Getting her eye in


Today’s guest picture, sent to me by her mother, shows the world’s greatest toddler considering hygienic matters.

MatildaJust for the record I note that we had another dry day today with the addition of some welcome sunshine.  It would have been a good day for cycling but there were more important things to think about.

Most of the day was spent taking Mrs Tootlepedal to the hospital in Dumfries where she got a cataract in one of her eyes removed.  Everything went very well and she is wearing a fetching eye patch as I write this and we are looking about for a handy parrot to round off her pirate queen impersonation.

The staff at the hospital could not have been better organised or more helpful and the whole thing was spiritually and physically painless so we were back out in two and half hours and were able to have a late lunch at a garden centre on the way home.

While were at the garden centre, several packets of bulbs and some bird food mysteriously fell into a basket which we were carrying around.  I was quite surprised to see a small tortoiseshell butterfly on one of the plants in their outdoor section.

tortoiseshell butterflyYou don’t expect to see real life among the rather artificial looking serried ranks of plants in a garden centre.

We got home safely and Mrs Tootlepedal went for a rest while I spent most of the rest of the afternoon selecting and printing out pictures for the Westerkirk Flower show tomorrow.  I always find it hard to pick show pictures and often end up choosing unsuitable photos even though I know that they won’t do well.  I have done better this time and at least I am entering eight respectable efforts….but there is still no guarantee that any of them will catch the judge’s eye.

In the morning, before we left for Dumfries, I had been very pleased to see a couple of robins in the garden.

This one was not very well drawn
This one was more the complete picture

In between times, I wandered round the garden…

Today’s poppy parade

…and was very pleased to find a butterfly here too.

peacock butterfly
It was a peacock butterfly on the Michaelmas daisies

It flew off before I could get a close up but returned a few minutes later and I was able to get penny plain and tuppence coloured members of the butterfly family.

butterfliesI kept an eye on my new feeder and put some of the new bird food into it.  It is proving a popular eating place among birds of taste and discrimination.

blue tit, great tit, coal tit
The tit family was well represented by blue tit, great tit and coal tit.
robin blue tit and siskin
And there was a robin and a siskin too….and another blue tit, the most frequent visitors.

As I was wandering about, I saw another young robin.

robinOn request, it posed properly.

robinI am not sure if this is the same one that I saw in the morning.  My robin identification skills are not good.

I made some bread and went off to get a pizza for our tea and enjoyed sharing it with Mrs Tootlepedal who seems to be none the worse for her adventure.  We have to go back to the hospital on Monday for a check that all is well.

In the evening, we were joined by Mike and Alison and Alison and I worked hard at our new Telemann Partita and were rewarded by some quite musical sounds.  Now that the nights are drawing in, I am going to try and be a bit more methodical about practising my flute.  I am never going to be a good player but I certainly have a great deal of scope for getting better.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.


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35 thoughts on “Getting her eye in

  1. Prompt recovery to Mrs Tootlepedal, Matilda would do a great cosmetics model! She’s so concentrated into the job. 🙂

  2. I’m happy Mrs. Tootepedal’s surgery went well, and wish her speedy recovery. A wonderful flower, butterfly and bird parade today!

  3. Take care, Mrs. T. I hope you have an attentive caregiver during your healing!

    Lovely, lovely robins – even the one that looks a wee bit like it’s gone through a hedge backwards!

  4. Please add my name to those wishing Mrs. T a speedy recovery.

    Your new feeder is bringing in a wider variety of birds, it was a wise purchase. It’s nice to see the robins again, it looks like their population is growing.

  5. I can smell your bread, Tom; I am a good few hundred miles from you, so it’s quite an achievement.

    Talking about weather: I was out on the marsh before 6 this morning, in shirtsleeves – and trousers, of course – when the heavens opened and soaked me in seconds. I am probably still a little bit in Cyprus mode. I don’t usually get caught in a rain storm without a waterproof to hand.

    1. Demob happy! I hope it wasn’t too chilly as it has been quite nippy in the early mornings up here (though I can’t say from experience what it is like at 6 am).

  6. I do hope Mrs T. recovers well from her eye surgery. I had many favourites in this post. The butterfly and robin pictures are particularly beautiful. I always agonise over what blog pictures to choose. I can imagine it would be very difficult for you to choose pictures for competitions as you have so many excellent ones, Tom. I wish you well in the competition. Your grand-daughter has a very intelligent look of concentration on her face. Obviously she is destined for amazing things. 🙂

    1. Picking the pictures is hard because I am not systematic enough in selecting possible candidates as I go along which would be the best thing to do. Butterflies and robins are high on my list of ‘good things’.

  7. Best wishes for Mrs T’s speedy recovery. I have a number of friends who have had the operation and all are glad they had it done. however the recovery period is boring and frustrating for those who enjoy gardening and reading! Great photos of butterflies, birds and flowers.

  8. Extra cute birds! I like the disheveled robin.
    Thanks for the reassuring cataract story. The prospect of having that done scares me so reassuring stories do help, since it seems inevitable to have to have it done at some point. Best wishes for a very speedy recovery for Mrs. T. When my brave mum had it done, she got better quite fast and could see so much better.

  9. Missed this blog as I was away. Delighted to hear that Mrs T’s eye operation has gone well.

  10. As I am catching up with your blog reading newest to oldest news, I know that Mrs T is enjoying clearer vision; best wishes to her from all of us.
    I loved the two robins – the first in particular as I recognise a kindred spirit, also being one who tends to go through life badly drawn 🙂

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