Thwarted dream

Statues Bridge Derby

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew and shows the River Derwent at Derby on a very, very calm day.

Statues Bridge DerbyThe forecast was for a warm and sunny day and I had a dream of what I might do on such an unusual day.  Sadly the dream was dashed as soon as I woke up.  It was not the weather that was disappointing.  Indeed it was probably the best day of the whole year.  It was my ability to make any good use of it that had vanished as almost every joint in my body was aching when I got up.

There was no obvious reason for this and I didn’t feel ill in any way but I did feel sore.  I faced up to this misfortune bravely and didn’t moan for more than fifty minutes in any given hour for the rest of the day.  As a result there is not much to write about the day at all as it consisted for the most part of going out into the garden to enjoy the warm weather for a short while and then going back in again to sit down and hope that things got better.

I took Pocketcam with me on my excursions into the garden of course.

I met beauty and the beast.

The fresh poppies were beautiful
slug and lords and ladies
Not so pretty were a  visiting slug and Lords and Ladies which I find colourful enough but very unattractive.

There was more beauty than beast about though.

sweet pea and Japanese anemone
A lofty sweet pea and a Japanese anemone

And some of the beasts were very handsome.

Astrantia and friends

As I couldn’t hold up the big camera, I set it up on a tripod at the kitchen window but it was hard to get it set to catch flying birds when the light was right….

flying sparrowSometimes too much light is a problem.  Still I did get one picture that I was pleased with for the translucent wing feathers..

flying sparrowLuckily, there was the athletics world championships on the telly to take my mind off my troubles.  Mrs Tootlepedal went off for a cycle ride after lunch, by which time the wind had become very strong.  She enjoyed being blown up the hills on the way out to Westwater but she was not so taken with having to pedal quite hard to down the hills on the way back.

By the early evening, my knees had settled down enough to encourage me to go out for a short and very slow walk round Gaskells.  It was such an outstandingly pleasant day that not to go out at all would have been a crime.

Pool Corner
Pool Corner was well sheltered from the strong gusts of wind.

I kept an eye out for fungi on my way and spotted one or two.

fungusfungusfungusThe last picture shows what a difference the light makes.  They are the same sorts of fungus just a few feet apart but one lot was on one side of a tree and the other was on the other.

I walked through shady dells….

Gaskells…and along green paths..

Gaskells…until I came out onto the Stubholm and one of my favourite views.

StubholmI walked gingerly down the steps to the park where I was tempted to try a black and white photograph.

Langholm Church…but took a proper picture of the Kirk Brig as I crossed the Wauchope just to show what a lovely day it was.

Kirk BrigWhen I got back, Mrs Tootlepedal kindly made the tea and that rounded off a seriously underused lovely day.  I am hoping the aching joints disappear in the night as suddenly and mysteriously as they came.  I would be keeping my fingers crossed if they didn’t hurt when I cross them.

The flying bird of the day must be regarded sympathetically as it was the best I could do.

flying sparrow

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38 thoughts on “Thwarted dream

  1. Will keep fingers crossed for a return to good health tomorrow, however, staying close to home resulted in super ‘local’ photos. Take care.

  2. That is frustrating. Coming along ten years behind you, I am already starting to look back wistfully on the un-achy days of youth and early middle age! I am glad you got a good walk in and gleaned so many lovely photos.

    1. I have to look a long way back as I injured my back in the late 1970s and even after a back operation in the early 1908s, I have had to be careful.

  3. P.S. Allan had to cancel a fun boat trip this evening because of a bad back. It would have been a guided tour with lots of information about birds and nature and history of Lewis and Clark. 😦

  4. It’s a shame that your joints were giving you trouble on such a nice day. Still, from the photos that you posted, one would never suspect that so many good photos could have been shot in such a short time. I’ll bet that Mrs. T is glad that you limited your moaning to only 50 minutes per hour.

  5. I wondered after reading yesterday’s post if you might be a little achy today. I’m sorry that premonition came true.
    You still got to go outside and see some wonderful sights though. I like the slug and the multi colored bracket fungi. I think it might be a red banded polypore (Fomitopsis pinicola.)

  6. Good luck with the joints. I’m feeling a bit smug at the moment as I’ve been given anti-inflammatories for an arthritic finger (don’t laugh!) and am feeling years younger as they’ve cleared up all my various aches and pains.

  7. Sorry about your aching joints and hope they are better after an easy day. I loved the photograph of pool corner and you had some splendid bird shots.

  8. What a nasty shock. I am so sorry about your sore joints. You did very well to get out for a walk in the circumstances, and took some fine shots along the way.

  9. Ahhhh . . . the mysterious arrival of random joint pain. My daily gym class is largely comprised of retired women, and our conversation re. “what’s aching today” is all too regular! Such are the rewards of anno domini, I fear.

    Hope tomorrow’s better.

  10. I’m so sorry about the aching joints. I came down with the winter flu yesterday so I’m a bit grumpier than usual. 🙂
    It certainly looked like a beautiful day. The flower photographs are full of light, colour and are very sharp. I know the slugs aren’t great for the garden but I loved the pic. The reflections in the water at Pool Corner are lovely and I always enjoy the bridge shots. Thank you, Tom.

  11. you picture of Pool Corner is lovely, like a painting. I love the views from your walk. I’m also taken with your slug; ours always seem to be plain brownish-gray, I like the mottling. Hope your joints are improving rapidly.

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