All change

Regent's park

Today’s guest picture shows a quiet corner of Regent’s Park in London and was taken by my sister Mary who was probably coming back from playing tennis in the Park.

Regent's parkWe had another morning of strong winds and violent showers so it was lucky that I got up late and had an entertaining crossword to help me pass the time.  Like yesterday, the forecast promised better weather in the afternoon and unlike yesterday, it was right.

I put a rain jacket on just in case and went out to do battle with the brisk winds on my fairly speedy bike.  I didn’t have any faith that we were.’t going to get another heavy shower so I settled for a trip to Wauchope School and back done three times.  This gave me twenty miles with regular breaks from bashing my head against the wind.

When I got back, Mrs Tootlepedal was bitten by the bicycling bug and set off herself on a hilly ten mile circular route and I took a picture or two in the garden…

The clematis are among the flowers that have enjoyed the weather.
The sunflowers are attracting friends
And the poppies are doing the best that they can
Crocosmia beside the dam

…and then went for a walk.  I am trying to mix walking and cycling to keep my legs as well stretched and exercised as possible.

I walked through the park….

park bench
A park bench with own swimming pool

….and along the Murtholm, which was looking gorgeous in the sunshine….

The grass is growing again after its recent haircut.

…but not without some sogginess.

There was enough water on one field to attract two herons.

There were less wild  flowers and more seed heads about but still some colour to be seen…

seed head and geranium…though the flower spikes are getting very near the top.

musk and willow herbI crossed Skippers Bridge and thought that I could see the first signs of the leaves turning in the trees along the river bank.

River esk treesThere was the usual natural graffiti on the parapet….

Skippers bridge…and some wild and garden flowers to cheer me up as I walked along the road back to the town.

buddleia and umbelliferaI saw two lots of fungus on my walk, one set around the trunk of a growing tree on my way out and one round a dead tree stump on my way back.

fungusI stopped at the Co-op to pick up some milk as I still haven’t got fully organised in my milk buying habits since our milkman gave up delivering to our doorstep and we keep running short.

I was nearly home when I met a new acquaintance sharing my path.

emperor moth caterpillarYou can see where illustrators of science fiction books get their inspiration from.  I think, from peering about on the internet, that this is an emperor moth caterpillar but I am open to better ideas.

By the time that I got home, Mrs Tootlepedal had successfully conquered wind and hills and was there before me.  I suspect that she had done more climbing in her ten miles than I had done in my twenty.

Mrs Tootlepedal is eating bucket loads of veg from the garden with her healthy evening meals just now and I used our own potatoes in a feta, tomato and potato bake, garnished with two sorts of green beans.  I would like to have used our own tomatoes but the crop this year has been terrible.  We are fortunate though to have a good commercial grower only ten miles away.

I was also able to have some raspberries from the garden with a drop of ice cream for my pudding, not necessarily very healthy but jolly tasty.

Because of the bad weather in the morning and the activity in the afternoon, I didn’t spend much time looking out of the kitchen window but I did see a male chaffinch casually standing on the back of a female until she made way for him at the feeder.

chaffinchEven a siskin was shocked by this ungentlemanly behaviour.

My flying bird of the day got overtaken.

flying chaffinch

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28 thoughts on “All change

  1. That is some caterpillar! Must be the model for a Sci movie I saw as a youngster.
    A thunderstorm came through about 3:30 AM, and brought some real rain. It is mostly cloudy with a nice play of shadows and light when the sun does emerge. More rain may come through tonight. It is in the high 60s, with a cool breeze at this time. For now, the air is clean smelling, washed free of dust and smoke from forest fires.

  2. I can’t help you to ID the caterpillar, but it sure is beautiful, as are all the flowers. The view of the river taken from Skippers bridge is one of the few that I’ve seen on your blog that looks like it could have been taken in Michigan.

  3. I also think it’s an Emperor moth caterpillar – what a wonderful find. I am sorry you continue to have such a lot of rain – I am glad today was dry, though!

  4. That’s a beautiful caterpillar and well photographed. With all those home grown veg and fruit and the cycling and walking you are certainly a good example of healthy living. Looks like that first fungus may be tasty for some creature if those are bite marks. I don’t often see fungi eaten like that here. Beautiful flower shots again and it’s always lovely to see your birds. It’s a little too quiet in my garden these days thanks to numerous predators – mainly a furry ginger one.

  5. I am sure your raspberries were much sweeter than some I bought recently.
    Great caterpillar shot as others have said.

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