Summer day

It was a lovely day in Edinburgh today and Mrs Tootlepedal’s guest picture of the day shows TWGT on Portobello promenade beside the sea.

matilda at PortobelloFor some reason, I felt a touch weary this morning so I let Mrs Tootlepedal go off to Edinburgh by herself.

Because there wasn’t a chilly wind blowing, this felt like the best morning of the year and certainly, the roses were enjoying life.

Lilian Austin, Crown Princess Margareta and the Wren
The Queen of Denmark looking very regal

In spite of the beautiful morning, I started the day by putting a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database as all this cycling has made me slip behind schedule once again.  I had just finished when Dropscone appeared, bearing scones to go with a cup of coffee or two.

He was in cheery mood as his golf game has greatly improved and he has booked a short holiday to go and walk up Ben Nevis.

I had sent a text to Sandy to see what he was up to and he replied that he was in Liverpool and could I fill the feeders for him so after coffee, I got out the slow bike and pedalled the two and a half miles up to the bird feeders.

This was my third visit as a fill-in feeder filler in five days and I feel that I am almost getting to know the birds by name.  It was worth the trip though.

Glorious summer at last

The usual suspects were on hand once I had got ensconced in the hide.

woodpeckerchaffinch…but there were some less frequent photo subjects too.  A blackbird and a wren visited the cages.

blackbird and wren
The wren was too quick for me and this was the best shot I could get

The highlight of the visit though was a brief glimpse of a willow warbler.  This was only the third time that I have knowingly seen one.

Willow warbler
It was sharp enough to catch an insect between shots

I had to look this one up when I got home to check and it says in my big book of birds that it easy to confuse the willow warbler with the chiffchaff but I think that I am right.

An umbellifera in front of the hide kept me entertained too.

A different insect every minute

I looked at another one when I went outside.

Even without insects they are beautiful…
…and the insects think so too.

On my way home, the Esk looked so inviting that I stopped to take a picture or two.

Skippers Brig
The standard view of Skippers Brig
Skippers Brig
Stepping back a bit
Skippers Brig
And a bit more

I couldn’t step back any more without falling in the water.

When I got home, it was lunch time. As I had made such a mess of my feeding arrangements while cycling yesterday, I thought I better have some oily fish to improve my brain so I had sardines on toast and very good they were too.

After lunch, I made several forays into the garden in between coming back in and sitting down for a rest.  While I was out there, I turned more of compost Bin C into Bin D (I am about half done) and mowed every blade of grass in the garden that I could see.  I also picked a few more blackcurrants.  I am freezing them in small batches so that I don’t have to pick the whole bush in one go.

When I was inside, I spent a little time looking out of the kitchen window and to make up for yesterday’s lack of a flying bird here are three to go on with today.

flying chaffinchesI enjoyed watching a siskin standing in vain on the back of a sparrow.

siskin trampling The sparrow simply ignored the siskin and after a few seconds, the siskin flew off in disgust.

We had several visits from a bad tempered pigeon which chased off any other pigeons as soon as they arrived.

pigeonMy final visit to the garden gave me the opportunity to catch these rowan berries ripening above the compost bins.

rowanThe safe arrival home of Mrs Tootlepedal made a good afternoon just perfect.

In the evening, I went up to the Archive Centre to do a little necessary housekeeping but in the absence of Sandy, I came home to put another week of the index into the database.

We are promised rain tomorrow but summer has been very welcome while it lasted.

To make up for yesterday’s lapse, here are two contrasting flying birds of the day, one from the morning…

flying chaffinch…and one from the afternoon.

flying siskin

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41 thoughts on “Summer day

  1. A great selection of images from a wonderful summer’s day. The Esk certainly does look inviting. Congratulations on not only seeing the willow warbler but capturing some shots of it as well. I am sure there will be more summer to come. 🙂

  2. Your roses are amazing. The photos of the Esk are super. Look forward to your post each day.

  3. I’m glad that you’re finally seeing some decent weather. it looks like it was a beautiful day.
    I like the shots of the goldenrod and the insects, and the river views are like paintings.
    Matilda looks like she was toddling off to do some shopping.

  4. Clearly you should add paddling to tootling and pedaling, as those bridge pictures just kept getting better the further back you went!

    I would love to see a picture of a chiffchaff, if ever you were to see one, as I’d never heard the name before and am intrigued. Then again, I imagine it looks much like the warbler, doesn’t it?

  5. Sorry but not surprised that you were a bit tired today but the photographs you took in the garden and round about were a delight to enjoy as a result. Skippers Brig was a pleasure to look at.

  6. The Queen of Denmark rose is gorgeous. I do wish I could smell them. Rose perfume is still my favourite. I’m a little old fashioned. Do your rose varieties still have the strong fragrances that I remember from traditional roses in my childhood? It is difficult to find roses here that have a perfume these days, especially cut flowers. I particularly liked the beautiful bridge images and your flying birds shots are always a delight. I think your blog is the only place I have seen such a variety of flying positions.

    1. Mrs Tootlepedal is too fine to bother about sharpness in a photo, subject matter is all. Also her phone is not brilliant being rather old fashioned.

  7. Amazing what looking a little closer or stepping back can reveal. That pigeon just oozes discontented martyr…it’s white knuckled grip on its chosen perch is a definite giveaway.

  8. You got some fabulous close up shots, but I must admit, the photo of TWGT by Mrs T captures first prize today. Naturally the subject matter takes the win, but the lighting and colors really caught my eye. Well done to Mrs. T !

  9. I am so surprised to see a wren at a feeder! Congratulations on managing to get a photograph of it. The roses, the views of the bridge and the flying chaffinch take the prize.

  10. Wonderful photos especially the roses and the flying birds. Particularly liked Mrs T’s photo too very impressionistic…make a lovely painting! Sun shining here today …please let it last for us all to say…summer was ‘ere!

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