She can see clearly now


Today’s guest picture shows a lily pond at Tintinhull garden It was visited by my Somerset correspondent Venetia.

TintinhullMrs Tootlepedal’s cataract operation seems to have gone too well.  When she came down this morning, she gave me an old fashioned look and said, “You haven’t shaved.”  I see that I am going to have smarten up a bit.

The day started with a quick drive up to Bentpath with Sandy to put our photos into the the flower show.  After a soggy summer, the show had been blessed by beautiful weather….

Benty show…and everyone was in very a cheerful mood.

We came back to Langholm and went to the producers’ market in the Buccleuch Centre where I was tempted by even more cheese than usual to go with supplies of lamb, fish, honey and venison.  It is lucky that the market is only once a month or I would be bankrupt.

After I got home, I drove Mrs Tootlepedal down to the opticians in Longtown.  She had lost a pad off her spectacles and even with her new tiger eyesight, the screw that held it in was so tiny that it couldn’t be found.  The lady in the opticians was up to the task though and by the time that we had had a coffee across the road, she had the glasses fixed.

Once home, I had a walk round the garden. In spite of the arrival of cooler weather, we still have some roses.

rosesThere was a chilly north wind blowing so after mowing the drying green and sieving a little compost, I retired indoors to watch the birds….

blue tit
The blue tit magnet is still working

….and contemplate the crossword.  I was called out before I had finished it though to go and check on a butterfly.

peacock butterflyIt was a peacock on a dahlia but it wouldn’t sit still for me and soon flew off.  I followed about until it settled, first on a cosmos and then on a phlox.

peacock butterflyWhile I was out, I took today’s poppy parade.

poppiesMrs Tootlepedal spent some time doing gentle gardening.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went back to gardening, I sieved another bucket of compost and then I picked up Sandy and went off to Bentpath to see how I had done in the show.

The weather was still very friendly and there was a good number of cars parked in the show field.

Benty Show
A tent, an ice cream van and a bouncy castle. It must a be flower show.

Our photos were in the big tent and  when we went in, we saw that the standard of entries was good so I was pleased to come away with a first, a second and a third.  The first and second were both in the black and white class which had the least entries of the day but I had thought the pictures were reasonable so I was satisfied.

There is always a lot going on at the show and my neighbour Liz (who had won three tickets in the baking classes) had entered her terrier Riley into the terrier racing event.

Here he is on the left, leaving the stalls in the first heat.

As you can see, the black dog was quicker off the mark and in the end, it won the race by a nose.  It went on to win the final too.

terrier racingThere were several hound trails during the afternoon.  The hounds end their races by coming down the hill opposite the show ground, leaping fences and walls….

hound trail…before crossing the river and finishing in the field.  They took a long time to cross the river so when the next trail came round, I went down to the river bank to see what went on.

It was a beautiful spot to wait.

Esk at bentpathWhen the trail came, one hound was clearly leading as they reached the water….

Benty hound trail…but what happened next was a surprise.  The leader, instead of racing triumphantly across the river, stopped for a drink, waited for the second to catch him up….

Benty hound trail..and then politely waited for the next two as well, before finally setting off across the stream in a group.

Benty hound trailSome of the hounds refused to get their feet wet at all and wandered aimlessly about on the far bank while their owners shouted and whistled in vain.  It all provided great entertainment for the spectators if not for the hounds’ owners.

Between events, I wandered down to the bridge over the Esk…

Bentpath bridge..and admired the church on the other side of the river.

Westerkirk ChurchAs wells as flowers and an ‘industrial section’, there is a special section for local sheep at the flower show and there were some handsome animals in the pens.

benty sheepScott, the cycling minister was there in an official capacity and a stylish hat to give away the trophies.

scott at Benty showSandy and I gave him a lift home when the show was over.

I was hoping to go for a cycle ride when I got back, as it was still sunny and the brisk wind had dropped quite a bit but inertia got the better of me and I settled in to whittling down ninety photographs of the show to a usable number.

I received a message from Dropscone to say that he and his children had safely reached their destination in the highlands prior to their assault on the summit of Ben Nevis and he sent me a picture of the view from their digs.

Fort AugustusTheir hotel is on the shores of Loch Ness.  They seem to have chosen a good place to stay.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.  Or rather, in the interests of gender equality, two chaffinches.

chaffinch chaffinch

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23 thoughts on “She can see clearly now

  1. Congratulations on doing so well in the flower photo show! I think that a few of the ones that you shot today would be likely candidates for other shows in the future.

    The story of the polite hound waiting for some of the others was quite humorous, but then I’ve always been a fan of hounds.

  2. Congratulations on your success at the show.Loved all the pictures by the water. Venetia’s photograph has a very ‘Monet look’ about it.

  3. An action packed day. Enjoyed the dog race, even if the owners didn’t.
    Well done for winning the photography prizes.
    Delighted the weather was so good for the show.

  4. Congratulations on your photography wins! I hope this encourages you to continue with your B&W shots. I’m glad Mrs T’s eyesight has improved. I’ve never seen dog races like that one. How entertaining! Gorgeous flying chaffinch shots.

  5. As I started to read about the dog races I was wondering how they were kept on track, but the fact that they weren’t would be the best part – watching the circus at the river crossing must have been wonderful! Lovely set of photos today: I really enjoyed the old church, the bridge and the sheep. Good to read of Mrs. T’s rapid convalescence – the process of cataract surgery never ceases to amaze me (much like Mrs. T herself).

  6. Congratulations on your photography prizes; some of the photos you took at Bentpath are also worthy of a prize. The first one with that gorgeous blue sky is lovely a is the one of the river bank. I really enjoyed hearing about those daft hounds!

  7. Has this hound racing activity replaced fox hunting or is that a stupid question?
    Congratulations on your prizes – well deserved!
    I’m so glad ‘tiger-eye’ is doing well.

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