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newgarden rock

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo in Manitoba and shows a rather strange extra rock under the tree in her garden.

newgarden rockOur run of really good weather continued today, although the temperatures are definitely getting chilly in the morning.

I was pleased to wake up at a reasonable time as I had set my alarm for first, three o’clock and then, half past four during the night in the hope of seeing the lunar eclipse.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I did wake up and see the eclipse but it didn’t seem to be quite as exciting as we had been promised.  This is what we saw around 3am.

Lunar eclipseThe camera saw more than we did.

Lunar eclipseMy second view at 4.30am was not much more exciting.

Lunar eclipseMrs Tootlepedal saw some much better shots on the TV news.

The cold morning kept me hanging about for an hour after breakfast before I set off on the fairly speedy bike to make the best of the sunshine.  The temperature was still in single figures C but the sunny weather kept me warm.  I was a bit pressed for time so I stuck to an easy route and a modest distance of thirty miles.  I took a couple of pictures of the quiet roads that I followed. One in Scotland….

Scotland…and one in England.

EnglandAnd a river too.

The River Esk at Irvine House

I hardly saw any traffic, either motorised or on four legs, so I had a very tranquil spin round the low country.

I had time for a shower, lunch and a quick look at the sedum before going off to do my stint in the Information Hub on the High Street.  The sedum was busier than ever.  I counted over a hundred insects on it today.

sedum and insectsAmong the bees and hoverflies, a lone butterfly appeared again.

butterflyMy two hours at the IH were far from boring today as I had several customers visiting the art exhibition there.  I even sold one of them a painting.  I also sold a copy of the Langholm Walks to a local resident who told us that he had had an excellent view of the eclipse last nigh from his house which is up on the hill above the town.  I was also entertained by a visit from Dropscone who had returned from  golf lesson in Carlisle so the time passed very pleasantly.

When I got home, I turned down an offer of a cup of tea with Mike Tinker and whisked Mrs Tootlepedal off to visit the scabious on the hill which I had seen a few days ago.

The fungus on the tree stump on the track up to the open hill had lasted very well….

fungus…but sadly most of the scabious had gone over and I wasn’t able to show Mrs Tootlepedal the full display.

scabiousWhat scabious there was still in flower was very attractive to insects and almost every flower had a friend.

scabious and insectsI was a bit disappointed but Mrs Tootlepedal was very amiable and the walk was a delight in itself.  There was plenty to see.

scabious and seeds

tortoiseshell butterfly
A tortoiseshell butterfly among the flowers
The hawthorns seem either to have hardly any berries or a great profusion.

It is always a pleasure to look down at the town tucked neatly among the hills.

LangholmI had another look at the tree stump with fungus as we passed it on the way back and saw that it had a different crop at the very top.

fungusWe got back in time for me to have a cup of tea before my flute pupil Luke came for his regular practice.  He is playing in a school concert this week so we ran through his piece for that and then we played some duets.

Once again, time was a bit short but I had time for my tea before going out to play trios with Isabel and Mike.  They had both got up to see the eclipse but had not been very impressed.  We had a good play though, in spite of the lack of sleep and there is a fair chance that several of the composers might even have recognised the pieces that we were playing.

In all the rushing about, I didn’t have time to get a good flying bird shot and this was my best effort.

flying bird

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28 thoughts on “On the go

    1. It certainly seems to pull the bees in. It sits in bright sunshine in the afternoon which helps. We have another one in a shady spot which doesn’t anything like the same business.

  1. Well done for getting up in the night and sharing your moon pictures.
    The scabious is a lovely colour even if there was not as much about as you hoped.

  2. Your photos of the eclipse are far better than mine, I got one shot of the full moon before the eclipse began, then the clouds rolled in to block my view. I sat for over an hour with the camera on the tripod, hoping for a break in the clouds. There were a few small openings, so I saw the eclipse, but never got a photo.

  3. It seems England has bluer skies than Scotland according to your shots. 🙂 I think your current weather would greatly suit me. Cold but delightfully sunny. You can keep the icy windy blasts that I know will come again though! Your eclipse shots are better than any I’ve taken. You really do have such a pretty little township nestled in the hills. I enjoy seeing such scenery which contrasts with what I have here. Both are beautiful, but the difference is interesting. The flying bird of the day looks positively “chirpy”…it looks amused by you. 🙂

  4. Obviously I spoke too soon. Unlike me you did get up in the night to look at the moon and even got some pictures. Speaking to people the next day, the general consensus here was that the moon had not lived up to expectations. It was huge when I went out in the early evening but, by the time it turned red, was much higher in the sky and, therefore, smaller. I did see some good pictures on Social Media though.

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