A pedal and a tootle (and a walk)

Threave gardens

Today’s guest picture shows a fine burst of wild flowers at Threave Gardens.  It was sent to me by my friend Sue, who took some time off from turning her compost to visit this National Trust property not far from Castle Douglas.

Threave gardensWe had another fine day today but as I had had a rather sleepless night, it took me quite a long time to make the best of it.  I was still in my dressing gown when Scott, the minister,  arrived on his bike wondering if I was thinking about a pedal.  I was thinking about one but that was as far as it got and I waved him on his way and went back to munching my porridge.

I waved Mrs Tootlepedal off too as she was going to see Matilda in Edinburgh.

After all this waving, I was quite tired and sat down for a bit.

I roused myself enough to get dressed and make a cup of coffee for Sandy and we arranged to put some entries into the photographic class at the Westerkirk Flower Show this coming Saturday.

I did spend some time staring out of the window and even saw a coal tit but not when I had a camera in my hand.  I did catch several blue tits though, both on the old feeder….

blue tits…and on the new.

blue titThe feeder was frantically busy all day….

busy feeder…and I had to refill it twice.  I don’t know why the birds are so hungry.  Maybe they know something about the coming weather that we don’t.

I walked round the garden slowly.

anemone and rose
Japanese anemone and the Queen of Denmark.
Can there be too many poppy pictures? Don’t answer that.
privet and sedum
Two bee magnets, the privet, nearly over and the sedum, just beginning

I managed a little compost sieving and then it was time for lunch, after a thoroughly relaxing morning.

After lunch, I perked up and got the fairly speedy bike out and set off for a twenty mile ride.  It was sunny with some clouds about and for the first three miles, very windless too.   This turned out to be a temporary situation though and as soon as I got into the open country, there turned out to be a noticeable breeze.  It was in my face and I had to work steadily to get to Paddockhole Bridge.

Paddockhole BridgeI was overtaken going up Callister by a local cyclist who chatted for a while and then, telling me that he was taking it easy today, vanished into the distance.

Near Grange Quarry, I passed some road works and looked back to see a substantial new road being driven up the hillside.

Grange quarry trackThe only reason for this track that I can think of is for bringing in new windmills to add to our local collection.  There is certainly enough wind around to keep any amount of windmills turning.

The wind was at my back on the way home and this was lucky as going at speed seemed like a good idea when I looked at the weather just behind me.

Black cloudsThe occasional rumble of thunder added wings to my heels.

As it happened, the rain clouds seemed to slip off to the south and I arrived home a little puffed out but perfectly dry.

I had a cup of tea and mowed the middle lawn while the going was good and then I had a shower and  arranged with Sandy to go for a walk.

We drove up to the White Yett and enjoyed our favourite view up the Ewes Valley.  I put the panorama function on my new phone to the test and it worked well.

Ewes valleyYou can see why we like the view.

We went on down the other side of the hill and parked beside the Tarras Water.

The hills are just beginning to lose a little of their green…

Tarras…but they are still looking pretty good.

At this point, the Tarras Water  runs through a little gorge and has many small cascades….

Tarras…but as we walked further up the river, the valley opens out and it flows more peacefully.

TarrasThe sun came and went as we walked but we were well sheltered from any wind so it was pleasantly warm.  Unfortunately the midges found the conditions to their liking too and came out and bit us unmercifully.

We stayed long enough for Sandy to take a picture while standing on one of our less magnificent local bridges….

Sandy…while I admired a pattern of walls on the opposite bank of the river.

TarrasWe looked back as we turned for home and the sun came out….

Tarras….and then we were looked at in our turn….

Tarras sheep
There is a black and white class in the Westerkirk Show…and a class for animal pictures….hmmm.

The sun  stayed with us as we walked along the road back to the car…

Tarras road…and in spite of the midges, we enjoyed our short stroll.

I hadn’t been in for long before Mrs Tootlepedal arrived home from Edinburgh.  She and Matilda had been on an even longer walk than last week and they had also done putting socks into a basket and taking socks out of a basket so she had had a very good time.

In the evening, Susan and Roy came to play recorder trios and I must admit to making more than one mistake as we played but the others politely didn’t notice.

I managed to pick one out of the flock of busy birds this morning to be the flying bird if the day.

flying chaffinch

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25 thoughts on “A pedal and a tootle (and a walk)

  1. If your wildflower garden ends up looking anything like the one in your opening photo you’ll be the envy of the town.
    I like that black and white shot and the landscapes are beautiful. That’s quite a panorama. I keep telling myself I’m going to do some of those but I never do.

  2. We took that route you walked, last year, hasn’t changed! Beautiful spot – even have my car license plate TARRAS. Next year your wild flower patch will look like your guest photo, right!

  3. Despite a sleepless night you managed to pack a lot into your day and produce an interesting post with a variety of lovely photographs. Paddockhole Bridge, the cloudscape and the panoramic shot are my favourites.

  4. Yes, I was impressed by the panoramic function too. I actually quite like the change from green to yellow-gold in the countryside as the seasons change. It really glows when the sun hits it and looks lovely against a blue sky, although I guess you don’t experience as many of those as us! I really like the B&W shot. I think you should keep going with them!

  5. Lovely walk today, especially the Tarras Water.

    You inspire me to try for more panorama photos which my phone does reasonably well, but I tend to forget about the possibility.

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