The end of summer and a day of rest

Ben Nevis

Today’s guest picture is the penultimate from Dropscone’s adventures on Ben Nevis and shows the rugged nature of the upper slopes of the mountain which are above the tree line.  You can just spot the great man descending carefully.

Ben NevisThe gods of the weather, no doubt having felt that they had indulged us long enough, brought an abrupt end to our brief taste of summer with a day of wind and rain.

They could have let us down lightly with a little drizzle but chose to do the thing wholeheartedly with a morning downpour.  It put paid to any idea of outdoor life for me and apart from going out to fill the bird feeder at regular intervals, I only left the house three times, once to go to the shop, once to take her music back to Alison and once to walk round the soggy garden when the rain let up for a moment.

FuchsiaOne bright spot is the yellow and red of Rudbeckia and Crocosmia.

rudbeckia and crocosmia
In a perfect world they would both come out fully at the same time but the Rudbeckia was late.

A blackbird looked as fed up with the rain as I was.

blackbirdOtherwise I stayed slumped in my chair all day and really did nothing at all, apart from preparing the occasional snack.  I did have plans to go out for a short walk when the rain finally gave up in the early evening and perhaps even go to a concert later on but by then inertia had a really firm grip on me and just wouldn’t let go.

I was able to peer out of the window from time to time and I saw a blue tit on the new feeder in the morning….

blue tit…and another one in the afternoon.

blue titYou can see that I had a very exciting day.

The coal tit returned to the old feeder and I hope that it will be a regular visitor through the autumn and winter.

coal titI spotted a dunnock near the new feeder….

dunnock…but it didn’t stop for a snack.

Likewise a robin perched nearby…..

robin…but looked as though it had already eaten enough…one of those round robins you hear about, I suppose.

I was grateful for the rain in a way, as I probably needed a day of rest.  In the morning, my joints were making remarks about some people having more fun than them but they had stopped complaining by the evening.  As the forecast is for several days of rain ahead, they may end up getting more rest than is good for them.

As I went to take a picture of today’s flying bird, my finger trembled and I took two so here they both are, taken half a second apart.

flying chaffinchflying chaffinch

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24 thoughts on “The end of summer and a day of rest

  1. It’s too bad that your good weather didn’t last longer, as cold and wet as this summer has been. Still, you were able to get a good variety of birds and some beautiful flowers.

  2. My quads and the tips of my toes ache just looking at that picture of Dropscone’s descent. And that’s nothing compared to what my knees are thinking!

  3. Thanks for the fuchsia and all those lovely tits, birds I mean. Sorry about the weather but, no doubt, good to give your joints a rest. Loved the pun on the robin.

  4. Splendid view from Ben Nevis, the descent looks very alarming.
    Sorry about all that rain. Flying bird pictures both equally good.

  5. Sorry the day was so gloomy but I loved the beautiful blue tit pictures. The colour and softness of the head feathers is lovely, Tom. When you are stuck indoors we are treated to more bird feeder pictures. The flying bird shots are wonderful.

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