Three carrots

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park by my friend Venetia.  The park has a lot of water in it.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic ParkMy get up and go took some finding this morning but it eventually emerged only to be immediately discouraged by some threatening rain drops.  In the end though, it laughed at a few rain drops and set out for a gentle pedal taking me with it.

It continued to rain but in such a desultory way that there was no danger of getting wet and before I had got home, it had stopped completely.  I had intended to do a few leisurely miles but I was overtaken by a couple of young chaps after three miles.  They were pedalling along in such a relaxed fashion while chatting away that my legs were affronted by the ease with which they had passed me and encouraged me to make an effort to keep up with them.

Three miles later they were still just in sight when they turned off my route.  My legs were in fine form by this time though and kept on pedalling whether I wanted then to or not and I got to Paddockhole, my turning point at just over ten miles, in a very reasonable time.

I turned for home with a light breeze in my face and with every intention of relaxation when I was passed again, this time by a couple from Langholm.  Once again my legs got the better of my good sense and I tried to keep them in sight for as long as possible.  I couldn’t keep up with them but they were still in sight eight miles later.

The result of this senseless rushing about with no stopping for photos was a very respectable (for me) average speed of 15 mph, though I had to sprint along Henry Street flat out to knock the average up that vital last tenth of an mph before I stopped.

Mrs Tootlepedal was busy in the garden….

heap of branches
Heaps like this appear all the time, ready for shredding.

…so I helped where I could.  In between times I mowed the middle lawn and looked at a flower or two.  There are new ones…

orange crocosmia and Michaelmas daisies
Orange crocosmia and Michaelmas daisies

…and long standing old friends.

These geraniums have been going for months

I took a close look at some unfolding phlox….

phlox…and some elegant dill.

dillThe apples are looking better all the time.

applesMrs Tootlepedal took a water lily out of our overcrowded pond and out neighbour Kenny planted it in the dam behind our house.  It will be interesting to see if it can survive in the flowing water there.

Somehow, the afternoon slipped away between gardening and the occasional sit down to do the crossword and in the early evening, Mrs Tootlepedal suggested a short cycle ride round Potholm.  I was determined to take a picture or two this time.

We followed the trail of the lonesome pine…

lonesome pine….and while I stopped to record one of my favourite views, Mrs Tootlepedal sped on ahead.

PotholmI stopped again at Potholm to take a view from the bridge….

Potholm Bridge…and once again, Mrs Tootlepedal sped on ahead.

I made one last stop to capture the Esk below the road to the Breckonwrae…..

Esk…and you’ve guessed it.

BreckonwraeIt is only a five mile ride but it offers a wide variety of views as you go along.  This was the third carrot of the day.

We stopped once more when we met a friend trying out her new electric bicycle.  This was her first go on it and she was very pleased with the way it had floated up the first hill that she had met.  I have my eye on one of these for when the time comes.

After tea, the sun came out for a while but this was a false dawn, or rather a false evening, because not long afterwards, we were subjected to thunder and lightning with heavy rain.  Luckily this seems to have passed over as I write this and we are promised some sunshine tomorrow.  This will be very welcome.

I have just heard another roll of thunder in the distance so I will sign off while the internet is still working with a customary flying bird.

flying chaffinch

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35 thoughts on “Three carrots

  1. A bit worried by the way the fruits are weighing down the still very spindly branches of my young apple tree today, I hoped one might fall off in my hand. One did, and it turned out to be sharp and delicious. James Grieve.

  2. Looks like a good apple crop! The flying bird reminds me of the little one we rescued yesterday. A sparrow flew into a window, and the cat cats pointed out where he fell into the garden just outside. All too curious about something on the ground! I placed him in a box on the porch in the shade to recover. Quite dazed, but seemed alright. By late afternoon he was able to fly off.

  3. That is a very respectable average cycling speed. I’d be very pleased with it myself. Well done. The scenes on the Trail of the Lonesome Pine look very pretty which suits the rather romantic name of it I think. Your apples are also very impressive. An excellent flying bird to finish up with. I wish you a sunny day tomorrow for your legs to have their own mind again. 🙂

  4. Glad it was a three carrot day – or 3 carat?
    A speedy ride indeed. How you had enough energy for all your other activities I do not know! Lovely river views.

    1. I think it was the last and slowest pedal that might have been to blame as the track was very bumpy and might have set my joints off. I don’t have any suspension on the slow bike.

  5. By the way, as a child camping with my parents, I often heard my dad sing a campfire song called Twilight on the Trail that ended
    “When it’s twilight on the trail,
    And my voice is still,
    Please plant this heart of mine
    Underneath the lonesome pine on the hill”

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