A farewell and a welcome

Today’s guest pictures are of a couple of harebells on the hill which my neighbour Liz met on one of her early morning walks recently.

harebellsThe day started with a farewell as I drove Mrs Tootlepedal down to the station in Carlisle where she was going to catch a train to London on her way to visit her mother.   She sent me a message later in the day to say that she had arrived safely but it was raining quite hard.

Had she stayed at home, she would have enjoyed a lovely day, cool and misty in the morning but sunny all day and warm in the evening.

On my way back from Carlisle, I bought some more bird seed to top up my supplies as the birds are eating a lot.  They were still busy munching away when I got home but I was more interested in the flowers.  The poppies are wonderful at the moment with new colours appearing every day.

poppiesThese are just a sample of what is on offer.

I like the huge variety in the evolution of flowers so that you wonder what circumstances can have led to such difference.

nasturtium and astilbe
Simplicity and complexity

My walk round the flowers was accompanied by a frenzied chorus of buzzing as the insects were out in force enjoying the fine weather too.

sedum with insectsI like the very stylish specs on the fly on the right of the sedum head.

sedum with insectWho knew that flies have a stripey pattern on their backs?

Michaelmas daisy with insectI was hoping to see butterflies on the Michaelmas daisies but this elegant insect was there instead.

Michaelmas daisy with insectI had to wait until the morning dew had dried off but then I was able to mow the middle lawn today. It has survived the terrible summer remarkably well, although it is now past its best by some way.

I feel that I had quite a busy morning but looking back, I can’t actually remember doing very much so maybe I have forgotten something really interesting which I did, or more likely, I didn’t do much and what’s more, I did what I did do very slowly.

I certainly spent some time being entertained by a blue tit gymnastic display…

blue tits…and watching blue and coal tits sharing the new feeder.

blue tit, coal titAfter lunch, I got ready to go out for a bike ride but saw a puzzle in the garden before I went.  What was this on the fence?

blackbirdIt turned out to be this.

blackbirdOther birds were available.

robin and chaffinchThe chaffinch is in a better position than the robin.  The birds have to keep a good eye out for danger as the garden is infested with several neighbours’ cats which prey upon them.  I saw a cat making off with a chaffinch in its mouth today.  I once went up to a lady who was collecting money for the Cats’ Protection League and said I would give her plenty of money if she could protect me from cats.  She was most offended.

A greenfinch was keeping well above ground.

greenfinchMy cycle ride was gentle and undemanding. callister …and very enjoyable in a Gerald Manley Hopkins sort of way as it was a day of dappled views.

WhiteknoweThere were signs of autumn on every side.

signs of autumnMy route took me as far as this fine pond which someone has just created and which is already looking promising.

pond on wauchope roadMy way home was slower than I would have wished, as half way along the road someone took the stuffing out of my legs and what had been two finely honed steel pistons became two sticks of spaghetti al dente so progress was slow.  Still, I wasn’t worried as they have had a fair bit of use lately and were due a rest and I got home safely with time to admire the views.

Once home, I was pleased to see a goldfinch again….

goldfinch…and amazed to see that it was the parent of not just two hopeful youngsters….

goldfinch…but three.

goldfinchIt seems very late in the year to be bringing up a new family but it has been a funny year so perhaps that explains it.

The day ended with a welcome.

In the evening, I went to the first meeting of the season for our Langholm Community Choir.  We have acquired a new conductor and accompanist and I think they are going to be very good.  The conductor is an accomplished singer herself and has some very useful tips to pass on.  In no time at all she had got all the sopranos singing top Gs with relish.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.


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30 thoughts on “A farewell and a welcome

  1. So many beautiful and interesting flower and insect shots. The close-ups are wonderful. The diversity of flower design is fascinating isn’t it? It’s nice to still see blue skies in your landscapes. I wonder how long this will last.

  2. My day is often made by your blog, all too rarely I comment I thank you and apologise. I cant wait to see a collector for cats protection!

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