An eponymous day

New Zealnd spring

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Jennie, my New Zealand correspondent.  She is rubbing in the point that as we here head to autumn and winter, the first rays of spring sunshine are seeping into her kitchen over there.  The freesias are out in her garden.

New Zealnd springIn spite of the onset of autumn, we had a dry and calm morning here and while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to a church choir practice, I was able to enjoy a 27 mile circular bike ride.  The day was rather grey, I was trying quite hard and the route was familiar so I didn’t stop to take any pictures.

When I got home, Mrs Tootlepedal was doing a little gardening but I had no time to join her as I had to have a shower and lunch before going off to do my regular stint in the tourist information office.  Before I went, I just had time for a quick glimpse out of the kitchen window…..

bird approaching feederA bird approaches and the perches are full.  What will happen?

bird approaching feeder“I’ll just stand here until the bird that I am standing on gets fed up and flies away.”

It flew away.

On the new feeder, the blue tits were busy….

blue tit…though one found something more interesting to nibble on the hedge nearby.

blue titWe had a single goldfinch at the feeder…

goldfinch….and to my surprise, it flew off to the plum tree and started feeding a youngster.

I had a busy time at the tourist office.  For the first hour, I was helping Margaret, the centre organiser, put new light bulbs into the ceiling tracks to provide illumination for exhibitions.  This proved far from intuitive but in the end we got it done.  The next hour was spent dispensing advice to a steady stream of tourists.

I had arranged with Sandy to meet up when the office closed and go for a walk but very unfairly, it started to rain just before I locked up and the walk had to be postponed.

When I got in, Mrs Tootlepedal was making runner bean chutney and I was sent out for more vinegar.  The rain was only light when I returned so in lieu of my walk with Sandy, I had a quick stroll round the garden.

A nasturtium leaf always collects the rain

There is some late flowering going on.  The perennial nasturtium has lots of flowers….

perennial nasturtium…and there are some very surprising blossoms on the philadelphus too.

philadelphusThe lily is defying the weather….

lily…but the poppies were very gloomy today.

poppiesI had to prepare some music for my flute pupil Luke so I had no time to waste and after he had come for his lesson, I had a quick tea and went off to play trios with Isabel and Mike.  I was playing my flute tonight and this is a lot harder work than a recorder but they are very patient and give me time for a breather between numbers.

So in spite of a grey morning and a wet afternoon, I managed a pedal and a tootle so it must be counted as one of those days on the credit side of the great ledger of life.

I found a flying bird too but it is not a great picture.

flying chaffinch

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26 thoughts on “An eponymous day

  1. Your Philadelphus probably thinks it comes from New Zealand too. It has been fooled by the cool summer and thinks it’s spring. I like your pick-a-back chaffinch and the Stargazer lilies are stunning.

  2. It’s hard to believe we are welcoming autumn, it seems we got so little of summer. I certainly am not ready to face the dark and drearies of winter just yet! The lilies were quite a bright spot.

  3. I’m not ready for fall or winter yet either, but we have no choice in the matter, do we? I will most certainly miss the beautiful flowers of the garden, but at least there will be your often humorous photos of the birds in action at the feeders.

  4. Like Susan I also loved the raindrops on the nasturtium leaf. Nasturtiums bring back memories of gardens from my childhood. I seem to remember that the flowers can be eaten, but I’ve never tried them. I’m embarrassed to admit that I only just realised upon reading this post that the tootle part of Tootlepedal refers to your flute! I am a little slow with these things sometimes. Thank you for sharing another interesting and busy Langholm day.

    1. The tootle really refers to recorder playing as flute playing, which I have taken up (fairly) seriously only quite recently, involves more puffing and blowing than tootling but the word does cover them both.

  5. Love all the wonderful photos of the birds and flowers and the humour running through your commentary on your busy and interesting life. We are awaiting the return of the goldfinches too-wonder where they all fly off to!

  6. Yes, the nasturtium picture is a striking one.
    Another energetic day – 27 miles seems a long way to me, without all the other activities.

  7. Good to hear that people are seeking your advice at the Visitors Centre. I liked the poppies today – very understated, unlike the bolshie bird at the feeder with his literal stand-over tactics.

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