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Discussing The Blog

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother and shows two of his venerable sisters discussing a very interesting blog over breakfast while they were visiting him.  (This is an entirely spontaneous moment and there is no element of artificial posing in this picture.)

Discussing The BlogOur fine weather took leave of absence for a while today and, after a night of rain, it was still raining in the morning so Dropscone had to drive round with the scones rather than cycle as he usually does.

I spent some time, when not drinking coffee and scoffing scones, preparing some cards for sale for the benefit of the Archive Group funds.  It is amazing how long this takes between printing the pictures, printing the cards and gluing them together and then putting the result into a little pack with an envelope.  I enjoy doing it though and it is always nice when you find that a card has been sold.

While waiting for ink and glue to dry, I had time to look out of the window.  Towards lunchtime, the weather brightened up a bit but there were still spots of rain about..

There were lots of sparrows about too.
blue tit
A blue tit enjoying the shelter of the new feeder
blackbirds and plums
The blackbirds kept visiting the plum tree

We are beginning to get regular visits from starlings.

A starling channelling Audrey Hepburn
Working as a team

A single goldfinch appeared with no sign of any youngsters….

goldfinch…and showed good skills in using the feeder hole without a perch.

goldfinchWhen the rain stopped, I ventured out into a rather soggy garden.  I resisted the urge to take pictures of raindrops and roses and settled for raindrops on cobwebs instead.

raindropsThe poppies were either beaten to the ground or hanging their heads and only one little one was left to smile at me.

poppiesThe salvias seem impervious to rain.

salviasAfter lunch, I had time to check out a badly painted robin….

robin…before going off to the High Street to take my turn in the Information Hub there.  It was slightly annoying that it was at this moment that the weather took a decided turn for the better but such is life.

There was an art exhibition by the local art club on display in the hub and although it is not a big room, the display looked very attractive and I hope the camera club will have a show there soon.  I didn’t have many tourists to keep informed (one to be precise) but luckily there was an art club member there so at least I had someone to talk to and this helped to pass the time.

When I shut up, the sun was shining brightly and as I had Pocketcam with me, I decided to take a diversion round the Kilngreen and Castleholm on my way home.

River Esk and Timpen
A perfect early autumn day

I could have waded across the Ewes and got on to the Castleholm through this gate….

Castleholm gate…but I sensibly took the route across the sawmill brig and kept my feet dry.  There was lots to see as I wandered along.

moss and treesCastleholm pathfungus…but I couldn’t dally too long as I had an appointment in Carlisle to keep.

I don’t usually take pictures of other people’s garden as it seems a bit rude to steal their beauty but I felt that Jim’s dahlias deserved a wider audience than just those who walk down Walter Street.

Jim's dahliasA truly stunning display.

After a quick cup of tea, I set off to Carlisle Station for the big event of the day, the return of Mrs Tootlepedal.  She arrived only a few minutes late and we drove home safely and got back in perfect time for a plate of ragu and tagliatelle.

I am a very cheerful person.

The flying bird of the day, caught in the gloomy morning rain, is a sparrow.

flying sparrow

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29 thoughts on “Welcome home

  1. I love the Audrey Hepburn starling!

    Our rainy season should be starting up soon. A few glimpses of it here and there, but I am still spot watering in the gardens.

    Nothing like coffee and scones, unless it is tea with lots of fresh cream and scones.

    1. A cream tea is always a treat. We usually cycle to some in village halls in the summer but the weather was so rotten this year that we missed them.

  2. Raindrops in cobwebs are much under rated! I must look more closely n ext downpour. Jim ‘s garden should indeed be shared with a wider audience; and welcome home to Mrs T!

  3. Welcome home to Mrs Tootlepedal! I am not surprised that you didn’t choose to photograph raindrops on roses because you might have then had to find some whiskers on kittens and we all know that you’d rather not have those in your garden. Some very pleasing photos taken on your walk.

  4. So you don’t print your photo right on the card, but print the photo separately and glue it on? And you print the card some writing on it?

    I suppose photos of this process might not be scintillating to anyone but me.

    I think most people would appreciate having their gardens photographed and shared…at least the parts that show from the street.

    Lovely countryside photos as always.

    Salvia patens is my favourite salvia.

  5. Nice to see your sisters in the guest post. Your starlings are very different to the shiny green-black foreigners we have here. Ours don’t have spots. I particularly liked the water droplets in the webs shot and the salvias are a dazzling blue. Your photos show such pretty countryside and John’s dahlias are very impressive. It’s lovely that Mrs T has returned safely.

  6. What an amazing collection of Dahlias! How lovely for you that Mrs. T is home (assuming it wasn’t just the pasta that made you so wantonly cheerful!).

  7. I’ve been meaning to tell you that they don’t seem to sell feeders like yours over here (including your new one). Is there an online shop? Oh and I love the picture of your un-posed sisters!

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