A day of rest


Today’s guest picture shows a firework display at Glastonbury Abbey which my Somerset correspondent Venetia enjoyed whether she wanted to or not.  The picture was taken from her kitchen.

fireworksAfter our brief but warmly welcomed spell of good weather, we woke up to find wind and rain again this morning so while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing with the church choir, I stayed in and put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database.  In a moment of good IT housekeeping, I also made a  back up of the 70,000 plus entries, something that I should do more often (and in more different places).

After Mrs Tootlepedal returned, we went off and did a little shopping and then had an early lunch.

The weather cleared up a little and over lunch, I peered out of the kitchen window once or twice.

sparrow and chaffinch
Two studies in concentration
busy feeder
I wasn’t the only one having lunch

I was very pleased to manage to be at the window at the same time as an infrequent visit from a great tit.

great titAfter lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal once again picked up her tools and set about improving one of the flower beds.  As this involved some very heavy work digging out a campanula which had got too big for its boots, I kept myself busy by carting off the stems and shredding them.   I always leave the heavy work to Mrs Tootlepedal.

As usual, I popped about taking pictures too. I tried to take some shots of the ‘bigger picture’ today.

phloxnasturtiums and rambler roseschimney and sedumdahlia and alstroemeriaTwo flowers that have thrived on the damp, cool days have been the lilies and hostas.  I don’t think that I have ever seen the hosta flowers looking so good.

lilies and hostasAfter I had shredded a mountain of debris from the flower bed improvements, I sieved a little compost.  I have nearly sieved all of Bin D now (the bits that don’t go through the sieve get returned to Bin C) and I will soon be ready to turn the other bins in the chain.

It was dry enough by now to mow the middle lawn….

middle lawn…and you will see how carefully I avoided those dead straight rows which are the mark of a repressed and authoritarian mind.

With expert guidance from Mrs Tootlepedal, I planted some of the wild flowers that we were given by our friend Jenny into the front lawn.  The ‘wild’ areas are beginning to take a bit of shape after a slow start but it looks as though they are going to need quite a bit of work.  I am not taking pictures of them at the moment as they just look tatty.

I couldn’t go past the roses without a shot or two.

lilian Austin Crown Princess
The Crown Princess looking well, Lilian Austin looking a bit sad.

The first cosmos has come out and here it is with a darkly handsome poppy.

cosmos poppyOften when you look at a picture on the computer, you see things which you didn’t notice at the time of shooting.  Here are a dahlia and calendula, each with added insect(s).

dahlia calendulaThere is a new clematis, winding through one of the philadelphus bushes….

clematis…which makes nine in flower at the moment.

The garden was full of the buzz of insects in the afternoon, the privet and buddleia being the chief attractions.

buddleia privetJust before I went back in, I took yet another look at the tropaeolum.  It would be my favourite red flower….

tropaeolum…if it wasn’t for the fuchsia which has finally come out at last.

fuschsiaMy legs seem to have coped with the 30 mile pedal and the two and a half mile walk of the last two days without any ill effects so I am hoping for some fine weather next week to give me a chance for a longer cycle ride.  I enjoyed my restful day today.  Mrs Tootlepedal though is feeling quite tired from all her gardening and who can blame her.

The last of the contributors to our recent photo exhibition at The Hub in Eskdalemuir came round to collect his pictures and was delighted to find that he had sold three of them.  Four of the exhibitors had sold several pictures each (even I sold one) and we felt that it had been a really good idea to take up their offer.  If all goes well, we will certainly do it again next year.  It is satisfying to have one’s work appreciated.

The flying bird of the day is a standard chaffinch.

flying chaffinch

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24 thoughts on “A day of rest

  1. It might make those of us who are merely human gardeners, unlike Mrs. T., feel better to see a photo of something tatty in your garden. I say, bring on the wildflower photos!

    The Crown Princess rose is a very dense flower – lovely.

  2. The insects in the dahlia and calendula are certainly a bonus. I love the rich colours of those flowers. I’m always quite eager to put my photos on the computer to see what I may have accidentally captured. The bee pictures are delightfully fuzzy. Another excellent collection, Tom. I’m glad the legs are coping well with the extra cycling and walking. Yes, I can see you are quite rebellious in your mowing techniques… 😉

  3. Well done for selling a photograph and for managing your cycling/walking so well that you are able to ‘up your game’. I loved the great tit picture as well as the fuchsia, my favourite flower.

    1. She does. And I can say from experience that it’s not surprising that the photos sold, though my own favourite by Mr T was not snapped up. (Hope you don’t mind my butting in Tom.)

  4. Thank-you for giving me a giggle today! I am so impressed by all the beautiful flowers you have growing so healthily in your garden. Some flowers really do prefer cooler damper summers and some like the fuchsia like a bit of warmth and sunshine. I think Mrs T has a good mix. I look forward to seeing the wildflower area. I can understand you not wanting to unveil it before it is ready. These areas do tend to look sad at first.

  5. Congrats on the photo sale. I agree with the desire to see something tatty 😉 Do you ever back up your blog? I don’t know how, and would like to trust that WordPress will never fail, but I wonder if we are “supposed” to.

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