didn’t see the subsequent shoulder charge.

sparrows sharing perchThere was no shortage of flying birds this morning.

sparrow and chaffinchNote that the sparrows approach boldly while chaffinch is keeping a good look out for bullying sparrows.

siskinsThe siskins aren’t afraid of anyone (except other siskins).

The mature male sparrows are very colourful when their back feathers are to be seen…

male sparrows…but the others looked a bit pale and wan today.

sparrowsparrowAnd hungry.

The rain hit a moment when it looked tolerable enough for a walk and Mrs Tootlepedal and I were just going out when I remembered in the nick of time that I was supposed to be on duty in the tourist office.  I left Mrs Tootlepedal to enjoy the rain and scooted up to the High Street and arrived only a few minutes late.

I then spent the next two hours dealing with a single tourist who wasn’t needing any information.  I did have non-tourist visitors though; first Sandy for a chat, then the data miner to keep me up to the mark and finally the Cornet with his right and left hand men so I was honoured.

When I got home, I spent some time practising my singing and flute playing.  As I am not very methodical, I don’t know whether footling about can strictly be classified as practising but I am adept at fooling myself so I imagine in the face of the evidence that it must be doing me good.

My only venture into the garden into the rain didn’t encourage me to take pictures but I did find one jewel while I was there.

nasturtium with raindropMy flute pupil Luke came and we spent the time working on his fife playing as he he is intending to turn out with the Langholm Flute band on Thursday evening.  The Flute Band is a marching band which usually meets only twice a year, on the Thursday night before and the Friday morning of the Common Riding day and it would be fair to say that it is noted more for its enthusiasm than its musical polish.  It’s characteristic sound is always greeted very warmly by the townsfolk.

The flying bird of the day is unsurprisingly one of the sparrows.

flying sparrow

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32 thoughts on “A remarkably consistent day

  1. Very nice close shots of the sparrows. I do enjoy your phrasing: “some regrettable behaviour” indeed! (And don’t worry about Sisyphus – it could be worse – you could be Damocles!)

      1. Oh ick . . . statins. Here’s hoping for a VERY healthy thread holding that sword!

  2. I know now why you’ve been moaning about the weather there, one of our local meteorologists just had a summery of the weather in Scotland in a blog post because it’s been so cool and damp there. I’d be moaning too.

    I liked the birds, but this post seems a little incomplete without a flower or two, sorry. I’m sure that you’ll make up for it if you ever have some better weather there.

  3. I expect that it’s cooler up your way, but in all other respects, Somerset was in competition with that of Dumfriesshire yesterday, and it’s no better today.

  4. Oh dear, such gloomy weather you are having while here the winter days at present are very mild. 20C maximum and blue skies. The night dropped to 3C though but we are tucked up in bed then so it doesn’t matter. Your bird shots are always entertaining though so thank you for sharing them. It’s great to see these action shots. They are too quick for our eyes to see the detail of the way they move and this is one reason your shots are so interesting.

  5. I am so sorry your summer has been such a wash-out! It must seem worse when compared with the wonderful one you had last year. I liked the jewel you discovered in your garden and was amused by your rowdy birds.

      1. The Tories claim the credit for anything good whether it was up to them or not so it’s only fair that they should take the blame for the rotten stuff too.

  6. I do think the U.S. misses out, not having those wonderful trains for transportation.

    My, those sparrows need some lessons in manners, don’t they?! What a pushy bunch. That was a fabulous “gem” you found when you ventured into the garden!

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