All clear

Dropscone on the Ben

The high spot of the day is captured in the guest photo which shows Dropscone on the summit of Ben Nevis in glorious weather.  He reports that going up was a breeze compared with the pain of going back down and I can quite believe that but he got up and down successfully and gets my deepest respect.

Dropscone on the Ben
It’s not often that you get a view like that from the summit.

We had another lovely day down here as well and people are beginning to walk round the town rather nervously wondering what has gone wrong.  But we are enjoying the best spell of weather in the year all the same.

We woke up to autumnal mists though and they took a bit of time to clear.  I had time to check on the new feeder….

blue tits
Still bringing in the blue tits
great tit
And great tits too.

…before walking along to the church with Mrs Tootlepedal who was going for a choir practice.

whita with mist
The mist clearing off Whita at ten o’clock.

When she had gone into the church, I stood on the suspension bridge and looked both ways up and down the river.  The views could hardly have been more different.

It is hard to believe that the two pictures were taken from the same spot at the same time.
It is difficult to believe that the two pictures were taken from the same spot at the same time.

Our main task of the day though was to pay a second visit to the Infirmary in Dumfries to check that Mrs Tootlepedal’s cataract operation had been successful.  Once again the ophthalmology department came up trumps and she was seen on schedule and given the complete all clear.

As Sandy had kindly offered to do my usual turn in the tourist information centre, we celebrated the good news by taking the long route home, stopping at Glencaple on the shores of the Nith estuary for lunch.  The mist had cleared here too and it was a glorious day.

Nith at Glencaple
Looking across the river

The lunch was nothing to write home about but the view from the cafe window more than made up for it.

Nith at GlencapleWe drove on down to Caerlaverock Nature reserve and got out for a walk on the excellent paths through the woodlands and reed beds on the edge of the marsh.

reedIt is hard for a camera to catch the pleasure of walking along the edges of the flat marshes and wide Solway Firth so I have focussed on some of the smaller things that we saw on our way.

Some marsh cattle added a bit of interest

floweracornThe sun had brought out countless damselflies which were warming themselves on the gravel paths and wooden walkways.

damselflydamselflyThe weather couldn’t have been better for a walk but we did get a bit over heated in the car on the sunny drive home and we were pleased to get into the cool interior of our house and enjoy a cup of tea when we got back.

I went up to see how Sandy had fared at giving advice to tourists and found that he had dispensed it at a rate of one item every half and hour so he was reasonably bored.  I locked up and he went off for a walk.

I took a walk round the garden….

A gaudy lily smiled at me
pink poppy
A simple pink poppy
And a very complicated one

I had time to mow the middle lawn before my flute pupil Luke came.  We are working on a set of duets just for the pleasure of playing them and his counting has improved so much that we make excellent progress each week.

In the evening, I went off to the first meeting of the season for our local camera club and it went well as the members had brought along a really varied and interesting set of pictures for us to look at.

I did find a moment to capture a flying bird of the day.

flying in chaffinch

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32 thoughts on “All clear

  1. Well done, Dropscone! The view from the top is marvellous! I once camped at the foot of Ben Nevis for nearly two weeks and never once saw the top of the mountain because of the thick low cloud. Good news about Mrs T’s eye. I think what you saw on your walk might have been Common Darter dragonflies, male and female. All the landscape views are excellent.

  2. Congratulations to Dropscone for making it to the top, and back down again.

    It was good news that the eye surgery went so well for Mrs. T, I hope that her speedy recovery continues.

    The image of the fog over Whita is stunning, it’s a keeper for sure! That shouldn’t surprise me, all your photos are excellent.

  3. Congratulations to Dropscone for “knocking the bastard off” and to Mrs T for getting the all clear. The cloud leaving Whitla and the two bridge shots are wonderful. I’m still pondering whether a view makes up for a mediocre lunch…although that is one very fine view 🙂

  4. Sounds like a most successful and enjoyable day. Congratulations to Dropscone and to the surgeon who did such a good job on Mrs T’s eye. Lovely pictures as always especially the mist moving off Whita.

  5. Magnificent picture from the top of Ben Nevis. Well done Dropscone!
    Very glad to hear Mrs T had a good report on her eye operation.
    Delighted you are getting such a run of fine weather – long may it last.

  6. What glorious weather you are having. The countryside looks so pretty against a bright blue sky. The photos of your walk at the reserve are beautiful. What a lovely place to walk. The “complicated” poppy is gorgeous. Great news about Mrs T’s eye surgery.

  7. Hi Tom, yours is usually the first blog I catch up with after a hiatus. I’ve been in extreme lazy mode, alas, so have decided to simply delete all emails referring to everyone’s blogs in order to catch my breath (a bit of asthma) + try to write more. Jx

  8. What a lovely day for Mrs T to enjoy her new clear eyesight. Well done to Dropscone too. When we climbed Vesuvius I found the downward journey harder than the climb too.

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